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  1. mt01 i do believe nice .. i am 41 myself trevor and i intend riding sports bikes for another 10 years at least health permitting , but i understand your point . 1975cg125 my first ever bike , franco morini 50cc scrambler which i put the cg engine in untill it ripped the rear wheel hub apart lol..1978ty 175,montessa 250 cota ,1980 cb100 my first bike on the road snapped the conrod on it.1979dt175 .ts 125 x2 ,1988 fantic 243 ,1988cr250 ,fantic 1992 k roo 250, 1990 beta zero 260 , 1984 tlr 250 ,1998 beta techno250 ,aprillia climber 280 , gasgas pampera 250 ,2003 gasgas 200 ,gasgas360, another 2005 gasgas200 my first ever new bike , 2002 fireblade 929 written off after 3 weeks gutted ,2006 gasgas 250 my second ever new bike still got it . 2003 gsx-r 750,1985 fantic 240 , 2005 cbr 1000rr still got it , 2008 rm 250 still got it .and about to buy a xr 80 to do up and sell . i am certain i have missed out alot more but can't think of them at this time . must say my favourite bike ever was my ty 175 , my first ever trials bike loved that bike to bits but swapped it for the cb100 so i could get to work .
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  3. i am a little surprised that more of you are not sports bike riders considering you like a performance car . the power and speed of a 1000cc sports bike is incredible . but today my mates went out for a blast and i said no i am going out in the car and i loved it , i met them later in the day and i gave them a hell of a good run for their money in the elise their only advantage was on the straights i was killing them in the bends and braking for bends . i knew my fireblade would hate the elise haha...i must say what an amazing car for handling and performance and mine is only 120bhp and i can't top grinning while i drive it ..
  4. haha my old man had a few ambassadors and princesses the flying wedge .
  5. just wondering how many here ride bikes ? and what do you ride ? since i have bought my elise i think my fireblade is not gonna be happy . i ride a 05 repsol fireblade, 08 rm 250 and a 06 gasgas trials .
  6. has anyone used any soundproofing on their elise/exige ? did it work well ? since i have bought my elise it's the basic version not the touring , i have found that at 80mph it is loud and i have to turn my music up very loud to hear it . i do love the sound of the car accelerating but i also like my music as well .what products work best ? i plan on doing from under the seats to up to the back window . there are loads of products on e bay all claiming to be the best but which is the best ?
  7. hello and welcome , i am a newbie myself and the guys here are great ..
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  9. thanks buddsy this is my first 1 and it will not be my last . i have allways loved the espirit as well ..
  10. hello gents i have noticed decat pipes for sale on e bay for the s1 but not for the s2 . can anyone tell me why that is please. and also does it make much difference ? thanks ...
  11. thanks for that i will try it now . yes we have some great roads here , and i know most of the good ones from riding my fireblade on them ..great car to drive and like you said can't stop grinning
  12. yes i got a couple i will try and upload them now . thanks bibs . how do i upload a pic ? keeps saying file too large ? and i am no computer whizz kid i need to compress it perhaps ??
  13. i finally bought myself an 05 elise and i have to be honest i am totally head over heels in love it lol...what a car ,WHAT A CAR .best thing i ever did ..
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