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  1. That would be me on the way to work. I live in Upper Lambourn and must have been running a little late that morning judging by the time :-) I was following a green Esprit out of the village down to J14 on the M4 recently and gave a thumbs up as I passed. Was that you by any chance?
  2. Good photos there. Impressive. Nice car too. Is it just me or is the steering wheel at an angle? Is that normal? I know the car has an offset driving position, but never really noticed that before.
  3. I'm regularly commuting to Reading (office is just off M4 J11), but mine is silver... I've not seen a white one in the area so I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.
  4. As TBD quite correctly points out, the first thing you do if you've got a bad year and a plausible reason to hide behind, is wipe the slate clean. Don't just have a loss, have a mega-loss. Get everything written off that needs to be. People will quickly forget the bad year, and the better years in the future will look better. Also don't confuse profit and loss with cash flow. It is quite possible for P&L results to look bad whilst business is actually doing OK. For a year or two anyway. In the long run the P&L will catch up and should reflect whether the business is successful or not. You can hide away bad results for a short while, but you can't hide from your true results for ever!
  5. Welcome to TLF. Lovely looking car in that colour. Regarding your battery issue I don't have a solution, but wanted to mention that I have a very similar problem. Recently my battery went flat after a couple of weeks sitting in the garage -- car hadn't done that much mileage in the past few years before I bought the car so my 'solution' was to simply replace the battery, but I suspect there is something draining the battery and I don't know what that might be. When I turn on the ignition in the morning the headlights pop up and down momentarily which I've read elsewhere on this forum indicates the battery is being drained. Do you see the same thing with the headlights?
  6. Undoubtedly one of the most thrilling F1 races I have seen in a long long while. The race had excitement before the very start with Vettel starting from the pit lane, and you simply couldn't make up what happened next there were so many twists and turns in the unfolding plot. Great to see Kimi win and his commentary on the win "I'm not really feeling anything right now" from the podium was classic.
  7. I thought it was kinda cool. Maybe that's because I've just moved from living in Asia for the past eight years and my sense of cool and un-cool is now permanently warped?
  8. The car looks stunning in your photo. I hope it brings you many years of pleasure. As a recent new Lotus owner myself, I share your enthusiasm. Brings a smile to my face every time I get in the car and turn the ignition. Did you take the scenic route down to Melbourne from Sydney or just down the Hume Highway? Would have been fantastic to drive around the roads in the Snowy Mountains if you were passing down that way...
  9. Fantastic work on the rebuild and thanks for sharing the photos. May there be many many miles before the next rebuild!
  10. Well the Sport 350 is a big step up from previous cars. I did once have a Subaru WRX when I was living briefly in the US, but for the past 8 years I've been living and working in Singapore where my wife and I shared a Skoda Octavia VRS. So the current Sport 350 is a completely different experience for me. What I have found already is that the ownership reminds me a bit of the first car I learned to drive, which was my parent's Land Rover 110 County. This was also a petrol V8, but with a completely different performance nature of course. In the UK they're fairly common, but because my folks live in Australia where they are quite rare, the car always used to get noticed. I also remember learning to live with the little quirks and how they became part of the car's character, and were never considered faults. I have a strange feeling that Lotus ownership will be similarly rewarding :-) That, and both cars seem to have a similar thirsty nature! @Bibs: Thanks for sharing the article. The history that came with the car has a few of the original magazine articles with it as well. Are the photos you have digital? Would be nice to take you up on your offer and see them if they are. @ B1 MRA: Would be interested in meeting up with some fellow Esprit owners at some point in the future. At the moment I've just been back in the UK for less than a month after a hiatus overseas for over 12 years and things are quite hectic at weekends at the moment, so it might be a little while before I'm able to wrangle a leave pass from my wife! However I appreciate the invite and I'll look into it when I'm more settled down, so please do send me the details.
  11. Thanks for the welcomes :-) It is indeed number '007'. For some reason referring to it as '7' just doesn't seem fair to the car, and the little plaque in the car actually has '007' stamped on it to. Thanks for advice on the fuel tanks steve, but I think the issue I have might be slightly different. Basically when driving along in a straight line the fuel will be on say 1/2 full, and five minutes later, still in a straight line (driving down the motorway) it will have crept UP by about 1/8. Maybe the fuel isn't equalising very quickly? Anyway, it's a minor issue, and it seems that if Martin's formula holds any truth then I am going to have to train my poker face in order to keep the fuel bills under control.
  12. Aye, a far more sensible price for this example. So sensible I just bought it! There have been some cheaper ones advertised recently, but at the end of the day it's not like there are thousands of examples to pick from! Also this is a shameless opportunity for me to give a shout-out to Scott Walker who was a pleasure to deal with when buying the car.
  13. Hello TLF. Just introducing myself as a new Lotus owner. Always been a lifelong aspiration to own a Lotus, but my job has led me to various parts of the world over the last 12 years. Now that I'm back in the UK, and with permission from my wife, I've finally bought one. Piccie isn't great as I just quickly snapped it, but you can see it's unmistakeably a Sport 350. I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful relationship ahead of us, although I'm nervous that the path will be filled with many exciting patches. My little boys both think it's an excellent purchase. Only lament so far is that the fuel gauge heads towards empty at an alarming rate and sometimes seems to have a mind of it's own, so I've come to the conclusion that it's more of a guide and not that accurate? Some other threads on this forum seem to suggest that until the low fuel tell comes on, you can actually drive around quite happily with the needle sitting on empty. I'm not that game!
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