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  1. What made me unhappy today, getting a phonecall on the way home from a day out with my son. The business I work for are taking a different route to market and going from 390 to 90 staff. I could be redundant before Christmas.
  2. Don't own an iPod or listen to music in the Exige, so cut the width of mine in half, this allows me to fit my mobile and wallet into this section.
  3. The meetings aren't on this forum, they are on MLOC. Maybe I should put my FLEM meeting on here every month, in the summer we can get up to 20+ cars.
  4. I just cancelled a free month membership. Watched 3 episodes of Grand Tour and that's it. Wanted to watch some of the films but this was an additional cost and the free films were old/rubbish/for children. Not worth £80 for the year.
  5. Cracking choice of car and well done choosing a Lotus. Really am warming to the Evora and with the black detailing your having done, it will transform the car for the better. Friendly bunch here and throughout the Lotus community. As for meetings, I know MLOC meet occasionally in the Birmingham area, as well as Shardlow south of Derby every month and I organise a meeting just off the M1 junction 27/28 every month called FLEM (Fish's Lotus Enthusiasts Meeting). Lots of track days, Lotus Festival and of course Lotus in the Peak at Chatsworth House, which is an essential event.
  6. September 2nd....... noooooo, that ages away. If its one day, will the classic F1's make an appearance again? Would one day put off or encourage traders?
  7. Really wanted to do the parade lap but me and my good lady had a meal booked at 7pm. Gutted
  8. Bibs, can you send me a VIP hanger, I didn't receive one when I ordered 2x weekend camping tickets in June.
  9. I don't remember seeing a "are you in a Lotus" drop down box when I ordered the tickets. Presume when I turn up during Saturday the staff on the gate house will realise my Exige is a Lotus and give me a hanger to park!!!!?
  10. I purchased my Exige last year from a Lotus dealer. Paid more than I would have done private but if I'm spending over £25K, I want piece of mind. The dealer gave 12months full warranty. Check the aircon works (if its fitted), the oil cooler re-call has been completed. Usual stuff like accident damage. The header tanks are susceptible to fail/leak, mine was replaced under warranty. FSH is something to look out for, the engines are very good as are the gearbox's but 3rd can go if the car is heavily abused. Supercharged cars will fetch more than a 190. You will get a 190 for your budget, S cars are £26k upward.
  11. Tickets (including camping) received yesterday. Didn't receive the hanger to park in the VIP area. Where will I be expected to park?
  12. Not received my tickets yet...... although we are some time away from the event, so not a massive issue.
  13. Just about to order some tickets...... will I qualify for the VIP on-circuit parking (I presume this is parking with other Lotus cars?)
  14. Safety is important but this is motorsport and like all sports, there are risks. Covering the drivers will be a nail in the coffin for an already struggling sport.
  15. Have been given the "ok" to attend this year. I drive back home to Nottingham from a week in Devon on the Friday 26th, so won't get to Brands till Saturday at some stage. So will stay over Saturday and Sunday nights. Looking on the Lotus Festival website, has the camping moved to near the karting track?
  16. Yeah, i know...... Dont ask, you dont get There's one for sale on SELOC
  17. My favorite part of the Sunday is the classic F1 display. .... What a noise. Is this back? More cars?
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