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  1. Thanks! I had seen the thread title, but ignored it as I thought it was all about paprika, but sounds as if a scuff kit or similar is worth a go.
  2. My driver's side MY2010 NA bolster (plain black) is looking a bit worse for wear (despite lack of use). Is it possible to get just the bolster refurbed, or will the pair of seats need done as a new bolster would not match well? The passenger seat and rest of the driver's seat seem in good nick so reluctant to spend more than I need to. The wear looks beyond what any leather treatment could do. Presumably any trimmer with a decent reputation could do this sort of work, or is there anything special about the standard Recaros?
  3. Thanks, that's reassuring. The disc corrosion is due to lack of use unfortunately - need to lose my passenger a bit more often to use the car the way it was intended ............
  4. My brakes were rumbling a bit, which I put down to lack of use and corrosion - following some spirited pressing on across Dava Moor in the Highlands they seem to have smoothed out somewhat, but have occasionally been making a bit of noise. No advisories on the service 2,500 miles ago. I took the wheels off the other day and took some pic, but am still unsure how much life if any is on the pads. Anyone, care to comment? (pics are a bit rubbish unfortunately)
  5. I think dynoing it would outweigh the cost of the insurance premium saving I thought the difference it was principally sound, but the insurance company seem pernickety - the savings on the premium are worthwhile finding out though.
  6. I am currently trying to renew my insurance with another provider and one of the issues is whether the above mods actually give any "performance" increases over standard when fitted to a 2010 NA? The Lotus Sports blue tipped exhaust was on the car when I bought it and the decat I fitted later. I couldn't find anything conclusive when searching.
  7. Thanks very much. Sounds like I need to get in touch with Murrays in Edinburgh then.
  8. I acquired a small chip recently just below driver line of sight on my Evora. Auto glass don't seem optimistic they can make a repair that I won't find annoying, so it looks like a new screen is on the cards. Has anyone had one replaced recently and if so did they need to get the dealer to help with removing the front clam? Seem to be conflicting reports.
  9. At a price of £300 to £500 I could be interested depending on performance/noise variances and any impacts on reliability.
  10. I was putting my car in the garage a few weeks back and few kids( 8-14 years old or so) that had been playing nearby ran over. The 3 lads just stood and stared at the car, and then asked a few questions about it. Along comes a girl of similar age who takes one look at the car, folds her arms, turns to the young lads and harrumphs at them " it's just a car you know".
  11. Bumped into an Elise entirely at random in the Highlands recently. Untitled by snowman2000, on Flickr
  12. I'm currently trying to hardwire a phone charger cradle. Anyone done anything like this before? I was planning to use an "add a circuit" fuse thing for the live, but am unsure about the earth.I did see a post on another forum where I think the earth was done via a ring terminal onto one of the bolts fixing one of the passenger foot well fuseboxes on. Is this good enough? Not being made from ye olde steel I'm not sure how to do this properly.
  13. Getting a bit more used to it and proper 400 mile run last weekend. To be honest I don't really notice a pleasant noise difference - just sounds a bit more noisy and drones more. Unsure what all the fuss is about. I don't drive the car regularly enough to notice a performance variance, although there is a hint of additional smoothness which I guess might be the less restricted exit. Definitely not a problem on the motorway or DC, but then I tend to stick within 10 mph of limits there. Drone could get wearing on longer twisty roads where you are on part to full throttle a lot of the time.
  14. I had a brief run in my newly decatted car at the weekend, and errr .... not sure I like it. Fine on the motorway/DC reasonably close to the NSL which I usually do, but seemed boomy and intrusive when spending time in the upper throttle areas on the twisty stuff. Didn't notice any pleasant increase in noise either. I'll see how I get on this weekend with a longer run and 200 odd miles of bendy stuff.
  15. I've only played Hopeman out of the courses you mention Sven, and that was 20 odd years ago! It was not a bad course for a beginner though in those days. There is a particularly spectacular hole I remember that involved a tee from the cliffs around a cove with the green placed on it's own 100 feet below mostly surrounded by rough. I lost several balls that day, but good fun. Covesea must be a newer course as the area where the Hopeman course is located called Covesea I think. Lovely in sunshine, but windy I imagine. If you have time off golfing while in Elgin you might like the Johnston Woollen Mills shop for a visit, and if you like Whisky, visit Gordon and Macphails shop in South Street for one of the largest selections in Scotland. They are world renowned independent bottlers of whisky - if you don't have a visit to a whisky distillery planned, I expect your route to Balmoral will go right past several. Glenfarclas at Ballindalloch and Aberlour I think both have visitor centres.
  16. You've got me worried about the noise now Shaun! I have the same exhaust as you now, and my decat is awaiting fitting - I always understood the noise wasn't too bad at cruising/lower revs, and that it only came in at higher revs? I too have neighbours I don't want to upset.............. Euan
  17. Hi Sven Good to meet you and your wife this afternoon, albeit impromptu! As I said, yours is the only the second other Evora I have seen on the road in 6 months - they look much better on the road than they do in photos! (That grey Elise with the red hood you mentioned I think passed me between Perth and Edinburgh later on.) Glad to hear (and read above) you are enjoying your trip. Weather has been good the past few days, so hopefully it will hold.The road quality is very, very poor though - I have never seen so many potholes and continually worry about my tyres and geo alignment getting knocked out of shape. The roads are pretty busy due to the holiday weekend, but should be better after Monday. The main Loch Ness road is busy, and there are often mobile speed cameras on it so you need to take care if they are an issue for you. For 97 octane, you should get plenty in Inverness, and Ullapool also has it, as do some of the stations on the A9 north of Inverness. In Elgin, I am not sure if West Road filling station (West end of town) has BP "Ultimate" (higher octane), but I am sure the Esso station ("Pinefield") at the East end of town does have 97. Both are on the main A96 road and easy to spot. Euan
  18. I know my battery went flat after being at Willowbrae Coachworks for some work, I guess with them leaving various doors etc open (not sure why as it was a nurfed front bumper they were fixing). I think they only had the car for a few days as well. I have, since becoming aware of that, made sure I take my conditioner/charger with me if away from home... just in case. It seems to have been fine sitting in my parents' garage for a couple of days, but I don't think I'd like to leave it much longer than that. Normally mine sits on a CTEK conditioner and it doesn't seem to have done the battery any harm I have to say. My understanding is that conditioners are OK for continual connection, but trickle are not. Used conditioners on my bike and S2000 for years without problem.
  19. I've been very impressed with the OEM winter rubber. Much less of a compromise than the Goodyear Ultragrips I had on my Honda S2000 which were awesome in 4 inches of snow, but poor on dry and warmer wet roads. Very reassuring in torrential rain, and still made the car fun on cold damp roads.
  20. My boot is leaking too on one side - not sure about the footweels as not thoroughly checked those after wet weather - the hatch does feel a bit looser on the duff side so I suspect it might not be compressing the seal fully there, something I will need to check at some point. Does anyone know if the boot seal is glued on or just pushed on? Trick of putting something over the upright ridge to ensure the seal sits higher might work.
  21. What time and what sort of format are these meets? I meant to come along to the last one, but didn't make it, so quite keen to attend on Sunday. (might also give me an incentive to wash my car .......... )
  22. Oops, sorry. I was out from lunchtime until late yesterday and didn't think this was still on. Hope to make the next one.
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