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  2. Thankfully not as bad first fuel pump fitted and all is well :-) thanks guys.
  3. Can anyone help? I may need a new fuel tank...just looking for a standard place to get it? Cost? Has anyone had problems with a rusting tank??
  4. hi bibs changed the multi relay and ive been doing 20 mile trips and its been fine...i think the burning smell could be my heat shield at the back of the engine witch is in a bad way...i might take a look at the wires to the fuel pump as well..i dont want to get half way to Birmingham NEC and break down again!
  5. Hi...really looking forward to the show...after not being able to take my car to brands hatch because of gearbox problems I can't wait to take it for a run...I remember going to the show 2 years ago and it was to big to see all in one I've booked a hotel close by for the whole show duration...if you need any help for set up of the stand I will be happy to help....thanks
  6. Checked all the fuses and wiring I can see...nothing looks burnt or blown...more investigation need!
  7. Thanks bibs will do.. Yeah Steve I have half a tank!
  8. Hi all, Yesterday I was on a 2 hour trip to Reading and I got 2 miles from my destination and I lost all throttle power...(fuel starvation?) After 10 mins it started up fine so set off again and got 500 meters up the road then lost power was a very hot day but I could definitely smell something burnt or burning! Then a small amount of smoke from behind the seats...a burnt rubber smell (electrics or wires)...fuel pump not making the same noises when cold starts and will drive but die in less than a mile so iam currently in a low loader lorry on the way my question is has anyone had this problem or can anyone advise on what the problem may be?....thank you.
  9. My Elise is so much better now...thank you very much Steve.
  10. Thanks to everyone, New suspension has arrived...I have no regrets buying the Elise...its fantastic.
  11. anyone help with upgraded suspension? i bought my first lotus 3 weeks ago and the front shocks have started to leak...iam looking into getting a new kit but wasnt sure what makes/brand to go for, or stay away from? cant be to expensive...ive found some spax rsx coilovers...any good for the s1 elise? anyone help?
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