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  2. Hey Lou, You are talking about the dash panel with heater and brightness control on the right hand side? I have the same problem and was wondering about a fix aswell. Where did you see the replacement panels that you were writing about? The original lettering seems to be screen printed on, which might be expensive to reproduce in the exact same way.. Another option could be to get vinyl stencils made and spray paint the graphics on. If its any help I could offer you to rebuild the graphics in illustrator (would need a scan of the panel though!) I am curious which way you will go, let me k
  3. The Assembly is back in the car now. It fits like the old one, shifts trough the five gears nicely, no problems here. Only reverse just doesn´t go in anymore, so a bit of adjustment on the cross gate will still need to be done. One more question: Do I need to lift up the Gear Lever to get into 5th (Overdrive) aswell, or should this only be necessary to get into reverse?
  4. Finally I just cut a wider thread into the existing metal sleeve inside the wooden gear knob. There was enough material, only the sleeve came loose in the process, but was easily glued back in. The linkage was NOS, but the lever had some paint chips from storage so I had it powder coated and gave the knob a quick polish.
  5. Thanks for all your comments! - interesting to hear that some seemed to have originally the black lever fitted.
  6. Yes I think this should be possible. Sounds like the cheapest and most straight forward solution. And I guess finally no one will complain if there is a black lever instead of the chrome one as long as it shifts nicely! Don´t know if I should bin the old parts. But if anyone reading this is interested in the parts of the old assembly let me know.
  7. Thanks for all your comments and the pictures Geert, looks very tidy - Compliment to your dad! I wish I had the tools, and .. the dad. I´ve contacted Harry Martens but he couldn´t help me. But I am relieved to hear that the my replacement assembly should fit without problems. Now I just need to decide whether I just get the knob modified or somehow try to get the chrome lever fitted..
  8. Yes it was already horror to get out, not really looking forward to the reassembly! So you’re saying it could work since the gearboxes are the same on S2 and S3 but maybe I should better keep looking for an S2 assembly? I will try to contact Harry Martens, tanks for the tip! Hopefully they have something.
  9. After a one week trip to the alps (and apparently a lot of shifting) a bolt on the gear shift linkage came lose. I couldn't engage reverse anymore and after a detailed investigation realized that there had been a lot of messing around by the PO. The lever had broken off and was fixed with a screw, on the shift gate the step for reverse gear had been failed away and said bolt had come loose. I didn´t have much choice but thanks to the google search and ebay, I sourced a NOS replacement gear shift linkage. But now having them next to each other I noticed some slight differences and wonder if
  10. Hi There, My name is Moritz and at the moment I live in Berlin, Germany. Since one year I´m the proud owner of a black 1979 Esprit S2 and I wanted to introduce myself to this forum. So far it has been a great source of information for me and I am impressed with your guys addiction and knowledge. I will have some questions coming up and I´m looking foreward to hear your thoughts. On the outside: It has been repainted by the PO in original gloss black, sadly including all the orginally satin black areas. The wheels are originally silver and have been repainted in gold, which I somehow lik
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