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  2. Goodwood was great, suits the Evora, let's it stretch its legs and demonstrate its balance through medium and fast bends. That brand new S was indicating 140 at the end of the Lavant straight, before piling on the anchors. But Fordwater is the 'test of nerve' for me. Fast right hand kink with nothing but an earth bank on the outside. Age, discretion and lack of talent mean I always have a subconscious lift before aiming for the apex. Martin Donnelly just took it flat at 120, whilst chatting to me like it was a Sunday afternoon drive. Respect!
  3. Recently put on a set of Dunlop Maxx RT boots, but held off posting until I had experienced them on track. Cost, good (470 all inc), tick Road manners, good (compliant and quiet), tick Efficiency, (slightly better fuel economy), tick Track performance (squirmy and howly), cross. 8 seconds, yep 8 seconds, slower round Goodwood than a two year old set of Pirelli's on their last legs. Lesson learnt, stick to Manufacturers recommendations !
  4. Back at Goodwood today, for a real test of the Aircon ! No brake judder since having my rear discs skimmed so an enjoyable day. Especially so since I had a chance to drive a brand new Evora S. Being encouraged to get the most out of it by the legend that is Martin Donnelly. Wow, Lotus have done a fabulous job of developing the car, it felt so different to my 2010 NA.
  5. Love the colour matched shades. A picture of:- Lightweight High Performance Grippy Expensive . . . . . I'll stop there !
  6. Add me to the list of owners with skimmed (rear) discs, just driven back from Chequers Lane garage myself in a much smoother fashion than driving there. Slow speed, light brake pressure "wobbliness" has been eradicated. Before After
  7. Items 20 and 20a in the diagram below, took some abuse last week (and previously on raised speed bumps). They do their job well in protecting the underside of the car, but I would like to replace them for new, unabused units. Strange comment in the diagram, and no price available. Anyone know why?
  8. m1lum

    Evora NA MPG

    Last week, 1265 miles of relaxed motorway cruising up to Scotland. Gentle touring about, plus some spirited 'lets see what this car is all about' driving and a bit less relaxed, press on, return back to flooded Berkshire. 1265 miles, 168 Litres of normal unleaded = 34MPG. I would be surprised if any other car can deliver that many MPG and so many SPG ! (Smiles per Gallon)
  9. Even the 2+2 handles two cabin wheely bags perfectly
  10. Found a famous film set location.
  11. Well, if all I did for the rest of my life was drive my Evora from Glencoe to Crianlarich, I would die a happy, happy man. Effortless overtaking, faultless ride, tremendously sure footed. You know you are on it when bikers wave you past ! Conversely, the B road from Lockerbie to Langholm, has to be the worst road surface this side of the sea of tranquility. Potholes galore, constant camber changes, limited visibility, just awful.
  12. Loving my Evora to bits this week, "Touring" around Glencoe and the western highlands. Just discovered an incredible design feature. The grill at the back of the engine cover, dries wet socks in about 20 minutes !
  13. m1lum

    4 year service

    I rely on, and trust, Steve Williams in Maidenhead (He races Evora's). My 4 year service, plus MOT, plus resealing flapping front Clam was less than £500. Witty banter is thrown in for free too.
  14. m1lum

    Evora NA MPG

    I have seen 40+ mpg on a run. Here are the stats over 6414 miles of ownership. 29 fill ups, Max MPG 33.99 - Avg MPG 26.30 - Min MPG 6.84 (Castle Combe Track day) Most I managed to squeeze into the tank = 47.5 litres , so there must be a big reserve after you are approaching empty, spec says capacity is 60. Thumbs up to Accufuel, neat little iPhone app for recording this stuff.
  15. Possibly. I had a normal mag mount antenna fitted horizontally today in that location, and the reception is Sooooo much better than the windscreen stick on thingy that came with the head unit. Makes no sense to me, but it definitely works..
  16. I think these two pictures show just how good it is. Minimal roll and attitude change. Braking with right hand lock on, to acceleration with left hand lock on.
  17. Do Ross. Club Lotus event with a real selection, from Elans (originals), Esprit's, Elise's and Evora's..
  18. Yep 3 or 4 times. Pretty sure I haven't been anywhere near its limits yet. On road tyres it is 4 or 5 seconds quicker than my Elise on Track tyres. And the best bit is, another day at Goodwood tomorrow. Woohoo.
  19. Just driving out of London on the M4, being very good, Cruise Control set to 70 (Honest!) And then the front bonnet panel suddenly starts lifting away, followed swiftly by the access panel popping open. Slowed down and crept to Heston services where I discovered this (Sorry, poor phone pictures) I cannot see any mechanical fixing for the front flap, apart from bonding material (Make that non-bonding material) A roll of insulating tape is my Get Home fix Does anyone know if that is the case? (Glue only) and what should I use to reseal this?
  20. That looks the business Ross, well done.
  21. Nice full page ad, in the Austin Grand Prix programme.
  22. Takes all sorts, I guess. Siri and Waze would be my first two answers. The others would be more incriminating. But no officer, I do not read my emails whilst driving.
  23. This is where I got mine done It is a custom fabricated (bent and cut!) bracket which is attached to the side of the double head unit and allows any actual Brodit mount to be attached to it I would think most installers would have the nous and wherewithal to conjur up what you want in terms of phone location etc.
  24. Russell I made no other changes. The standard speakers are fine (for me!) and I believe the replacement HU gave me an appreciable improvement in audio quality. By the way, the reverse camera cable just plugged straight in, so I still have that functionality too.
  25. The stripes were on it when I purchased it, so I can't help you. Sorry
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