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  1. GT Andy

    GT Andy

  2. My e mail address has changed since joining the forum some years ago, how do I update it to the new one? Andy
  3. I sold the esprit and have just acquired a Europa s 224hp. It has two problems I would like to sort out. The first is when I dip the clutch the engine revs up before the rpm drops as it should. Secondly I do experience the "castle grid" effect as talked about in this post, we're is the engine strap? Thanks Andy
  4. For sale on
  5. It is working as it should now. 12volt on exciter wire and the charge light and oil light go out as normal. I think I will fit two new more substantial battery lead clamps.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I have been out today. Had a look this morning and found the negative battery connection was loose although the nut and bolt was tight. Will try it from cold in the morning.
  7. Hi all I have had the alternator repaired and is now refitted, when I start the car the charge light and oil light still light up. When I start the car the alternator does not charge for about 45 seconds when it starts to charge the dash lights go out. I have changed the relay but still the same. Should the alternator charge straight away? any ideas
  8. Thanks for confirming, I will get it off and pop around to the local repairer
  9. Altenator on my gt3 has failed. I will remove next week, any one purchased a new unit recently or will I need to get the old unit repair.
  10. I need to replace the exhaust on my GT3 when the summer ends. Can any one recommend a good cost affective box with a sensible noise level.
  11. Hi all I have not been to the square for the last few months as it was so popular on my last visit I could not park! The meet is usually on the second Sunday of the month and cars turn up from 8.00am till 1.00pm. If the weathers good I may go for a look around assuming the arrangements have not changed. Andy.
  12. GT Andy

    Shelsley Walsh

    Any one going this week
  13. Is any one local going to this event? I went with my family last year took the esprit and large picnic and had a good day out. I did not go on the track but enjoyed the day looking at the other cars and talking to all the enthusiasts that turned up and it was a good turn out. I would encourage any car enthusiasts to turn up and join in even if you do not owen a Lotus the range of Lotus cars on show will be interesting and the owners enjoy talking about their cars. You can only take lotus cars on the track but spectators are free to enter.
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