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    new yrs day

    The guy own the road from me seems to have a show on but given that midnight is only 29 minutes away and it's 10806.86 miles or : 17391.47 Kilometers from you guys you'll never make it now. Damn it I should have told you all earlier. I knew i'ld forgotten something. Happy new year to you all in the chilly North Cheers from jbee in sunny Tasmania
  2. A 250N was my first bike too Nigel, still like the look of them. Nice range you've had.
  3. Last raced her back in 84' and restored her over the last 7 years. Started the engine up at the Australian Historic Championships which were held here in Tassie in 2011 just to hear it run again after 27 years Got an offer for a display spot in the Museum here and so thats where she lives now, unless there's a local historics show on. Must have been fun dragging the Harley, was it a pure drag racer or street drag bike for week day fun too?
  4. Thanks Nigel Beautiful Moto Morini, David. Your daughter certainly knows how to get into the spirit of the photo
  5. Had my TZ350B back from the museum it lives in to take it to a bike show the other week end so I grabed a couple of shots of my two favourite toys together.
  6. What are two smoking? Iit's much easier to paint orange stripes on a black car than it is to buy an orange one then paint 95% of it black leaving the only the orange stripes ...... Geeeez you guys always the hard way. rofl
  7. Nice sounding Exhaust Scott :-) I'm the same as you, spent my youth lusting after Countach's, GT40's and 60's nd 70's F1 cars. When I decided it was time to buy myself a sports car this year, I looked at Mercedes, Porsche, and the others but what I wanted was something that gave me the feel of a race car the the small boy in me still dreamed about, not a two seat luxury taxi. My Elise delivers perfectly, with styling cues from some glorious sports cars like the GT40' and Dino, in BRG with racey stripes, I smile with satisfaction every time I look at it. Some people say "I couldn't live with something so awkward to get in and out of" WHAT!! I love it, every time I crouch down and fall into the drivers seat over the wide side rails its part of the magic. I look forward to the pictures and story.
  8. I like the Black and Orange, looks good. Certainly better than just plain Black, which I have always thought plain & boring on a sports car. Plain black is for hearses and limo's. A sports car should exude drama, it should look fast even when it's stopped. Colour is as much a part of that as the body styling, in fact colour can make or break the styling. How many times have you seen cars you think of as motoring porridge, then one day you see it in a paint scheme that really works for it and suddenly the porridge becomes Caviar. Who cares if another brand has previously used a similar scheme. Porsche used Gulf colours on LeMans cars for ages, does that make the McLarens using it now look like Porsche imitators? No, they look bloody great, because those colours look right on them and add drama. Keep going and refining
  9. Classic US military morons Dr Strangelove was based on fact I think
  10. Cool, that must be HUGE lift for you. Great news
  11. You guys have SUPERB taste But then I just might be based
  12. Bet by "Scaleable back office services" they mean if the admin load gets to large they will offshore some of it to Bangalore for you.
  13. Nice pics, that one with the Tiger is one for the lounge wall
  14. I've always fancied one of them, pity you can't get one in Oz
  15. Any truth behind this?
  16. Great thread with all the photos and all Mike. The work looks great, well done, it'll be better than new when you finished
  17. Wow, lucky escape. Lucky you were in a car made from plastic, tin would have been a mess. Lucky for the deer too i'ld say, a nice flexible shock absorbent front end to roll over and off. Good that you both survived
  18. Currently have an unregistered Peugeot Speedfight scooter and a restored 1974 Yamaha TZ350B GP racer that I raced in the 80's. given up riding on the road now as I figure you only get so many warnings and I don't bend anymore, I just break now. Have also had Honda CB250N Honda 900F2B Yamaha TZ250B - raced Suzuki 750 Katana -raced Honda CB750 -raced Suzuki DR250 BSA M20 500 BSA Bantam Kawasaki Z200 Harley Davidson Sportster 880 Yamaha XV1100S Ducati 750 Super Sport Ducati 620 Monster Piaggio 500 Scooter
  19. One that used to break me up when I moved to Oz in 72 was the other school kids asking me if I had any Durex in my satchel !! Over here of course it meant cello-tape. Both amusing and at the same time disappointing as it was a girl that asked me the first time and I thought my luck was in.
  20. Jbee


    It's impressive, but Kittingers jump will always be one of the boldest things any human has done. The video of his jump along with his commentary is inspirational.
  21. Fantastic fun aren't they I love mine, had it two months and still can't stop grinning. Wales is a great par of the country for an Elise too I bet. Cheers jbee
  22. I think he most impersonated would be equally - the three wise men, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the cute donkey bystander
  23. That was a brilliant show. How much was staged? I still have half to watch as I had to go out so I recorded it? But getting a mobile phone into a corona bottle !!! ? :-)
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