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  1. Thanks Jacques, that helps. The SJS part does then match mine. Here are pictures anyway. I highly recommend if anyone feels the reverse collar getting sticky, or not sliding freely, to open it up and clean the shaft to keep it sliding smoothly before you break it. It's easy to do. I wish I had though of it sooner. Anyone found these anywhere besides SJS?
  2. On my 91 SE, in the last 8 months or so, I had been having a hard time getting into reverse. I guarantee not driving it enough caused this problem. The collar wouldn't pull up on the gear shifter. It would stick, but eventually pull up, so I ignored the problem. One day, after being especially stubborn, it finally pulled up but felt a little different, and that's when I found that I could engage reverse without pulling up on the collar. When I opened it up and looked down in the shift mechanism, I found the plastic sliding collar with the reverse lockout block had broken, and the bottom half had disappeared into the nether regions of the tunnel. The roll pin was still in place, the top half with the reverse block was intact and I was able to manually pull it up and push it down enough to drive home (although, without a gaiter, I was getting a lot of fumes and heat in the cabin). After sitting for the last couple of months, I found the plastic collar had become stuck/fused to years of gunk that had collected on the shifter shaft and wouldn't slide any more at all. I got the shifter out, cleaned the shaft, and now I need to replace the sliding collar. I searched the forum, but didn't find any info on replacing this part. I know Lotus only sold the shifter as a whole unit. I saw some pics Travis posted a while ago, and my shifter is not that style. Is the later SE the same as the S4? I can probably post pics tomorrow. I saw SJ has their own part that looks similar ( SJ082F0011 ), but I'm not 100% sure, because I only have 2/3 of mine left. Is this something that could be built on a 3D printer? Or would it have to be moulded? Any info or ideas appreciated.
  3. Thanks for chiming in, Vanya and Trevor. The spark plug wells are, and always have been, clean and dry. I cleaned as much residue as I could from the manifold and lower block, then ran the engine for a bit until the smoking stopped. I hope, as you say, that running the car more will reduce or eliminate the smoke in the future. It was sitting far too long without running last year. Now moving to the next jobs, bleeding the clutch and checking the brakes...
  4. Update from the past weekend. I didn't see any fresh leak around the blanking plug. In case anyone else wonders, it's a 4.5mm hex bit. I got one and gave it a wiggle, but it didn't want to move, so I left it alone. The cam cover is clean, but the cam tower to head area may be the culprit as mentioned above. I also read a thread over on Lotus Talk about others who had manifold studs work loose. Someone else mentioned the area behind the stud threads is pretty thin and could become compromised allowing leakage. Seems like a long shot, but could that assist the stud to work loose? The stud has been replaced with appropriate threadlocker and nut tightened to spec. I'll run it a bit and see if any new oil shows up. At least I feel comfortable that the exhaust manifold, cat, and muffler are secure again.
  5. Yeah, thanks for the vote of confidence, Atwell. I just feel lucky I don't have leaking gas tanks again! Jim, I've cleaned the area around there as much as I can, so maybe if it starts a fresh mess I can figure where it came from. The blanking plug just had the biggest drop of oil, so that along with it sticking out attracted my attention as the culprit. I had assumed it was supposed to be more flush. If it doesn't show any new signs of leakage, then I probably won't disturb it. Your suggestion sounds more legit, but that looks like a bit of a job to get the cam tower off.
  6. I was planning to remove the blanking plug and reinstall with new sealant to see if that would help. I wonder how much oil might come out behind it? Can't be too much up there after the engine not turning for months, can there?
  7. Car has been sitting for a while, and when I started it up, there was smoke in the engine bay. It smelled of oil too. Underneath, I found loose bolts into and out of the catalytic converter, and while tightening them up, I found possible culprits to the smoke. I am completely missing a stud on the exhaust manifold, and also have a loose nut, both on #1 cyl. I also noticed an amount of oil clinging around, and seemed to be associated with the forward blanking plug. It's sticking out of the block by a few millimeters, so I thought maybe it has worked loose, but I see other pictures where that looks about right, so I'm not 100% sure if that's the origin. The cam cover seems clean and dry, so I don't think it's leaking down. Possibly something at the front of the head? I'm having a hard time with the hex size on the blanking plug. Anyone know? I've tried 4mm, too small, 5mm too big. I don't have a 4.5 - is that the one I need? I hijacked a picture from Travis and drew on it to show the location. As for the manifold stud, I was able to verify that it hadn't sheared off, so I'll just contact JAE for replacement. Do you think the leaky oil helped it work loose? I did notice that the lock tabs were not bent up as they should be. I never really noticed before, but I'll remedy that. DPO
  8. Russ91SE


  9. That DeLorean was crazy! Too much engine though, because after 88 mph... well, we all know what happens. I had a friend with one of those Impulses in 1990. I don't think he drove it hard enough to discover the Lotus handling. Not whenever I was in the car anyway.
  10. I saw in the news that C. Springs had some flooding and mudslide last week. Was it anywhere near the LOG hotel/events? I don't have mud tires on the car at the moment! I start my trip on Wed and see you all on Friday!
  11. Hey Travis, I look forward to seeing you again. And your car. I plan on driving my M100 out there this year. After 9 LOGs in the Esprit, I decided it's time for a change. Hotel is booked. I'm sure August in CO will be nice, but I have to get across Texas first. I'll need air conditioning!
  12. Glad to hear you got it done. Sorry you didn't make it to Asheville. We had a good time with the "spirited" driving in the back roads on Sunday. You wouldn't have wanted to be there with 23 year old tires!
  13. Phil, did you get your tires? I didn't see the Jim Clark Edition at LOG?!
  14. I will be having this issue soon. Very disappointing that original size not made anymore. Try this website for equivalent tire sizes. I found tires in both 225/50r15 and 225/45r15 to be close. I've always had 4 matching brand/style tires, but looks like I'll have to adjust at my next tire change. I might try to go with the 45 profile. My other thought is to change wheels. I've always liked the OZ Novas...
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