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  1. Ahem, yes a fair bit. I was fortunate that Oxford Car Audio took it on as a project and stuck to their quote, despite it taking a lot longer than they had anticipated. Even so, labour was around £550 + VAT.
  2. Oxford Car Audio removed the old head unit and all the gubbins behind it (which I then sold on eBay) and installed an Alpine ILX 702D head unit which has all the current needs (DAB, CarPlay etc). Door panels were removed, lots of soundproofing added and door speakers + tweeters were changed to JL Audio C5 650 6.5 which fit perfectly, enabling the same speaker grills to be used. A DAB aerial was placed on the nsr window resulting in good reception. The rear sub woofer panel was removed (also sold), more soundproofing applied, the woofer replaced with a JL 8W3V3 (same size as the old) and a 3 way amp JLMX600/3 fitted. Once all put back together they noticed a slight vibration of the panel, so removed it all and stated again, adapting the bracket holding it. They learnt a lot doing this fitting! My phone is hardwired to the system each time using a Brodit holder as this will always be a better connection than wireless, but it can be wireless if need be. The sound is superb.
  3. I do like the look of this. Please could you tell me, what is it like when driving at night? Is it a clear view behind and hoping it doesn't shine too bright in the cockpit? PS: I have done a major awesome sound upgrade if you need any pointers.
  4. So I have now had the sub woofer upgrade (JL 8W3V3 - 8 inch) + 3 way amp (JL MX 600/3). Took them a while as had a few fun and games back there but the sound is now absolutely epic. And whilst I am fully aware the I should be listening to the sound of the engine & exhaust, I do love my music which I can now feel as well as hear. If anyone wants a true upgrade that looks pretty much like the OEM but with the sound and tech of today then I can thoroughly recommend Steve at Oxford Car Audio, who are now familiar with the layout and what is needed.
  5. I've spent a good while scouring the forums to see what everyone has used and it does seem predominately Pioneer. However, I have just bitten the bullet and had a major upgrade to an Alpine ILX 702D which has all the current needs (DAB, CarPlay etc). Whilst there the door speakers + tweeters were changed to JL Audio C5 650 6.5 which fit perfectly, enabling the same speaker grills to be used. All in all, a dramatic change in equipment and sound, without a huge change to the look from the OEM. I have to add though that it is going back tomorrow to have a new 3 way amp and subwoofer fitted as the speakers can now cope with so much more than the inbuilt amp can deliver, and the existing subwoofer is seemingly doing next to nothing. There has also been some fairly extensive soundproofing done in the doors and side panel which has and will make more difference. I longed to do it all myself but, looking at other posts and the wiring diagrams, I really couldn't face it. It ended up costing way more than I had planned, but I love it (and all holidays were cancelled this year, including a long wished for and planned drive through Europe to Italy - rescheduled for next year - hopefully).
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    Indeed it was!
  8. Removal of the front bumper for respray was all going swimmingly until the last couple of bolts (naturally). This is a nut and bolt exposed once the headlights have been removed. The nut is encased within the panel and as soon as I turned the bolt it cracked the surround. Anyone had this and found a solution? Loathe to have to do any cutting! Soaking in WD40 at present.
  9. The irony. Just noticed mine gone on the n/s when cleaning the car. I'd be interested in a set if not too pricey!
  10. Bringing this one back up.. Gradual deterioration. Any suggestions on how to a) stop this getting worse and b) restore them?
  11. Thank you for all of the instructions on here. Jacked her up today and a very gunged up rubber stopper removed followed swiftly by plenty of water. Problem solved, marvellous. Carpets now drying by boiler for (hopefully) the last time. Just need to get the winter wheels and tyres swopped over and we're ready again.
  12. Thanks for this, hence why I couldn't see it as I have some inserts in there. Anyway I removed the panel and had a look in the tunnel but couldn't see any water so thinking I'll just have to try the unblock method anyway.
  13. This is just what I am looking for but, forgive me if I'm being really stupid, I cannot seem to see this tunnel in the right hand upper side of front bay wall that you have mentioned. Any possibility of a pic? I'm sure this must be what is wrong with mine so am keen to fix. Ironic that I also have the gas strut problem also.
  14. I now have this footwell problem on my 2011 NA. It's on both sides and I cannot relate it to any particular weather. It is garaged every day so I'm not sure about general water ingress. I left it out in the rain at the weekend to try but also drove it so it could be the AC also. Silverstone can't book it in for about a month so thought I'd better have a look myself for now. I'd like to try the AC route first - the door seals look OK but who knows. Does anyone know where I would find this potentially blocked pipe which then lets water in? Naturally now that the car came out of warranty this year this is one of three problems I have: the black plastic panel between the roof and the tailgate has got a crack causing it to sag in the middle with a catastrophic (!) effect on the aerodynamics. Also the gas struts seem to have lost their strength to hold the tailgate when lifting. They are OK when 50% open and above, it's just the first 50%.
  15. Please do let us know how this goes as I would love to switch systems. I'm a fan of the Apple interface and would love to get that into the car. Are Silverstone just upgrading the unit or are you doing anything with the speakers also? I'd love to have a look at it when done (I'm not far from you)
  16. Hi Colin They managed to extract the TPMS without problems. I guess the warning is a worst case scenario. Yours look great.
  17. If radio struggling I often stream via the iPlayer radio app on my phone (for BBC naturally. I'm sure there must be others for the multitude of channels available). Digital radio without the additional cost. This does of course depend on your phone and Bluetooth connection.
  18. I took mine to have the wheels refurbished at Platinum Alloys in Swindon last week. When I arrived there were Mercs and Astons on stilts having theirs done. When I picked it up on Friday, the technician said that he had never seen another one, that he absolutely loved it and hoped I didn't mind that he'd taken pictures of it. He added 'it's a car like this that makes my job worthwhile'.
  19. Here we go, just after a wash to clean off the dust cloud.
  20. Thanks for this. Car booked in next week. Delightful and exceptionally helpful girl who answers the phone.
  21. That's a whole lot closer! Surprised they didn't mention it when I was talking to them in Gillingham when I said where I was! Having said that I just googled it and it seems they have closed
  22. I'm looking to get the standard alloys on my Starlight Black Evora refurbished and, whilst I'm at it, change the colour to anthracite. It would seem Lepsons have a very good reputation. They're not exactly close (I'm in Oxfordshire) but I do want to get it done properly. They have mentioned that they would remove the tyre and soak the wheel in chemical to get back to metal. They mentioned that 9 times out of 10 the TPM valves would snap when taking out so may need replacing. It depends on the age of the car (mine's a 2011) and they couldn't guarantee anything but the odds aren't great anyway. Has anyone had experience of what I'm doing? Any problems? Any suggestions? Any recommendations on the shade and finish? Anyone they can recommend with a similar reputation nearer me? Thanks
  23. Bought my Evora last year in anticipation of my big birthday this year (yesterday). Got presented with my cake which was created by a family friend who does all our friends' and family's cakes. She cleverly adorns them with all things that define the individual so here's the back of mine. Incidentally she always like to add a 'naughty' touch of her own, hence the subtly inserted breast on the top!
  24. Just out in the car (black) on the hottest day of the year so far when all of a sudden, when parking, I heard a loud 'pop' from the rear and what I thought initially was steam pouring out of the engine compartment. Temperature gauge remained normal and I switched off all aircon etc to get home just in case. Speaking to a knowledgeable friend he thought it was likely to be the airconditioning system releasing the pressure and may have caused some damage. Certainly there is no longer cold air coming from the vents although I tucked it away in the garage to cool down yesterday and haven't tried it since. Anyone else ever experienced this?
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