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  1. You may find your motors and mechanism just need a strip clean and oil, I would probably go for a rebuild kit. Be sure to unplug the motors as it is easy to kill the control module if you operate the motors without first disconnecting the motor cables.
  2. Have you noticed the smile Corbyn has when he lets his communist roots show? example on the Andrew Marr show when he said something like well its about time we redistribute the wealth, another time something along the lines of giving / taking the rich peoples houses to the poor. He has no respect of property rights. Sadly I think he or someone similar will be voted in by generation rent. Things are wrong in our country but Corbyn and Momentum are definitely not the solution and neither are the Tory's the way they are carrying on at the moment. I just wish there was a competent political party out there, I never had much confidence in May and once I read her manifesto I realized who really was running the Tory party/ May and her team.
  3. don't Don't be sure on that pretty sure a someone is thinking of a way, something along the lines of selling all the palaces and buildings to a private company for £1 after claiming they are too expensive to maintain that is then floated on the stock market or sold to the Chinese the queen can can claim benefits to pay the rent although she will be clobbered by the spare rooms tax.
  4. Been driving around with kumho's for a few years on my se good tyres
  5. Did i hear correctly 1000,000,000 gbp for 10 seats /votes! bargain I think the DUP know more about negotiations than I thought?
  6. So I have now joined broken tail gate release cable club, luckily the boot clicked open at the same time as the crimped end came off the cable! Has anyone worked out a really simple fail safe just wondering if anyone had improved on the above suggestions. I was very lucky this time. I wondering if door central locking solenoids would be strong enough could even have an external power point under the car just for them. My Elan Plus 2 fail safe was to reach under the wheel arch and pull the whole cable assembly
  7. May and her team's manifesto was atrocious Hubirs set in early with that one. fox hunting etc....... Anyone know anything about the current DUP I am a bit out of date with NI political parties?
  8. Looks like a cross between: BAU5345 and a 13H7779 SQB168 (see ebay for pictures) Mini ones so maybe a customized version for Lotus. It is only the auto cancel that is broken on mine what I really want is an upgraded switch feel and auto cancel that works both ways. Has anyone found an upgrade that fits under the original column cover?
  9. Did anyone find out if the mini part can be made to fit? as £100 for a bent mini indicator seems a tad expensive
  10. Yes, looking forward to it. I should be there subject to the esprit being healthy! It's been reliable for 4 years but the last month not so good but at least it's now only 2 shades of midlife crisis red instead of 50 and handling a lot better with its new 4x4 ride height.
  11. sell paint for plastic and used to offer a colour match service
  12. Jacques MOSFET's do not really wear out just get damaged if you over voltage/ current them so no need to replace as a service component. The ones in my unit are BUZ10S2 These are rated at 60Vds Id 23A Tds 0.07Ohms and come in a TO220 package with pin out GDS viewing from top down with tab at top. Data sheet is available here As mentioned I have stock of equivalents so can probably help if anyone gets stuck. I could not find an equivalent to the main control IC so let hope they never go wrong. As a preventive I would just keep all the electrical connections clean and sealed and the mechanism lubricated. I probably only use my lights 3 4 times a year and for the MOT so they should out live the rest of the car. Make sure you disconnect the battery before unplugging fuses etc as that is what generated a surge and killed one of my MOSFET's the unit has a permanent live feed.
  13. The pictures in the link you gave are good so I did not take any. All I did was change the one n type power MOSFET that was internally shorting and replace the fuse link. I also added a little aluminum heat sink, that was probably overkill as the fault was probably caused by me generating a voltage spike when connecting and disconnecting the fuses while powered. oddly the fuse link appears to be made of lead solder I could melt the old one with the soldering iron. I replaced it with a piece of fuse wire.
  14. Ok, I have managed to repair the controller, luckily the GM custom IC was ok. If anyone is stuck with the same problem I should be able to fix it.
  15. Thanks I found some equivalents and will try and fix the unit when they arrive hopefully tomorrow. looks like the main IC is a GM only part so hopefully just the MOSFETS are dead.
  16. Sadly my battery is now flat and the head lamp motors are hot and the car smells of burnt electronics:) Removing the control module and opening it I can see a burnt out PCB expensive drain hole. I must have killed the MOSFETS when I disconnected the motor Fuses.
  17. I have Protech shocks currently fitted to mine, the springs SJ sells now are better than the earlier ones. they fit and work well but take a bit of time to set up so the car handles as they have a wide amount of adjustment in both height and damping and some settings make the car terrible to drive but once you find the correct damping and set the ride height to standard they offer a cost effective solution.
  18. I discovered my head lamps drains were blocked so disconnected one motor lifted the pod and cleaned the drain hole. I messed about a bit taking fuses out before I worked out how to do it. both head lamps go up almost at the same time and stop nicely when I turn them off both go down nicely but the LHS motor continues to run for a little while making a stalled motor grind before stopping. I have tried setting the freeplay the same on each motor by manually controlling the motors. I have 2 wire motors fitted to a 1990 SE Esprit I am wondering if I have got the motors 180 degrees out of sync or something is there an internal stop switch? I am at a loss as running the motor stalled against its stop is eventually going to burn the motor out.
  19. Nice Job Travis, that should keep it stable! The original design is fundamentally poor thin to thick ply wood with veneer coated in too thick clear coat will always crack according to my cabinet maker friend, especially in a climate like the UK. Always garaged cars might be OK. My clear coat was particularly thick and the inside not sealed at all.
  20. Black or the carbon look much better than the elm. Travis did you stick the Carbon on to the old backing or make up new backings?
  21. When I first bought the SE the wooden dash trims were falling apart I could not find a new one and thought the light wood looked out of place very Allegro Vanden plas. So I took it out glued it back together and wrapped it in black vinyl as a temporary measure. The substrate re gluing and filling seems to have worked so I have a good base. I am deciding whether to redo it properly in a dark wood something like rosewood or Spray it black as the wrapping does not look good in certain parts . I don't want to do something that will devalue or make the car difficult to sell if I do something silly like buy an Esprit with 4 extra cylinders. Does anyone know what the standard SE options were from lotus for the dash trim around the dials? did they offer black or dark wood or was only light Elm? Do you think it matters as long as its done nicely?
  22. Why does May remind me of Frances Underwood in House of Cards? Every time I see May I am waiting for her to turn to the side and say something sinister. She strikes me as being very good at politics time will tell if that means she is a competent and good politician for the country.
  23. Thanks interesting findings Peter, the speed sensor seems to have quite an effect mine finally packed up leading to an engine light on and lots of popping an banging from the exhaust. I fitted a new sensor and its like a different car more reliable boost smoother faster return to idle and no popping and banging from the exhaust the car does have a S4s base coded chip not sure if this is just a map or does other stuff..
  24. Curious why this was not reported on the BBC news, 3 riots on 3 consecutive nights in Paris. Not news worthy? I know the BBC is biased, but not report this?
  25. Should be able to make it it as long as the car is back together! will be the first day on the road this year.
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