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    Cheers Chris, I will try and have a look tonight
  2. Fan Failure - no cooling fans whatsoever. I've had the fan fail warning light come on and now stay on. I've bridged the otter switch wiring which has previously cured any fan fault but this now does not work. I cannot be certain but think that when unbridged the fan fail light does not illuminate but the fans don't work - cannot be certain though. I've had a mooch round the relay by the left hand light pod, cleaned connections and the relay and fuse look to be fine. Any pointers? where should I be looking next? Many thanks in advance Regards, Hopo
  3. its been for sale for ever... something wrong? or bargain to be had?
  4. Flic from a while back - at everyone's favourite test track .... upload img
  5. Wowsers - that is a stunning looking Motor! Congrats! whats the collection up to now?
  6. We all know the V8 could push out more power with the limiting factor being the Renault boxes they "found" every so often. In reality the V8 could have been a beast of car but was ultimately flawed like so many esprit versions which is unfortunate I think few would argue that the Sport 300 is "the One" in light of accolades and purity of the esprit experience - The market certainly suggest this!
  7. Price reduced! love the way its described as a "Lotus Build" car - on fairness not many other people made many of them! It does look a beautiful car, but price is very very strong - I'm pretty sure this is the dealer that has/had the "Naomi Campbell" evora on for somewhere around 100K. - ridiculous There does seem to be a few V8s floating around at the mo. personally id love one, only thing scaring me is the fact that one sizeable maintenance bill is the same as the purchase price of a G car!
  8. Yep I had a boot bag but rarely use it... no carpets
  9. I feel I should chip in here to state that my Mrs actually bought ME the Esprit (2nd one) and I've held of getting hitched too! what am I doing!
  10. Thought It was worth bringing this to the attention of the masses, Eye wateringly expensive though!
  11. Nudge Nudge - they don't build them anymore.....
  12. Beautiful car - last image is stunning Top work all round!
  13. Do NOT part with the Esprit..... its irreplaceable. Especially the standard yours is at. To get a V8 esprit to that standard has cost you an arm and a leg - should you wish to find another it will cost you the other arm and leg. Evora's are plentiful - always loads in the classifieds - although Values don't look to budge too much. I'm not even going to mention the Audi
  14. has to look the nuts.... like a real wow then it will sell
  15. yep, very nice car - shame I'm skint, cant think why... oh its because I already own one! p.s Wheels are defo compos, I had the plastic caps on mine for a while, looked similar re-finish the wheels - silver or gold centres (silver personally) get the bumpers and tailgate back to a nice satin black - ta da! corker of a car - oh and get all that mechanical work checked!
  16. This does seem pretty bloody good.... How quickly could one be winging its way to me?
  17. indeed looks to have gone. as above defo some oddities about the car but could be made into a right corker. Id want all that work done by someone in the know though - not necessarily an MOT garage in Oldham! Defo compomotive wheels though
  18. Looks lovely, well presented too - just very pricey irrespective of Group deal
  19. Hi Jay, I watched your Ferrari 355 and Evora vid just last night and have to say that I was thinking exactly the same thing! a comparison with a Late V8 would be superb. There is also very little on these cars online which is a shame so it would be great to see some modern footage/review. Alas I cannot help with a late V8 but could possibly assist with a Guigaro Turbo esprit at some point.A sport 350 would probably be the best comparison. Good luck with the search! Really enjoying the vids, keep up the fantastic work. Regards, Jon
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  21. Such a beautiful car, im green with envy. looks great after the detail. I keep thinking about one myself but my paintwork is actually pretty knackered! need to get more some pics of those cars together!!!!
  22. hopo

    S4s for sale

    so where did this S4s go then? looked great
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