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  1. That was a brilliant show. How much was staged? I still have half to watch as I had to go out so I recorded it? But getting a mobile phone into a corona bottle !!! ? :-)
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    I don't mind eating fruit and veg but I draw the line at eating Koreans
  3. I definitely recommend Optimate, it charges, conditions and reports on condition. I have run them for years on my ride on mower and motor cycles, the batteries last years with them. Lots of connection options too. Cheers John
  4. Hi guys thanks for the welcome. Do you know of any in the Launceston area Michael? Thanks Bibs was very nice to talk to you on Thursday night. Hi Steve, Ben the guy in Sydney that I bought it from told me it's a big hit on Australia day, he said some people seem to think you've painted it p especially for the day
  5. %20Cover1%20by%20jbeepix,%20on%20Flickr]http:// Cover1 by jbeepix, on Flickr Hi Everyone We first looked at a Lotus in 1976, a second hand dark Blue Europa, it cost a whole years annual salary ($5000.00 back then) but that did not put us off. The annual insurance of $1000.00 was what killed that dream. So here we are 36 years later, and the dream finally comes true. I flew to Sydney from Tasmania one weekend to look at this 2003 Type 25 (Which is a bit different from the UK model I believe as the 4 built for Australia have the Rover VVC engine, mine is Number 2 of 4), I fell in love with it, then two weeks later my wife and I flew back to Sydney to pick it and drive it to Melbourne, then onto the overnight ferry and across to Tasmania, 1000k for our first drive and we had a ball. Seven weeks later and we are loving it, I can hardly bear to close the garage door on it at night. Any way we live in Launceston in Tasmania and have both always been keen car and bike fans with to many owned now to remember. Would love to meet with any other Lotus drivers in Tas Cheers and looking forward to life with a Lotus
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    Jbee's Tasmania Lotus photo's
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    From the album: Jbee

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    From the album: Jbee

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    From the album: Jbee

  10. Lotus Elise - Type 25 (Australian Version) (2012) Date Added: 08 September 2012 - 07:13 PM Owner: Jbee Short Description: 4 were made for Australia in 2003 (although rumors persist of a 5th) This one is number 2 of on the plaque inside.Rover VVC engines were fitted to the Australian delivered Type 25's View Vehicle
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