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  1. what are peoples thoughts? I'm tempted - know very little - if nothing about them; Had an S3 esprit - it was unreliable, have a Turbo esprit it was (initially) unreliable, have an S2 Elise its unreliable ... why break a habit?
  2. Just put a set of those on mine - feels sublime, real change, takes a hell of a lot of effort to unstick the rears now. Runs great - until the alternator packed up.
  3. Hi Simon, do you have any images of the car?
  4. But Barrie the S3 doesn't move so quite how you hear "wind noise" is baffling!
  5. Andy, Are you able to provide an image of these seals? sounds like a decent modification
  6. Not sure if the car is still for sale as the advert is still listed but does not show on the main Esprit section of Pistonheads. It does look a lovely car - very nice indeed. In my opinion strong money for the model and mileage though.
  7. like the stipulation that it has no "crap" Tartan
  8. All far too clean; Use it of loose it how to do a screen shot
  9. was that the green one with the Gold centred wheels? looked ok, a few odd tings and bit of paintwork required plus the gold wheels were naff. I asked to see the service history and was shown a total of 5 bills over the course of the vehicles lifetime. I then promptly left.
  10. It's the look and a bit more poke in after. V8 owners will tell you how reliable they are but you undoubtably need deep pockets and there are some horror stories out there. i looked at that car when it was for sale in 2014 at castle, it was beautiful. Perfect spec, right colour, wheels, s4s and alcantara with sport seats. Bob on. There's no way in hell I would pay £34k for that. It sold for 22 odd in 2014 after sitting around for ages. Values have no doubt increased but not to that extent. I'd go to approx 27 for it
  11. I would dearly love one in that spec but the maintenance on a v8 scares me! now that S4s that's for sale looks lovely.... price is laughable though.
  12. great vid. N7 SLV is such a great car, wonder where it is now? I recall it was for sale a few years back. wonder who has it now.
  13. are you sure that's the bond car?
  14. Guys but I have conclusive proof of where the copper car resides. hopefully this clears up any confusion
  15. DRY SUMP TURBO REGISTER Chassis Build date Original Colour Interior Owner Original Wheels Roof stereo? Points Of Interest 0895 07/1980 Essex Blue
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    Does anyone have an S4s or perhaps GT3 that they are looking to shift? or pondering selling? I have ticked the Elise box now and whilst fun there are downsides. I have been toying with the idea of an evora but its quite a jump although could still be a possibility. However really my heart is with an Esprit. Just putting feelers out to see what is around and who may be looking to move one on in the not too distant future. I would dearly love a V8 but I don't have much luck with my cars and I know that I would be the one coping the bullet on the Russian roulette cycle that is V8 ownership.
  18. DRY SUMP TURBO REGISTER Chassis Build date Original Colour Interior Owner Original Wheels Roof stereo? Points Of Interest 0895 07/1980 Essex Blue
  19. looks great. Interesting that it has Essex cam covers
  20. Barrie I disagree. It is a shame that Lotus are selling their heritage I concur with that however what heritage vehicles they do have/have had are left to rot and unloved - didn't SID sit outside in the fields for about 3 years? The Active suspension car looks fantastic and I for one am delighted that Stuart has the balls to purchase it and try to restore it back to former glory - Lotus would never do this! (They are too busy making waste of time special editions of elises.. Ouch) many congrats Stuart the car looks epic and it will be great to see this project deve
  21. I too was told to avoid the Dry Sump cars due to the scarcity of parts. Having had a chunk of piston ring mash through my oil pump and having had to source a replacement I would give anyone else the same advice. I now have a spare one in the shed though! In all seriousness though the rise of technology like 3d printing "should" mean these issues can be overcome. We are all accustomed to certain parts being eye watering on an esprit. - Supply & Demand and all that. p.s I agree with Jonny the Dry sumps are by far the bestest, fastest, most original and of course most
  22. big question is... is it now yours?
  23. That car belongs to a chap called Paul - really nice fella - purchased it some time ago and has been carrying out varying degrees of fettling. I'm yet to see it in the flesh but looks a beauty in pics
  24. interior is red.. very very red uterus red infact
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