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  1. nope, no more grounding in fact, the space between the front wheels and the front wheel arches is more than 1 inch than it was before i changed the springs!
  2. Well, I've just managed to change both front and rear coil springs and the 'spongy ride' is now cured! Thanks! The car now just needs wheel balancing and wheel alignment and all will be perfect (hopefully!) :-)
  3. Thanks guys! You're really supportive! As I said, I'm new to Lotus, having been a Porsche owner for well over 20 years. I still love these cars but these past few years I became disappointed with how the company is proceeding. So instead of buying a Boxster or something similar, I was on the look out for something more interesting and last year I found this nice, original example of the Turbo Esprit which was, unfortunately, neglected for some years. After pouring in fresh fuel and changing the spark plugs, the engine fired after a couple of cranks. A test drive revealed that it was in
  4. The car is standard all round. The springs are the original items while the dampers are new but non adjustable at the rear and adjustable at the front. At the front, the Protech dampers have been adjusted to their hardest position but the problem remains the same. It's a very strange feeling I never experienced in any other car. It feels as if the whole suspension system is made of rubber. I'm new to Lotus, having bought my Esprit a year ago with dead dampers. When I press the car from the corners or try to gently lift it up from the wheel arches, the shocks feel firm and the car doesn't
  5. I have just changed the front and rear shocks on my '83 Turbo Esprit. I bought the shocks from SJ, normal dampers at the rear and adjustable at the front. I set the front shocks between their softest and hardest position, however, the ride feels sort of spongy. Even when braking at parking speeds, the car continues rocking fore and aft as if it's made of rubber. And driving on normal roads feels really horrible, with the car bouncing. So I set the front shocks to their hardest position, but still this made no difference in this area. Any ideas? Just for the record, I fitted the two rubb
  6. lol! I've just bought my first Lotus, an '83 Esprit Turbo and saw this dirty bag at the back. Was going to throw it away as I thought it was something the previous owner forgot in the car. Will give it a good clean and put it back in!
  7. Hi, I've just bought my first lotus - an Esprit Turbo from 1983. The radiator fans are not working and the seller told me that he removed the faulty fan relay to replace it but lost it! He said that the new relay should fit in the front luggage compartment, near the windscreen water bottle. In fact, there is a plug which is missing a relay. This has a rectangular shape with round-type pins. Is this really for the radiator fan relay and if yes, can anyone tell me the part number or from where I can buy this? Thanks!
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