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  1. This is how it looks and sounds when I try to start... Lotus Elise will not start.wmv
  2. Thanks again. Accoriding to a previous owner, he did a re-sync using a 4 digit code. How can I identify weather it is a cobra or Meta system? If it really is a Meta system, is this the correct procedure; MKII/Elise s2 Electrics - MO.pdf (see page 5 - replacement transmitter keys)
  3. thnx. Had the same issue last spring, and fited a new battery. Problem solved. Battery has been kept in a warm location thru the winter, and is fully charged. Therefor I doubt this is the reason. I'll try to get hold on the PIN, and try your procedure - thanx a lot (See attached picture regarding PIN, this is what is with the cars paper - assume this is not the pin then)
  4. To the board of wisdom and wizards My 2002 1.8 KomoTech Elise has been sitting without a battery for far too long, and is completely dead. It is possible to switch the alarm on and off, and when I twist the ignition key all lights that shall light – lights up. Press the immobilizer button on the key, and the warning lights disappear. When I then twist the key the last bit to start the car – nothing. Have gotten several advices, among which re-pairing the key to the immobilizer seems the most proper. But, when searching for how-to-do this, a lot of tips comes up,
  5. The Ginetta is supposed to be complete, but the previous owner planned to rebuild it as an electrical car. All traces from fossil fuel has been removed. Fortunately everything is labeled so I hope it will only be a puzzle putting it all back together. Plan is (a) get it back on the road and get to knep the car, and perhaps (b) upgrade it for trackdays. And... from mail correspondance with James at SJ, the hose should be with banjo fittings at both ends..
  6. Yepp, this looks pretty much the same I have ordered. THere is no room for fitting the new one without removing the old one. I am a bit anxious removing the old one, as I might not be able to fit the new one anyhow. Part from de angeled ends, plan is to fit a threat to the old one, pullthis thru the sill, and then foit the new hose to the thread and carefully pull it thru. I'll keep you updated - nothing will happend until the new hose arrives. As this is imported into Norway from the UK, it'll take a few weeks to cet it thru postage and (most time an money consuming) the custom...
  7. Hi Dan, I already have the braided on en-route from SJ Sportscars. (The one in-situ is also braided) Challange is to remove the old one; this is just anexample of how complex and frustrating an easy fix ob a Lotus can be...
  8. Hello, I did manage to remove all the straps, but.... First of all, there is a kind of 'wall' in the middle of the sill, with foam at the front part and fibreglass else. At the front of the hose there is a 180degree bend, and at the rear part the bend is 90degrees. How on earh is it possible to pull this thru the sill.....? I enclose two photoes. The first is from inside the sill, taken from the rear. The other is from a hole in the sill, at the front part where you enter the car. In the middle of the sill you can see the 'wall'. I gave up and started working on the Ginetta i
  9. b-havers


  10. I have thought of this, but it seems the clutch hose is strapped (?) together with another hose (brake hose?) thru the sill. So I need to get to the cables and separate them before I can connect the new hos to the old and pull them thru...
  11. Gents, My 2002 S2 Rover-K ELise has had a clutch hose failure. It leaks from the bolt going into the slave cylindar. A new hose is on its way - but how do you reinstall it? It seems to disappear somewhere into the sill, where it is fastened to another hose. How do I get to the hos all the way between the master and slave, in order to do a simple reinstall?
  12. The radiator has been sent away for a re-core job. It will come back as good as new, with guarantee. Question is to refit the original fans - or go for aftermarked ones, like Kenlowe. Any ideas? The Evans Waterless Cooling Fluid sounds interesting; any more info on this? A link or something? When unscrewing the oilcooler hoses, one of the taps was bent. So; the oilcooler is at the same workshop as the radiator, to be pressure tested. I'll wait until it come back before I decide to buy a new or not.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome :-) Pictures... After a PC crash a couple of years back I don't have the old photoes, and backup is for girls only.. A few I have left (you asked for it...): (I can't see the IMG files when writing this, so I can't label every picture... On the Seven's Picture, my old car is the one With a ring around) And just for fun - a couple of years ago I tested my friends Lotus 23 .... Talking about fun.....
  14. Hi all, been lurking around the forum for a while, but not been particulary active until a few days back. And already got planty helpful responses to my question. I've been a car nut for most of my 51 years long life, I got introduced to Lotus about 20 years back. A friend bougt an S2 Esprit - end let med test it. Later he bought a race-modified Caterham, which I also tested. I was sold, but due to economic reasons (being a car enthusiast is not very wise in Norway, everything is v-e-r-y expensive over here, and part delivery can take weeks...) it took a while before I got to buy one.
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