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  1. I let my early G dry sump Turbo go as well last week. I'm a sentimetal guy as well, but sometimes, you have to decide. You (we) will always find a car that will blow our mind, and I think it's nice to test a lot of different things. It seems that I cannot keep a car more than a year, then, I feel the need of moving to something new. We will see what we can find... (ok actually I have already found).
  2. You should check out Freddy Kumschick in Sch
  3. I have many cars in my mind.... - MASERATI Mexico (I had one - and I sold it - stupid guy that I am) - MASERATI Ghibli - MASERATI 3500 GT - MASERATI Mistral - FERRARI 330 GTC that was for Italian cars.... - BMW ALPINA B7 Turbo (E12) - yes I already went mad and sold it - BMW ALPINA B6 2.8 (E21) - the original concept of "tuning" that's all for German ones - RENAULT Clio V6 (who said it's not a classic ?!!!!!) - drive one... and try not to think about it, this car is pure drug. That was the only Frenchie - ASTON MARTIN V8 series (incl. Virage) - BENTLEY Continental R/S/T coup
  4. I can't see how this green proposal can get through. Can you imagine how many people are living from "not so green" cars in this country ??? Seems absolutely crazy to me. I would say, all Esprits out there are not good, unfortuneatly. They are probably better than other places, but i've seen trash cars as well. The key is to put the money to get the best one. Go and check the cars first, the dealer etc. Buy the lowest mileage possible (unless you find a true pearl like Etienne's car), and ask for a new MOT and be sure the cam belt is done recently or will be done at the moment of the sale. Also, a nice Turbo SE makes more sense to me. The perf. is close to the V8, for half the price, and reliability and maintenance probably better and cheaper. I also think the lines of the Turbo SE are the more elegant as well. That's subjective and I'm biaised, I know ! Isn't it beautiful ???
  5. The Mexico was ours back in 2005. Stunning car. The most amazing engine sound I've EVER heard came out of that car. It had only 15'000 km from new ! To give an idea how stupid we are: we sold it !
  6. Geneva has the most severe, strict and complicated MOT of this country. I know what I'm talking about, I buy cars from everywhere in Switzerland and can see the MOT quality of every C(K)anton. Get a car with a new MOT in VD,VS,JU,FR,UR,BE,ZH and you can be sure the same car will be refused here in GE. I don't know how they achieve this, they see even things that doesn't exist or that are out of reason ! Once they made me change brake discs because they were close to accepted security margin (but on the OK side). Hell, is there a security margin to a security margin ????? If the discs are in the OK margin they are OK right ? Not in Geneva ! That was for a Mercedes CLK 55 AMG, the brake discs are out of margin after 1 mm wear on this car in this country according to their records and the car had 0.8 mm wear and they had me replace the discs. Unbeliveable !
  7. Quick hello to new Swiss members. We should meet all once somewhere in-between (bern i.e.) ! Nice picture Etienne ! I wish I had my camera at the Morges meeting !
  8. - LOTUS Esprit Turbo (early) - ASTON MARTIN V8 Vantage (classic ones) - MASERATI Mexico - TVR Griffith 500 - McLAREN MERCEDES-BENZ SLR You'd notice the Esprit is the only mid-engined one ! I like big front engined, long bonnet, rear wheel drive beasts! and many others, 5 is not enough... I'm trying to be realistic (buy-able cars), I take into acount the driving quality as well, I excluded prototype. I'm just out of an Honda NSX, what a good car it is !
  9. I've considered this Gold S2. I can only see one fault : that damn sunroof ! And one problem for me (else i would have already bought it) it's RHD. But UK guys, you should get that one, even the "reflector" paint on the wheels is stunning.
  10. I'd love a lot of cars. But my next buy will be an Aston Martin Virage (Coup
  11. Saab have quality ?!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to see an Esprit with an AMG V8 plant. Or a Lotus with BMW-Alpina tuned engine.
