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  1. hopo

    Dry sump purchased

    one hell of a find that. looks lovely. LOVE that interior
  2. Think the clutch and slave are working fine, system bled etc. I think this issue is down to crossgate cable adjustment. When the old slave comes off the set up gets disrupted and the new slave where it connects looks to be slightly thinner. Could be all it takes. I can get all gears except 5th and reverse Is spookily easy
  3. So I've replaced the clutch Slave on the car after it ceased working entirely. This was with the Sj's shiny replacement part - not the original. The slave cylinder is a different size so ive had to adjust the fork screw(s) to allow for smooth(ish) operation. The gear change is now pretty notchy and obtrusive and I cant get o/d or 5th as modern people call it. reverse however is easy to get. is this crossgate adjustment? should the crossgate connector that attaches to the top op the slave cylinder be shimmed? the new slave cylinder looks to be slightly thinner where the bolts attach to the bellhousing. Is this causing my issue? Good news is that the car now moves, both backwards and forwards now - just not into 5th! and the gearchange is pretty knarly. 81 Dry Sump turbo BTW
  4. hopo

    Fibreglass Repair

    Looks like a good bet - will give them a holler. Cheers Bibs!
  5. hopo

    Fibreglass Repair

    Fibreglass repair recommendations wanted.... The hinge has broken off the front hatch on my Esprit. Its old and flimsy and has simply given way on the side where the bonnet stay is. the hinge has split the fibreglass and is now totally detached. obviously less than ideal. Anyone know somewhere in the West London area that will be able to fix this? im loath to have a go myself as I want something that is likely to last and I don't really know what im doing with Fibreglass. I'm located in and around Ealing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. hang on let me think about it....... I'll get my coat.....
  7. hopo


    On the off chance anyone know of any parking and entry tickets? would be me and the car - plain & simple - please let me know!
  8. On the off chance anyone know of any parking and entry tickets? would be me and the car - plain & simple - please let me know!
  9. On the off chance anyone know of any parking and entry tickets? would be me and the car - plain & simple - please let me know! supposed to be on a stag but id rather have a mooch at some Loti and then play catch up later - Jeez I must be getting old!
  10. hopo

    Should I upgrade to HC?

    My “totally original” dry sump has HC Internals. It’s all that could be found at the time of rebuilding. Meant that when my wastegate stuck it wasn’t total catastrophic meltdown. P.s don’t tell anyone!
  11. In for any additional tickets if they’re going. Ive only just emerged from under a rock and found out this is happening....
  12. hopo

    Suspected V8 seizure - Oh no

    Really really sorry to read this. Horrid stuff. The fear we all live with (v8 owners I’m not sure how you sleep at night) don’t sell, feel it’s the knee jerk reaction. Sod the matching numbers, no one really cares. You just need an engine. I’ve no idea on spare costs etc that have been mooted here but can vouch for Gerald at GST. Top guy and will do a proper job, although mike on here has also been partial to the odd rebuild.... best set of luck with whatever route you choose
  13. hopo

    Lotus in the Peak 2018

    Hi Folks, I have signed up for the event and the Matlock Run but not received any email correspondence in relation to times/details etc - are you able to forward? Regards
  14. hopo

    Bumper Repair - Paintwork

    You sir are a rascal! Hi Barry, thats through specialised in Reading. Have a more local quote of £530 too but that also includes the fibreglass repair to the bonnet bracket which has decided to splinter. Will give Option 1 a go
  15. hopo

    Bumper Repair - Paintwork

    Hi Folks, I need to get some bumper damage repaired and my front GRP bumper repainted. anyone have any tips or advice as to whom to take this to? im based W London way. Ive been to see specialised paint in reading whom appear to have a good reputation but £480 to remove front bumper, repair, sand, paint reattach seems pretty strong - plus the old VAT adage. Any advice would be greatly appreciated