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  1. Great looking car - as Jonny requested above who did the paintwork?
  2. these tings are like buses.....
  3. John you are such an utter legend - so simple yet I hadn't thought of it!
  4. So Failed MOT today on wonky headlights - very frustrating but could be worse I guess. one was too low and one not aimed at all - im guessing to adjust its a simple case of outer facia cover off and adjust the large screws accordingly? also odly on normal beam the driverside inner headlight is on - on the off side the outer (furthest from the driver) is on - weird - on full beam and flash mode all 4 lights are on. any pointers anyone? Regards, Jon
  5. So who's gona but it then? I can probably get 30k together, still leaves me plenty short!
  6. Ooooo I thought this was the goat green one. It's not. It's actually bloody lovely! Wonder what part exchange I could get? for the elise ?
  7. Whoa Jonny..... s4s's are not approaching £40k statements like that on here are not going to help my negotiating. in realtion to this car I just couldn't get on with the flat green paintwork. Have photos of this car elsewhere and the paint does it no justice. That would be the deal breaker for me. Price wise? Well as Trev will no doubt be along to state: its worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it....
  8. easy Adrian, I will be crossing Weds night, staying in Calais on weds night then drive down to Ypres Thursday am - still unsure if I should take the elise or esprit
  9. I looked at that. Unfortunately not the right timing for me but looked good. Priced around 17 so hefty price hike for trailering it to Chelmsford
  10. From my last discussions it's just had a full engine rebuild with loadsa new bits n bobs. Dunno about the rest though
  11. Pretty certain this was the the sport 350 that was languishing at lakeside after I last had the elise in there.
  12. whats with all this early stuff? I will hopefully be in attendance for 10/11
  13. probably the turbo - might be more fun in the elise but the turbo has that sense of occasion!
  14. Will hopefully be in attendance this year... its a great event
  15. hopo

    Nice S4

    yellow exterior - cream interior? WTF?
  16. Fancy 'just fixing' a leaking heater matrix? like put a plaster over the pipes or something
  17. Hi Folks, I'm loosing coolant - I thought the temp was a bit erratic the other day! anyhows I have now discovered a pool of coolant collecting in the passenger side footwell - the bottom wall of the footwell is also soaked - in coolant.... and there is a tell tale river of the stuff coming from the top of the heater - any tips on how this can be remedied? does anyone have any decent images of the heater and how the pipes should go in? obviously access is wonderfully easy! Any help would be greatly appreciated! regards,
  18. It does look beautiful though - not quite sure 75k beautiful
  19. I actually quite liked the sunroof in mine...... accommodates those extra inches
  20. I'm actually partially tempted....... like properly.... Just not as nice as my old blue one though......
  21. I agree with you - that mantra is certainly true in the Lotus world - not necessarily how the car buying/driving public see it though
  22. it does look very fetching - high miles puts me off though - if I did need to offload it then the miles would put someone else off. I just feel I need to scratch that itch mmmm now what else has four seats and begins with 'E' .......... trots off to the other section......
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