  12. I have seen an Essex in Switzerland. However, if I remember correctly (that was in 2006), it was repainted Black with gold bands at the back (and we all laughed at the strange scheme that replaced the beautiful Essex ^colours. I recognized the Essex with specific interior rims etc. but I can't tell if its #013 ?
  13. I don't like the 308. the driving position is awful. engine nowhere near as good as a true V12 Ferrari. Dynamics and road behavior are approximative. It has nice body lines... but the rest... On the track & road, not as good as the Esprit. The Esprit is an elegant car, it definately has something special and very attractive to it, just like if you can't get your eyes off it. The 308 isn't, it is sporty, sensual etc... but not elegant. Hey, you are a multiple Esprit owner - just like me, so we know what we like about these cars right ? ! Ok my personnal 2c. but I never liked the way the V8 Ferraris go.
  14. For me : BMW 635 CSI (but not Highline, rather an early one with 70s typed dash & 5-gear sport gearbox) Opel Carlton Lotus Talbot Sunbeam Lotus Auston Healey 3000 (except if the TR-6 is MAGENTA - THAT'S MEGA-COOL!) Robert De Niro
  15. that's true. With the Alpina you do not get the appearance of a small 2 seater sports car.
  16. car: 1980 Turbo Esprit chassis: SCCFC20A1AHD10952 owner: Alireza location: Geneva, SWITZERLAND car: 1980 Esprit S2 chassis: 79080287J owner: Alireza location: Geneva, SWITZERLAND
  17. I'd go for a BMW-Alpina as a german car... amazing cars, much, MUCH more refined in driving (you have to drive one to believe what they achieved). A really JOY to drive, the engineering in the driving, the ride as well as technical aspect is astonishing, the car is not a poseur's car, but still very rare, with plenty of character and very charming (with unique Alpina features/options). Plus they are as reliable as a standard BMW, you can bring children to school or go shopping and end up racing on a track and drive back home. I've become totally adept since the first one i've bought !
  18. Honnestly, I think that Porsche quality has always been approximative, regarding what you pay for the car. You mainly pay for the name, history, palmares and "savoir-faire" but it doesn't mean in any way that you're 911 interior is well made or that the plastics in your Boxster are any better than an average Fiat.
  19. I know at least one other early Turbo Esprit in Switzerland, fitted with the Compmotives. I used to live very close to the guy as I often met him driving around my place back then. I've moved since then but I've heard the car is still with him and from the picture, he must be a member of some kind of Lotus club here. I'll try to reach him and get more info. Picture courtesy of a buddy (I suggest you all visited his website for nice shots of all kinds of amateur's cars)
  20. Ok boys ! my car IS finished ! It's very early dry sump Turbo (1980) with all Essex features, except... the Essex scheme. Pictures very late in the afternoon... more to come ! EDIT : pictures resize
  21. It has never been registered so yes it's a "new" car, and 1st registration will be -ie.- 2008, so the car would be considered as a 2008 in Switzerland, no matter when it was built. I bought a mint, never registered, 80 km on odometer Alfa Alfetta GT from 1976 for a friend... he registered here in Geneva Switzerland... it's a 2005 car ! and it means also that the MoTs will apply in the same way as a 2005 car... amazing. Back to the 150km V8 Esprit... yeah, things will have to be done here and there... BUT... better to work on a 150 km car right ? rather than a car that's been put away for 7 years AND has already run. If it was my car, i'd change the cam belts, service the engine (change fluids etc.), and the tires. What else would you do? It's a dry storage showroom car since new, not a trash can left outside in the back court !
  22. We have worked in France to say that overall quality of cars running in France is poor. (No question why guys living in French side of the border buy their cars here in Switzerland) You might find also good quality ( Cote d'Azure/Paris) collectors, but they are scare to find. Well, not the best place worldwide to work or deal with cars. Pretty nice place to live, even if I wouldn't go back.
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