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    Esprit Devon

    cud have bin my uncle in his g car turbo, its that metalic orange coulour, same as the one in bond
  2. got this baby a long time ago............ beautiful
  3. well im glad u folks got ur esprits or ther wud be some damn ugly cars on the road.... in quite shocked at the alternatives put forward!!!
  4. thanks for all the insights folks.... the mean streets of manchester may not be the frendliest but i guess u get used to things. Itl still be a wile before i get my ass into gear an get one. Im sure that the most feedback will come from test drives an shopin about for the right one. But teh space realy is an issue. i cart alot of spray paint around an thats pretty bulky... jus have to kick teh girlfriend out!
  5. Bonjour my fellow esprit lovers! Although not yet in the financial position to buy my first esprit... (yet!!) i was pondering the practicality of the giugaro cars as it is one of these i long to have. I will hopefuly soon be in a position to purchase myself a G car but this may have to be as my singel only car and there are obviously many issues of practicality. If people could kindly post their views an the use they get from their cars i would be most obliged thanks Hopo
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