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  1. Thanks Bibs, I had started to have a look at that thread before but not read all the way through and discovered it is more helpful than I thought! I have messaged electro-boy to see how he has got on with his Alpins.
  2. Sorry, just to clarify, I have w-drive all round, but the rears are wearing thin and need replaced on their own. I'd never have different sets at each end!
  3. Has anyone bought any of these recently? My rears are needing replaced (rather soon.......) and I can't find any online, which makes me wonder if they are discontinued. I'd really rather not buy a whole new set if I can avoid it.
  4. Thanks! I had seen the thread title, but ignored it as I thought it was all about paprika, but sounds as if a scuff kit or similar is worth a go.
  5. My driver's side MY2010 NA bolster (plain black) is looking a bit worse for wear (despite lack of use). Is it possible to get just the bolster refurbed, or will the pair of seats need done as a new bolster would not match well? The passenger seat and rest of the driver's seat seem in good nick so reluctant to spend more than I need to. The wear looks beyond what any leather treatment could do. Presumably any trimmer with a decent reputation could do this sort of work, or is there anything special about the standard Recaros?
  6. Thanks, that's reassuring. The disc corrosion is due to lack of use unfortunately - need to lose my passenger a bit more often to use the car the way it was intended ............
  7. My brakes were rumbling a bit, which I put down to lack of use and corrosion - following some spirited pressing on across Dava Moor in the Highlands they seem to have smoothed out somewhat, but have occasionally been making a bit of noise. No advisories on the service 2,500 miles ago. I took the wheels off the other day and took some pic, but am still unsure how much life if any is on the pads. Anyone, care to comment? (pics are a bit rubbish unfortunately)
  8. I think dynoing it would outweigh the cost of the insurance premium saving I thought the difference it was principally sound, but the insurance company seem pernickety - the savings on the premium are worthwhile finding out though.
  9. I am currently trying to renew my insurance with another provider and one of the issues is whether the above mods actually give any "performance" increases over standard when fitted to a 2010 NA? The Lotus Sports blue tipped exhaust was on the car when I bought it and the decat I fitted later. I couldn't find anything conclusive when searching.
  10. Thanks very much. Sounds like I need to get in touch with Murrays in Edinburgh then.
  11. I acquired a small chip recently just below driver line of sight on my Evora. Auto glass don't seem optimistic they can make a repair that I won't find annoying, so it looks like a new screen is on the cards. Has anyone had one replaced recently and if so did they need to get the dealer to help with removing the front clam? Seem to be conflicting reports.
  12. At a price of £300 to £500 I could be interested depending on performance/noise variances and any impacts on reliability.
  13. I was putting my car in the garage a few weeks back and few kids( 8-14 years old or so) that had been playing nearby ran over. The 3 lads just stood and stared at the car, and then asked a few questions about it. Along comes a girl of similar age who takes one look at the car, folds her arms, turns to the young lads and harrumphs at them " it's just a car you know".
  14. Bumped into an Elise entirely at random in the Highlands recently. Untitled by snowman2000, on Flickr
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