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  1. Looking good. I like the contrasting air vent surrounds. Thumbs up from me for the Pioneer AppRadio solution (3500DAB).
  2. Sunny day in October at Goodwood
  3. Looks like what a few of us have been wishing for ! Could you possibly upload a bigger or better resolution photo please
  4. I fitted a Pioneer 3500DAB back in March and that has great video compatibility with my iPhone, I know Pioneer have released a lightning cable and firmware update for the iPhone 5. However, it doesn't have built in SatNav, I use Waze on the iPhone, who's display is pushed through to the Pioneer. One word of advice though, the stick on Windscreen DAB antenna was next to useless, you'll need to think about a better aerial solution. Congratulations on the car, you will grow to love it even more.
  5. Custom paint job on my Spark
  6. Well, diagnostics didn't help solve the mystery of the blown fuse :-( Car is booked in a week or so's time for some deep investigative work to check solenoid resistances etc. My guess is some rare combination of all 4 engine solenoids being driven at the same time is blowing it. In the meantime, I decided to turn the event from being a difficult, frustrating inaccesible 40 minute fuse swap into a two minute breeze. So, here is the challenge, just behind the passenger side seatbelt mounting is the rear fuse box If only you could get your head inside the access cover, all would be simple! Anyway, I put in this fuse holder extender, secured by velcro So now, as soon as the cover is off, the fuse is instantly accesible Last job, quick release turnbuckle on the access panel Why I am doing this on £30K+ car I am not so sure, but I think it is what sets a Lotus owner apart from a Porsche owner, and anyway, what are Bank Holiday mondays for?
  7. m1lum

    Red Evora

    Didn't look so stunning an hour later, with my ham fists trying to change a tricky fuse !
  8. Arrrrrggghhhhh, happened again this afternoon on my way back from Exeter. Just stopped for a coffee, pulled out of car park, around roundabout, accelerated away onto dual carriageway and 'déjà vu'. Spanner light, flashing MIL light, lumpy, coughing, no power. Pulled into a lay by and contorted myself to see Fuse R8, with its tell tale LED glowing. Easier said than done to change it, but as soon as I did, the car was happy to idle again, and apart from the spanner light staying on momentarily after a restart, it ran home up the A303 as if nothing had happened. So, R8 "Engine Solenoids". What could that be that has now blown two fuses within a couple of thousand miles?
  9. Just two from me:- • White LED's in the instrument binnacle • First 5 gears from the CR gearbox plus 6th from the nonCR box
  10. Well, apologies if I am late to the party on this one, but I have just discovered these fancy new fuses that have a tell-tale led on them that shows when the fuse has blown. What an ingenious, yet simple, idea. Thinking of replacing all my fuses with these now so looking for an alternative to paying £3+ for a pair in Halfords.
  11. My personal view on this is that there should be a topic for "Roadside Diagnostics and Resolutions", something to help when the rare unexpected and unfortunate event occurs. Either as an aide to the more proficient driver/owner or as a starter for the local garage/recovery truck driver who has never seen an Evora before. (Been there, done that!) For the more 'known issues' type stuff, I think we all have enough time to browse through the already well indexed forums. If I had known then, what I know now, I could have been on my way again in 20 minutes, without any earache from the good lady or a serious dent in my wallet.
  12. Well, my little saga has come to a conclusion, and nothing to do with grubby throttle bodies!
  13. About a month ago I sought some support for a breakdown situation whilst touring in France ( Well, today, at last, I got the car back. The intervening month was taken up with waiting for a repatriation of the car by the recovery insurance (ARIA, who have been overall, very good) and the fact that the Lotus tech at Hedge End was on holiday when the car did get delivered to them. After 8 hours of diagnostic time and several calls to Lotus tech support the culprit was found. Fuse R8, "Engine Solenoids" Guess who is now carrying a spare 7.5 amp fuse with him everywhere. Why the fuse blew will remain a mystery, because in attempting to get the car back on the road, the ECU reflash cleared all memory of fault codes caused before and during the malfunction. Lotus Hedge End have been very generous to me in what they charged for that technician time, and the car was spotlessly clean, inside and out when I collected it earlier. Thanks Chris and team!
  14. I'll let you know the final official diagnosis when the car gets delivered to Lotus Hedge End in a week or so. Ps Renault Clio Diesels are incredibly frugal, but no fun at all !
  15. Thanks guys. Well the ECU reflash doesn't appear to have done anything ( but thanks for posting that Squidward) In true Gallic style, maybe it eez this, maybe it eez that. Anyway, the Evora is going to have an extended holiday in France waiting for re-patriation by Europe Assistance. I'm now waiting for a hire car to be delivered ( who knows when!) C'est la vie.
  16. Thanks Bibs. Just found the ECU reflash procedure elsewhere, will work on translating that into French by the morning. Fingers crossed.
  17. Just happened with me too, but more terminally, as in complete engine loss. Will turn over on the key and catch, but anything less than 3000 rpm and it just dies. Engine light on constantly, spanner light did come on initially. Car loaded on flat bed and taken off to local garage for more diagnostics in the morning. Middle of Brittany, so not sure what my options are yet. Thank goodness I took out that recovery insurance.
  18. Having a lot of fun on the wide open roads of Brittany this week.
  19. Well, I am now back to Standard Exhaust with decat pipe, and enjoying the new found, near silent experience, with a hint of rasp above 4000 rpm. For your amusement, here is the homemade monstrosity that was my "chavvy" installation, compared to the replacement box.
  20. Cheers Dale, I think I have an option on another, and will know next week. I'll let you know. Really torn on which way to go but my current stage 3 (track only) exhaust is too full on. Passed the MOT though.
  21. So, anyone (in the UK) have a std NA exhaust gathering dust at the back of their garage after upgrading? I may be interested in retrofitting back to standard, if the price was right.
  22. No Tom, I was measured at 103db static and was only let through if I promised the 4500 limit. Unfortunately, enthusiasm got the better of me and I took St Mary's in 3rd and I was pulled straight in with the black flag. Weird thing is it was measured at 94db last week at Combe. Anyway, I know how careful they have to be at Goodwood so no complaints from me.
  23. Chapter Two At Goodwood yesterday, due to noise issues, I was limited to 4500 rpm, which meant the lap was effectively run in 4th gear, apart from the Lavant hairpin and the finish straight chicane. Despite that, an almost identical lap time to a full on Elise effort (last year). This demonstrates, to me at least, the huge advantage of the Evora. Effortless performance.
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