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    David Kippen
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    Elise S 2015, MK6 Golf GTI (KTM bike!)
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    2bular rear box 7in dia
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  1. March 2020 ex demo Elise 220 sport, only had it a few weeks but no problems at all from cold and would agree with everyone else that does not sound normal!!
  2. Kip


  3. Hi Paul, I purchased my Elise S from Silverstone last year and found Aimee to be really helpful and gave me a good deal (I think anyway). Also their after sales service for a small warranty claim and it's first service was very good - far better than my two 'local' dealers that I have used in the past. I would buy from them again. Dave
  4. I haven't driven the V6 Exige (have owned two S2's) but currently have a 2015 Elise S Touring and prior to that an Evora (NA), also had two S2 Elises a while ago and the new version I think is much easier to drive distance then the old ones although I've ruined that somewhat by fitting a 7in 2bular exhaust which is to be honest a tad loud for touring with. The Evora on the other hand was a fantastic all rounder and I could see myself with another one in the future and was the only Lotus I've owned my Wife liked being in! Would think the V6 Exige would be a great all rounder and is next on my wish list.........
  5. I had mine done locally haven't got round to getting the pictures from the guys but they have them on their web site. Came up really well, sold now though :-(
  6. Cheers Bibs, ordered a set from eBay will have a go at getting it out and check wiring and access before I decide on which head unit.
  7. Just a quick update for anyone else considering this, spoken to field service engineers yesterday and they advised you can get a wiring loom adapter part no. A132M0326F (£26.81 plus vat) from your Lotus dealer that will enable the straight fit of the new Alpline INE-W920R which will be the standard fit soon to new cars. Not sure what to do at the moment I prefer the look of the new Pioneer (and it's cheaper) but this would in theory be an easy upgrade.
  8. Yes towards the end of the week I was starting to see it, and as an only car for the daily grind yes with the way our roads are most of the time I guess it makes some sense!
  9. Bibs, any tips on how to tackle it? TBD, I'm assuming (hoping) I can leave all those bits in place rather than strip them out? Kip
  10. That's what I'm trying to find out Bibs, make sense doesn't it - Pioneer technical thought that would be the case but they would! If that's the case sounds like that getting the dash surround of first would be the hardest part according to the post on the US site.
  11. I know the basic subject has been done to death but I can't find any information on the wiring, done loads of searches found some info and pictures on American Lotus forum but no detail on the wiring loom. Is it just a case of unplug the Alpine and plug in the Pioneer? As Lotus changed over to pioneer from Alpine you'd think that the main wiring harness would be the same? Spoke to Lotus field engineer today who couldn't help but has suggested I ring back Monday to talk to another engineer who he thinks has done the swap himself. I really fancy doing this myself but would like an idea of what I'm taking on before I get it in bits! Think I'm going for the Pioneer 940BT. Kip
  12. Yup I've had a 2012 S IPS this week while my manual (CR) NA is having some work, second time I've spent time with the IPS and just can't get on with it. It was nice while in a six mile traffic jam Monday but the rest of the time frustrating, I do understand people buying them but not for me and I'm not anti auto had a V8 M3 with the DCT which was amazing its just not intelligent enough despite the name! Interesting comparing NA with S, I love the extra low down grunt of the S but you get to use so much more of the revs with the NA and more often much harder call on that one- reminds me of the choice between a 600cc sports bike and a 1000 swings and roundabouts!
  13. I've been looking at the Alpine INE-W920R or the Pioneer AVIC-F940BT, phoned Alpine to ask if the new style unit would be a straight swap but they haven't returned my call. Bit concerned about having the dash apart as it's rattle free at the moment!
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