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  1. Chapter Two At Goodwood yesterday, due to noise issues, I was limited to 4500 rpm, which meant the lap was effectively run in 4th gear, apart from the Lavant hairpin and the finish straight chicane. Despite that, an almost identical lap time to a full on Elise effort (last year). This demonstrates, to me at least, the huge advantage of the Evora. Effortless performance.
  2. Ice hockey puck sitting in the trolley jack cup makes sure you don't mark the underside of the car
  3. I did about 65 - 70 laps, of which 15-20 were in wet conditions. I would say tyre wear was negligible. Certainly no shoulder or tyre wall damage, but I wasn't pushing too hard. May give you more info on that after Goodwood. Here is the Evora footage only. (GoPro stuck to dash)
  4. Agree, you do lose some of the spacial experience, but its a real bonus when the rain is hammering down.!
  5. More fun?, good question ! The Elise is a third of the value, so I think I took more risks with it. But aurally, the Evora just puts a smile on your face. It was great to continue accelerating way past where the Elise ran out of puff and I think with a bit more track time I'll be pushing the Evora just as much and may even press the traction control button ! Goodwood next saturday, so looking forward to that.
  6. So, just back from my first track day in the Evora, and can provide an element of comparison to last year (similar conditions) when I had an S2 111S Elise. The Elise was on R888 track rubber, had Nitron suspension and uprated brakes. The Evora is standard and on road tyres. Took a bit of getting used to, the Evora moves around a bit more, probably because of the tyres, but was so stable, especially in the wet sessions.
  7. Been there, done that! Very easy to get metal to metal contact when removing those footwell light units. I put a little insulating tape over the back of the light before I re-inserted it into the slot. Having fitted LED's I probably will never have to remove them again anyway, but better safe than sorry.
  8. Seconded ! I learnt a lot this morning.
  9. I can be there early, 9:15ish I would expect Looking forward to it
  10. Correct, no inbuilt SatNav. I have always struggled with the concept of paying a couple of hundred quid extra, for functionality you carry around in your pocket already. (Pioneer do have an add on unit if you wish). I use SatNav, maybe 10% of the time to actually find somewhere new. I use the Waze app all the time to keep me updated with the fastest way to get to places I already know how to get to! The installers did not strip out the other modules, so I am carrying around some redundant weight, but so be it, probably more trouble than it was worth to correctly identify and remove all the pieces. The only quirk they had to overcome was a second wire to the handbrake interlock which tried to blank the screen all the time, but they found it, and fixed it. Internet radio? Just downloaded an App called Livio Radio, that is part of the Pioneer AppRadio suite, so it will pass across to the big screen and I can change channel with a touch button. Will report back after using it.
  11. Chaps, everything is relative I guess. Someone has just bid £200 for the Alpine on eBay! The dealer who supplied the Pioneer fitted it. (Local company in Bracknell, Berkshire). About £100 on top of the retail price for the head unit, but that did include the correct iPhone cable and a DAB antenna. They also custom made the bracket for the Brodit included in that overall cost. I didn't upgrade any of the speakers, but the sound is much punchier from the Pioneer. All I do need to do now is improve the reception (both FM and DAB), the windscreen stick on solution doesn't really cut it.
  12. The Alpine is gone ! This weekend I had this Pioneer fitted, primarily for the "App mode" which integrates really well with my iPhone, which I wanted for the Navigation features in the app called Waze. Apart from a modern UI, this head unit has all the features of that replaced, as well as DAB. Parrot Bluetooth is way better too.
  13. Thanks to this thread, found the plunger switch, wiggled it about and the light came on. Replaced the bulb with a supabright led festoon bulb while I was at it. Sorted.
  14. Cheers Brendan, I will be having a look at mine this weekend, as soon as I get back from Moscow, fingers crossed for a similarly simple solution.
  15. Hmmm, mine doesn't work either, and it isn't the bulb. According to the wiring diagram, that particular circuit isn't fused separately either (!) but there is a glove box switch, that isn't immediately evident when looking at the car. fyi, the glove box lamp does require the key to be inserted to be operative.
  16. 3. M1LUM, NA with Chavvy exhaust, std intake
  17. Have a look at this thread I had this done a month ago and whilst it hasn't turned the heater into a furnace, it has improved the heater to the point where you can turn it down from maximum to be comfortable.
  18. Real shame the weather closed in on Friday afternoon. Would be great to do this soon. With 3 or 4 weeks notice I can make myself available most Saturdays. Why not plump for a date in March?
  19. Prudence has had her say now. More snow and -6 overnight to freeze it solid, so, regrettably, I will not be braving it tomorrow. Really hope something can be re-arranged in the future and apologies to those who have put so much into arranging this opportunity.
  20. I am keen, and would hate to miss this chance, but getting home has not been easy, with more snow forecast overnight. Prudence would suggest it's best to postpone.
  21. I'll be there early ish, after dropping off the boss at Lakeside, round the corner.
  22. Anyone with a non Premium pack car looked into the possibility of adding Accent lighting? Is it just the mood lighting units, or replacement door cards too?
  23. Yes, I had my passenger side airbag cover replaced, no questions asked, by Lancasters in Amersham (Great service by the way). It had started to curl up at the front corners.
  24. "Antenna update"? What's this, tell us more. My Satnav works out where it is about once every 20 minutes.
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