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    ESPRIT TURBO 1988.
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    Correct cam belt !!!!!!!! Thanks to Sparky
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  1. Never mind "pull your finger out" I have been and brought a £200 pillar drill just to make this. Also some of us essential workers have to keep the country moving 😀 Anyway thanks Sparky for the reply that was just about my guess 1 cm
  2. Hi does anyone know the measurement of the inhibitor pad. I roughly know the diameter from the old one. But not the measurement as per picture. TIA
  3. Glyn Hi I see that a few years back you had issues with the gear selector. I was unable to get reverse even after new translator bearings at the rear., I then took the gear stick out and found this . Missing pin and worn bush. Do you have a diagram of how this supposed to be set up .

    Thanks 1988 Stevens Esprit Carb turbo. Translators are on the left hand side of the gear box looking from the back



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    2. Glyn Harper

      Glyn Harper

      Oh, and there is an upgrade you can do at the rear. If you still have the selector shaft going through that floating ball thing in a bracket, you can replace it with this instead.

      It takes a load of play out of the gear selection and makes it much more positive.

      37 and 38 are replaced with item 50, as below.

      Also, there is a good write up on Lotus Esprit World that will help you loads, and shows these bits.


    3. SPADGER27


      Glyn Many thanks that's brilliant. Thanks for the swift reply

    4. Glyn Harper

      Glyn Harper

      No problem at all.

  4. Thanks to Dave and Megan for a great night . Allegedly we were all dancing and singing. But as I have seen no evidence I will only believe when proof is provided. Thanks again and great to catch up Paul Denise
  5. Dave Hi Hope you and Megan are well.. Denise and I would love to come along Paul
  6. Happy Birthday to the Cam Belt King
  7. LoL Good one ..At least there should be no Laying on your back in the rain
  8. Sparky Well done hope you have fun and you look Very smart...How often does this require a new Cam belt
  9. until

    Wayne yes I have seen this and hope to be there
  10. Wayne Hi have you seen this ad
  11. How can you accidently buy an Esprit. You need a bigger garage
  12. Chris Hi hope you are well how do I join the new group

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