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    80s turbo wanted

    Trev stop it... you've got enough cars. Looks great. I have to say I love turbos in Silver - needs black bumpers though but I just couldn't live with that interior. don't get me wrong I love the cloth but just not RED!
  2. hopo


    Not undervalued at all.. someone once said " they are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them" Cant think who??!?!
  3. Ha not that vid again! u lot are surely just jealous of my good looks! Mes welcome to the forum. Not sure we've actually met but pretty certain we've painted at some of the same jams (although in earnest I've hardly been painting these last few years) . Going back man many moons ago it was flics of your stuff that actually got me into painting! small world or what? Lotus ownership is certainly not conducive to painting, if your not driving it then you spend all your time fixing it! (or paying someone else to do it!) anyhows get that car bought
  4. We need to see some images of this James
  5. Yes Stephen. My Cars have always been outdoors - as you say needs must in London! the turbo used to live off the road and my old S3 na had to live on the road - only bit of damage/vandalism that I ever had was someone wrote 'F***king cool car' on the rear glass hatch when it was frosty! I didn't like it being on the road though! When buying somewhere the Parking came 1st! we now have two off st spaces (kinda) could fit 3 cars on there at a squeeze. Only issue was the tree above the cars from next door! - after a bit of nighttime tree surgery this was improved but not eradicate
  6. There has indeed been prior discussion on this. I'm convinced the early cars sit lower, and no this is not due to shagged springs and dampers! image hosting Does make it tedious in London though, many speedbumps n humps are not esprit friendly, especially with the rad hanging down at the front. Ive actually had the front ground when braking hard (very hard!) from speed on level surfaces, so not ideal. But it does look good!
  7. no because its the same yellow as a faded post it
  8. This was for sale at Paul Mattys many moons ago when I originally bought my S3. Very striking, its a slightly odd colour though, looks very different in certain light. Top dollar being asked too
  9. Barrie, have you ever driven your Essex over 30?
  10. congrats on the car - looks a corker - we defo need more photos on here. re the steering feel how new is the steering rack? when mine was on its way out things were a little vague. Glad to hear the gearchange is ok. everytime I change into second it feels like I'm having a fight with a great white shark. My left shoulder is massive!
  11. nice, always look so good on the move
  12. sounds ominous! - I have a spare (my old wastegate) in the shed - could one simply transpose this across?
  13. Thanks for the input guys really useful. So I took the car out tonight and gave it some, not easy pootling around West London! I can confirm that im getting over the 0.5, its heading straight round to 0.75 - that's were I bottle it! don't want to destroy the turbo or engine. I also had the sudden blow off sound in 3rd at just over 0.75. So its overboosting - what checks next?
  14. So new (old) manifold and wastgate on the car now and had a lovely drive down to Brands tother weekend. but noticed when I gave it some the turbo and wategate would make its usual sound but when giving it more beans a loud "his" like a sudden release of air or something of the sort. I drove the car again today and noticed my boost gauge was perhaps pretty eratic. I could get the car to replicate the sound when giving it some but to my memory the boost was around (although not certain the .75 mark - possibly even higher. A) what was the noise or what could it have been? B) How should
  15. hopo

    Project BBS

    Oh Hi Jonny! Hope your all good! upload pics image hosting over 5mb
  16. Not taken at the festival but on Monday as the car managed to remain relatively clean! upload jpg
  17. "Should" turn up on Saturday bibster ..... (asin no plans to go out) Plenty of plans sat eve so Sunday is a no no!
  18. Bibs I'm planning to be in attendance on the Sat - should be there early but need to leave around 2ish - would be in the bronze beauty though
  19. hopo

    Watford exotics?

    Aside from the above, good to hear you are (quite literally) in rude health Mr Sparks, I will have to knock up a list of all the things that need sorting on my car....... Look forward to catching up soon.
  20. Think that's it buddy, no one sees them! last time I saw an esprit on the road that wasn't en route to a meet or event that I am also going to was many moons ago.
  21. Good to see the late V8 out and getting so much love
  22. Is Watford exotics still going strong? I was thinking of tootling down at some point. need to get this Fan fail sorted as its baffling me!
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