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  1. Hi everyone I have a 1982 Elite S2.2 and I get a lot of condensation in the boot area. I have taken all the carpets out and checked for water ingress, but non apparent. Has anyone else experienced this and if so what did you do to solve the issue. Also is the boot seal supposed to be in one piece and go all the way round? Mine is in two pieces with small gaps either side by the lock assembly. Cheers David
  2. Hi i had a similar problem some years ago. Carefully check the plastic end clips where the metal rod links into position, under the dash. Mine had gone brittle and had broken off. Cheers
  3. David Corns

    Air box trunking

    Hi Dan Thanks for the picture and information. Steve has just done a lot of work on my car for me and i have dealt with him for many years, he looks after my esprit turbo as well. Always found him to be very good and Ross (and the rest of the team) always very helpful.. Steve did fit my car with the new trunking but i am not happy with the induction roar it gives. I managed to get an original one from Lotusbits today for £10 including the end piece. The original has some foam lining to reduce the induction noise. See attached picture. Happy bunny, so i am going to fit it tomorrow. Cheers
  4. David Corns

    Air box trunking

    Hi Tim I am planning on going over to Lotusbits this week, just trying to cover all avenues and put some money into an owners pocket. Cheers
  5. David Corns

    Air box trunking

    Hi everyone I have a 1982 Elite S2.2 . I am in need of the original air box trunking, In reasonable condition and willing to travel to collect if necessary. I understand that it is tapered and has some sort of lining inside of it. Cheers David
  6. David Corns

    Vacuum pump runs continuously

    Hi I have a 1989 turbo and my pump ran continuously, draining the battery. It was the purge motor faulty causing the relay to lock itself in th eon position. My relay was located in the boot Cheers DC Ignore that. I have just reread your post saying it is a vacuum pump problem.
  7. David Corns

    induction roar

    Hi Roland and Dan Thanks for the invaluable information and the pictures Dan i have no idea on price, can you send me your email and i will gladly make an offer, where are located ? if not too far from Solihull i could come over and collect it. My email is: [email protected] Cheers
  8. David Corns

    induction roar

    Hi Richard Thanks for the information, i suspected that there should be an end for the trunking, did not think that the trunking would be lined as well. Looks like a trip to Lotusbits and see if they are stripping one apart, I could do with some better leather seats as well . Cheers David
  9. David Corns

    induction roar

    Hi all I have a 1982 S2.2 Elite. Has anyone got any pictures of how there air intake hose is terminated. Mine is placed in the holder in front of the engine but it does create a lot of induction noise on acceleration. I would like to make it quieter if possible. I had a problem with selecting second gear and it was recommended to use the Redline MTL. I can say that selecting the gears is now fine. Thank you for the information. Cheers
  10. David Corns

    Gear box oil

    Hi Dan Thanks for the update. i think i shall try the ATF and see how the gearbox is with it. if still no good might just need to bite the bullet and get it repaired. Cheers David
  11. David Corns

    Gear box oil

    Hi Dan and Duncan Thanks for the info. I have checked what is in the box at the moment and it is Mobil 10 / 60. I will have a look at the ones mentioned. Cheers gents
  12. David Corns

    Gear box oil

    Hi Thanks for your reply and I will check the plate as you suggest. Yes the gearbox is the getrag type. The oil has just been changed twice. first time it had TAF-X put in and i struggled to get any gears when cold, now it has normal engine oil in it as it says in the handbook. Now just struggles for 2nd when it is cold. The gearbox seemed fine before the oil change. Cheers
  13. Hi I am in need of the electric wing mirror toggle switch if any one has one to sell for my 1982 Elite S2.2 Cheers
  14. David Corns

    David Corns

  15. Hi just read your post, any chance of sharing the secret. I have an intermittent indicator which I presume is a dodgy wire at the back. Cheers David