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  2. Mark. I saw your Essex at Jim Loose Lotus in 1981. At the time it had the Essex Badge on the rear flank #010. Jim imported that car I believe late 1980. I can't believe that your car's llegitimacy as a Essex car is in question. Who does this research?
  3. In !981 there were a lot of politics involved involving Rolls Royce, Lotus's official importer at the time. They blocked an American Lotus Dealer from importing automobiles directly from Lotus , all cars had to come through their operation. With a warehouse full of unsold Esprits and Elites, they were not interested in certifying the turbo car, let alone the Essex. This took a huge amount of time, trying to get their higher-ups to allow this purchase to procede. Also Lotus was beginning to have problems with their Formula 1 sponsor, so as the story goes, the Chairman decided to cease Essex Lotus production. Some Essex blue Esprits were built ,but were to be sold undecaled. With Rolls Royce stopping the importation, it was decided to purchase the cars through a European Dealer. Also Lotus sales at the time were not robust if ever they were, but the delay on our end allowed Lotus to sell the blue Esprit (#325) they were holding for us . That was when the infamous"white" Essex entered the scene. I had several conversations with Roger Becker at Lotus about the car, making sure that all the official equipment would be included with the car .Lotus even had an update on the scavange pumps for the dry sump oiling systems. Lotus even suggested that they respray the car at the factory, but because of the certification process to be legal for US roads, it was decided to import the car white, send it through the certification process, bumpers, lights, exhaust, etc and with that completed, paint and decal the car. Three cars were imported at this time, the US dealer saying if he has go through this trouble for one ,he might as well make it worthwhile for his efforts. Of the 3 cars, only one was an Essex car. the other 2 were a black one and a red one. Serial number wise the Essex car was #337 with Compomotve wheels, the red one was #338 with the 5 lug silver cast wheel, the black one had the Compomotive wheels. The other 2 cars did not have the full leather interior.
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