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  1. Thanks to Dave and Megan for a great night . Allegedly we were all dancing and singing. But as I have seen no evidence I will only believe when proof is provided. Thanks again and great to catch up Paul Denise
  2. Dave Hi Hope you and Megan are well.. Denise and I would love to come along Paul
  3. Happy Birthday to the Cam Belt King
  4. LoL Good one ..At least there should be no Laying on your back in the rain
  5. Sparky Well done hope you have fun and you look Very smart...How often does this require a new Cam belt
  6. until

    Wayne yes I have seen this and hope to be there
  7. Wayne Hi have you seen this ad
  8. How can you accidently buy an Esprit. You need a bigger garage
  9. Chris Hi hope you are well how do I join the new group

  10. Dave Hi hope you and Megan are both well. Unfortunately we will not be able to make this as will be away for the weekend.. Hope you have a nice time.
  11. Good one I will start undoing the bolts holding the body to the Chassis...
  12. Wayne if you look closely there is a very small pipe and a nut and bolt you have forgotten to replace. This is under the carbs and requires the engine to be removed to replace
  13. Wayne My Esprit has a fibreglass under tray . I see yours has a green milk crate was this standard on early Esprit's
  14. Wayne Hi looks really good.. Bend over sideways when you take pictures
  15. SPADGER27


  16. Good luck Sparky. I'm sure Richard Branson would employ a man of your talents . If not there must be loads of cambelts which need changing
  17. Thanks again for today you are the nuts

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    2. Sparky


      Bugger! No, mate.

    3. SPADGER27


      Where do I find the pictures taken today on the forums?

      Number plate is not an issue but will screw on next time not use double sided sticky pads ?

    4. Sparky


      Bibs is doing some maintenance - pics will be back gradually over the next few hours, maybe a day or two.

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