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  1. hopo

    Should I upgrade to HC?

    My “totally original” dry sump has HC Internals. It’s all that could be found at the time of rebuilding. Meant that when my wastegate stuck it wasn’t total catastrophic meltdown. P.s don’t tell anyone!
  2. In for any additional tickets if they’re going. Ive only just emerged from under a rock and found out this is happening....
  3. hopo

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Really really sorry to read this. Horrid stuff. The fear we all live with (v8 owners I’m not sure how you sleep at night) don’t sell, feel it’s the knee jerk reaction. Sod the matching numbers, no one really cares. You just need an engine. I’ve no idea on spare costs etc that have been mooted here but can vouch for Gerald at GST. Top guy and will do a proper job, although mike on here has also been partial to the odd rebuild.... best set of luck with whatever route you choose
  4. hopo

    Lotus in the Peak 2018

    Hi Folks, I have signed up for the event and the Matlock Run but not received any email correspondence in relation to times/details etc - are you able to forward? Regards
  5. hopo

    Bumper Repair - Paintwork

    You sir are a rascal! Hi Barry, thats through specialised in Reading. Have a more local quote of £530 too but that also includes the fibreglass repair to the bonnet bracket which has decided to splinter. Will give Option 1 a go
  6. hopo

    Bumper Repair - Paintwork

    Hi Folks, I need to get some bumper damage repaired and my front GRP bumper repainted. anyone have any tips or advice as to whom to take this to? im based W London way. Ive been to see specialised paint in reading whom appear to have a good reputation but £480 to remove front bumper, repair, sand, paint reattach seems pretty strong - plus the old VAT adage. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  7. Might be back soon too........
  8. How have I just stumbled across this thread?!?! looks mega!
  9. hopo

    Hopos Esprit in Norwich?

    It was outside my house in west London 4 hours ago. I bloody hope you didn’t see it!
  10. hopo

    The first UK wet sump Turbo.

    Evora looks nice but compared to the esprit its nothing. Beautiful turbo sir
  11. hopo

    New Esprit S4s owner

    65k seems a decent mileage, more likely to have been used than hidden away. Congrats on the sale Stephen hope it all works out. Bet you’ll be sad to see suchamiconic car go
  12. hopo

    New Esprit S4s owner

    Stephen! What have you done?!?!?!? im supposed to be paying for an extension! IRRC that car was for sale Castle Motors around 2 years or so ago - just over 18k - I rang to late to snag it - obviously priced low then but I still think doubling price in 2 years is pretty strong! Not sure on the naff screen or reverse sensors
  13. hopo

    Evora Sport 410 Reviews & Videos

    anyone bothering with these now the 430's are available?
  14. hopo

    Evora GT430

    Have to say both these cars look tremendous - well done Lotus - I will take mine in original motorsport Green Please - failing that then a nice metallic grey. Some people are not going to like this but the revisions to the car shown on these 430 itinerations goes to highlight what dogs breakfast the front of the 400 is.
  15. hopo

    New Esprit S4s owner

    Damn that's a fine looking duo. You've got this esprit thing licked