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  1. I have certainly used a cheap 110 Yellow box that was wound as an auto transformer so non isolating not sure if that is common or not?
  2. I have found alternative parts for the regulator and brushes for an 1990 SE Alternator (after not being able to find a new alternator) details in picture attached. Regulator VR-VW002 Brushes Cargo SVX72
  3. Got cold emailed an "asset list" from a recruitment agent (never liked referring to people as assets) I could not believe the salaries. They are not that dissimilar to the salaries being offered back in the late 90's probably 10-20% more, is that right? So glad I got out when I did. From the short form they look like highly skilled and qualified people.
  4. I would not be surprised if he is not president in 1 years time possibly by the visit. Each dictate i mean executive order brings the end nearer. Initially I thought he had mellowed once he won but the last few days have shown not. Wonder what the odds are on impeachment or being murdered? I really don't like the way he preaches hate it is one thing putting you country first another doing what he is doing. Very interesting times we live.
  5. Finally watched it, a must see for any Red SE owners, not quite as bad as I had been lead to believe, only been on the look out for it since 2008! It is available for download online at the moment. If your interested google "if looks could kill" not nice but not easily available any other way that I could find that was not region 1 only or video tape.
  6. Positive result then, I must say i have had very few successful results trying to fight petty bureaucrats. I just view it as a cost of car owner ship, property ownership etc an additional hidden tax. usually the work involved leads to a pyrrhic victory.
  7. Deuteronomy is old testament Christianity was and is allowed to progress and update far more than Islam. Islam is a religion of conquest. Most Muslims are decent people so concentrate on the better parts of the religion but culturally there is a massive difference with current post Christianity based countries. How should we deal with hard line Muslims who want to stop our tolerant liberal way of life?
  8. Surely anyone who kills in the name of their imaginary friend has mental health problems. I suspect terrorist acts are going to be reclassified as loan attackers with mental health problems, soon they won't even report them, EU directive for misinformation.... for your own safety...
  9. lotusesprit1


  10. That is quite scary, why do I think many Guardian readers will just ignore it do you know the original source?
  11. I Just do not see a world of high import tariffs any more. We would just by more Japanese, American, British assembled cars veg and fruit would come from outside Europe, our banking industry might take a hit but I suspect they will find a way around it. so what if I have to pay a little more if I choose to buy a new German car they are not that good anymore anyway.....
  12. where to get the news from RT seems more impartial than the BBC! The BBC are really annoying me recently they are talking us into a recession and there contempt for the democratic result pains me. Is there an easily available source of up to date impartial news?
  13. R413A works well if you can get it I have tried it on other ex R12 systems
  14. Does any one have any experience of the none genuine SD508 pattern type air conditioning compressors I am being offered. Are they worth fitting?My compressor rattles at high RPM I will try topping up and adding a bit more oil but I suspect its time to spend some money to get the system working properly, as the compressor had difficulty getting a good pressure last time it was tested. I suspect its been topped up with the wrong gas and no oil so may have a brown black mush inside. thanks
  15. I can not help but think the budget was an attempt to get small business to not feel so bad about the rise in minimum wage, forced company pensions etc etc oh and to make small business owners more likely to vote to stay in the EU Today one of my customers told me about someone who has been assessed as terminally ill and disabled for over 39 years.........apparently genuine but only reassessed last year. It is very difficult to test who is genuinely in need and who is faking. I was thinking about this and how can you tell the difference between say for example someone who has so little self control they eat until they can not walk vrs someone who has a difficult to diagnose genuine thyroid disorder that causes rapid weight gain. and came to the conclusion you have to hope the former are a small percentage of the group you help. There is a bigger problem is getting rid of the sense of entitlement to benefits that has been encouraged over the last few decades. How do you get people to see taxpayer help as a last resort safety net? But we really must stop our leaders starting and getting involved in unjustified regime change wars
  16. Marc, I feel for you I had to evict some tenants before Christmas totally ruined the house it took me 2 months to refurbish it. The bailiff said I had got off lightly compared to some evictions he has done. The law is totally biased to the tenants, apparently all landlords are evil. The rent was about 20 % below current market rent and the council were paying them around 2-3k per month at one point more than enough to cover the rent of £875. When i found out they were on HB I asked the council why they did not pay landlords directly and they said to give them independence. (also if it turns out they lied in HB application and the council pays the landlord directly the landlord has to pay the council back or gets done for HB fraud) According to the neighbor at one point they were claiming HB and had another family living there along with 2 large dogs all supposedly to be paid for by tax payers. The benefit system rewards irresponsible behavior and that is wrong. It need to return to a safety net not a life choice.
  17. Andy yes I saw the smoke too, a proper bodge job I am surprised they did not put oil thickener (stop smoke) and turmeric powder in the cooling system! Arthur Daily style.
  18. They did a proper patch it up to flog it restoration I am not surprised it did not last. Hopefully someone will save it and not part it out, I think the interior is repairable if you have the skills and spend the time. (I have fixed worse) If had more time I would do it.
  19. Kieran, Is it the seller or the agent doing the the ransom negotiation? or do you deal direct in Scotland? I once shared an office with the person I was buying a property from. The estate agent came out with all sorts of rubbish that was just not true. As we were quite open with each other about the negotiations. (which went via the agent and across the office) Agents act in their own best interests not that of the buyer or seller. with a bit of luck they might phone you up and accept your last offer....
  20. Chris, mine had a tendency to break away in both the dry and the wet as you describe. good tires help and also I found a couple of dodgy one way valves in the vacuum lines which caused limited uneven power as the revs increased then full power all of a sudden which caused the back end to break. with new one way valves the power delivery became more progressive I still a bit nervous of using a lot of power in the wet though.(especially in the esprit)
  21. His music had depth and withstands multiple listening, I must say i liked his work more the older I got. Disliked it when I was a teenager. Very artistic cool guy. RIP
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