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  1. Unfortunately im not available on that date - wedding preparations on that Sunday im afraid - not sure I can swing it!
  2. would be interested in these mate - also still not had the chance to look for that spanner....
  3. this could be my favourite esprit. love it
  4. Yes... this exactly. I want to get into one but I would also need to get out of one as stated 'as painlessly as possible' I know I should have pulled my finger out but had to do other grown up stuff like buy a house. 1 year into that now. next thing is to extend - hang on when am I gonna have some money for a bloody toy!
  5. I've been looking at Evora's recently, always had an eye on them. I originally wanted a later esprit but I'm scared of the v8s and having driven a few S4 variants there wasn't a huge leap over my Turbo. I've done the Elise thing and whilst I loved it long drives became tiresome and it riled me that it was so small inside. Que the Evora, which should tick all the boxes. Unfortunately for me they haven't depreciated enough! which is both a good and a bad thing dependent on weather you have one or not! but as above they appear to be a hard sell, lots hang around on the market for a while. Im currently saving for a wedding in May next year and keep thinking sod it, bang my savings (and some from the money tree) into an Evora, enjoy it then sell it when wedding time comes along but it concerns me that a) this is a big outlay b) selling seems a long drawn out process. But I still keep looking at the market BTW esprit is certainly going nowhere
  6. Whatever it is/was it’s f**ked!
  7. Mark, very sobering to read this. Very sorry for your loss. Certainly adds a dose of perspective to life for many I’m sure.
  8. Don’t you mean ‘was’ a nice car sparkster?!?!
  9. Don’t like black unfortunately, does not suit the car, hides the lines. Makes it look almost anonymous. Plus it’s a bitch to look after
  10. Thanks for the comments guys. Stephen anymore info?
  11. Na it was fine... just have to push the old girl. 80's esprit brakes are not quite up to the level of the exiges and elises that were everywhere. biggest issue I had was ground clearance in a lot of places. Booked on the Baslow medium/moderate I think
  12. I keep mine outdoors. Just put up my Clarke Garage (as above) and this does a good job of keeping it dry and keeping away the weather. easy to build too. I rate em
  13. i'm just going to go for a look ...... this is the same car that didn't make it off the circuit at the Lotus 70th
  14. booked on - lets hope the old girl can hack it this year. had to retire early due to a huge coolant leak, thankfully turned out to be a split hose. some of the roads are stunning but the camber and some of the surfaces can be pretty punishing on an old esprit Great event though and very much looking forward to it
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