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  1. 19 hours ago, plenty said:

    I’m sure it’s a fine example but if the goal is to get into an Evora and out by next May as painlessly as possible, I’m not sure an 86k miles example is the best way to do it.

    Yes... this exactly. I want to get into one but I would also need to get out of one as stated 'as painlessly as possible'

    17 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    22k. The drop in price in year 1 of a 45k metro car from the likes of BMW, Mercedes or Audi et al. Indeed, I was offered more than that as a discount on a new German car, not even pre registered.

    Funny how one mans depreciation nightmare of a grand or two on a 20-30k car is anothers "shrug, yeah but I wanted new and they all lose £22k+ in the first year" first world problem lol.

    The Evora has been bullet proof for 10 years, you should have got one years before this wedding!

    I know I should have pulled my finger out but had to do other grown up stuff like buy a house. 1 year into that now. next thing is to extend - hang on when am I gonna have some money for a bloody toy!

  2. I've been looking at Evora's recently, always had an eye on them. I originally wanted a later esprit but I'm scared of the v8s and having driven a few S4 variants there wasn't a huge leap over my Turbo. I've done the Elise thing and whilst I loved it long drives became tiresome and it riled me that it was so small inside. Que the Evora, which should tick all the boxes. Unfortunately for me they haven't depreciated enough! which is both a good and a bad thing dependent on weather you have one or not! but as above they appear to be a hard sell, lots hang around on the market for a while. Im currently saving for a wedding in May next year and keep thinking sod it, bang my savings (and some from the money tree) into an Evora, enjoy it then sell it when wedding time comes along but it concerns me that a) this is a big outlay b) selling seems a long drawn out process.

    But I still keep looking at the market

    BTW esprit is certainly going nowhere


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  3. On ‎30‎/‎05‎/‎2019 at 14:55, deanb said:


    Great to have you along Hopo!  Looking forward to seeing the Esprit.  Which run are you booked on to?  We have a shorter, gentler 'Classic' run now which may suit you better.

    Na it was fine... just have to push the old girl. 80's esprit brakes are not quite up to the level of the exiges and elises that were everywhere. biggest issue I had was ground clearance in a lot of places.

    Booked on the Baslow medium/moderate I think

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  4. booked on - lets hope the old girl can hack it this year. had to retire early due to a huge coolant leak, thankfully turned out to be a split hose. some of the roads are stunning but the camber and some of the surfaces can be pretty punishing on an old esprit


    Great event though and very much looking forward to it

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  5. I'm well aware there is 'another thread' containing information on suspension but to reiterate one of the comments from that same thread it has become convoluted with a garble of bush, spring, damper and all manner of associated chat.

    My esprit sits pretty low, annoyingly low, and I'm constantly clouting the front. in fact some of last years 'hard' driving was hampered by the nose scrubbing the deck under hard breaking and where there is a strong camber. It has also been remarked that my springs/dampers could really do with being replaced when the car visited Max500.

    So what do I go for? the car is 81 Dry sump, as discussed currently sits low, I would like to raise ever so slightly (but not much) it would also be nice to have that firm but subtle Lotus ride back.

    If you could please let me know your thoughts on the options currently available to me I would be most grateful.



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  6. So I've replaced the clutch Slave on the car after it ceased working entirely. This was with the Sj's shiny replacement part - not the original. The slave cylinder is a different size so ive had to adjust the fork screw(s) to allow for smooth(ish) operation. The gear change is now pretty notchy and obtrusive and I cant get o/d or 5th as modern people call it. reverse however is easy to get. is this crossgate adjustment? should the crossgate connector that attaches to the top op the slave cylinder be shimmed? the new slave cylinder looks to be slightly thinner where the bolts attach to the bellhousing. Is this causing my issue?

    Good news is that the car now moves, both backwards and forwards now - just not into 5th! and the gearchange is pretty knarly.

    81 Dry Sump turbo BTW

  7. Fibreglass repair recommendations wanted....

    The hinge has broken off the front hatch on my Esprit. Its old and flimsy and has simply given way on the side where the bonnet stay is. the hinge has split the fibreglass and is now totally detached. obviously less than ideal. Anyone know somewhere in the West London area that will be able to fix this? im loath to have a go myself as I want something that is likely to last and I don't really know what im doing with Fibreglass. I'm located in and around Ealing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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