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  1. Bedankt Jean! Should be easy to resolve. Hope to see you soon on the Belgian road.
  2. Hello, The restoration of my Esprit S1 is coming to an end (almost literally ). I installed a Pertronix ignition and a 3 ohm Flamethrower coil. The engine was running nice. But after 5 -10 minutes my pink resistor wire went up in smoke. Is this wire not suited for an electronic ignition? What should I do? Is there a risk that also other wires got damaged? Thanks for your advice, Christof
  3. The diameter of the holes is 7mm. Between the center of the holes is 50mm.
  4. Yes, the throttle cable is in. But I don’t see exactly what this part has to do with it? I have the feeling the serrated edges are there on purpose. I don’t know... Maybe it is not that important. But during this restoration I am always worried of forgetting something essential. These details hold me up all the time… Could it be something of the ventilation mechanism??
  5. My Esprit is almost ready. I have a part left that I have no idea where it is coming from… Can anybody identify this mystery part? I have no clue… Thanks
  6. My Esprit is almost ready. I have a part left that I have no idea where it is coming from… Can anybody identify this mystery part? I have no clue… Thanks J
  7. Thanks! In the past I saw prices up to £1,000 for one mag. L Like I said, I only need the spare wheel. Most probably I will have to adapt the mag, like philleech did. Are there other places you can recommend beside, Ebay?
  8. Thanks William to confirm! Like I said, I am interested in buying any 6Jx14FA-HE30 with 4 bolt holes. (My plan is to drill 4 new holes and weld the old holes shut.)
  9. Hello, Looking for a spare Wolfrace wheel to complete the restoration of my Esprit S1. Can anybody confirm it is a 6Jx14FHA-HE30? Same mag as the front wheels? I understand that the correct 4x100 bolt pattern might be impossible to find. Therefore I would also buy a different bolt pattern that I can adapt. Thanks
  10. This car has the thick washers in the front and the rear. No idea why. I now removed the front ones. That is already one centimeter. Now the rest... Thanks Johan and Giorgio!
  11. My car is a right hand drive. So I guess that makes it European? Although the car has a USA electrical cable loom. Lotus probably just used what they had available... I reused the existing spring. The car was at the correct height before the restoration. I start to wonder if there is nothing wrong with the pivot points of my lower wishbones? Tomorrow I am going to compress the springs and check if these lower wishbones can freely rotate upwards...
  12. 5 inches between tire and wheel arch. Something is wrong, but I don't see it Is it normal to have these thick washers between body and chassis (front and rear) Not that it makes much difference in height...
  13. I am reusing my original springs. To check, I removed the anti-roll bar and dampers. It hardly effected the height. I (90 kg) sat down on the nose of my car and it dropped like 2 inches, but it was still too high. I will post some pictures tonight. Something is clearly wrong, but I dont see it ....
  14. Hello All, Like Paul I a finalizing the restoration of my S1 and the front suspension height is way too high. There is a gab of 12cm between the tires and the wheel arches. Is the car really going to drop that much when I install the windscreen ,interior, bonnet, cooling fluid and petrol?? I can hardly believe it?? I hope I did not mix up front and rear springs?? I am really confused. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks, Christof
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