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  1. Hi Gordon, Really enjoyed it last year, I'd like to bring the Evora along again for both static and track. Cheers, Kenny
  2. I posted the following on Seloc recently, thought it might be of interest: That's me been using the Avon's for a while now. I've done about two thousand miles on them and two trackdays, one at Knockhill in the dry and one at Oulton Park where we had a combination of low temperatures, sun, rain, hail and more rain! Have to say I'm quite pleased with their performance. I'm no racing driver but in the dry I noticed very little difference over the Pirelli's and they seem to be able to cope with the heat better and don't get so chewed up. So from that I'm expecting that they might last a lit
  3. Nice one! I too am a recent convert to Harley. Never like them, I was always a sports bike fan but when I lived in Oz for five years I ended up riding around on friends Harleys and got to really like them. They're as much fun as any sports bike but just a different kind of fun. I ended up buying an 81' Shovel for myself and a 2010 Sportser 48' for my wife - love them. Here's the old Shovel
  4. Kenny Simpson


    Our bikes
  5. I think the Evora can look a bit awkward from certain angles but it's certainly not an ugly car. Judging by the number of times I've been photographed by random members of the public I reckon the majority of people think it's a stunning looking thing. Only ever had two negative comments, both made to my wife while she was out in it, both from other women. They both said the same thing - my son will be very dissapointed to find out that car is being driven by a woman!
  6. There's a full set of classic wheels for sale here if that's of any interest.
  7. Hi, nice post. I'm with you on the changing up question. Although the 2010 car I have isn't as well finished as the later ones I can't see the value in trading up yet as it'll drive and look just the same. Plus it's now putting put 310bhp which makes quite a difference. I'm interested in the Sony system, was there much work involved in changing over from the Alpine? Cheers
  8. That's another question all together Back to the OP, I doubt there'll be any major change in the way we power our vehicles until the oil giants figure out the best way to make money from it. Can't see electric being the next big thing, just a temporary blip.
  9. Hi Arch, Thanks for the offer of the games room, much appreciated. Cheers, Kenny
  10. My only complaint these days is the sunvisors - they're crap. Can I have some bigger ones please?
  11. I was planning to just drive up for this on the Sunday morning but it now turns out I'll be in Inverness on the Saturday morning so I'll just drive over from there and arrive on the Saturday afternoon. Is there any room left at the lodge? Not a problem if there's not as I'll just bring my tent. I'll b e up for the BBQ as well. Cheers 1. Esprit GT3. (1997) - Gordon Masson 2. EspritV8 - Brian (GL Twin Room, Sat) (BBQ) CONFIRMED 3. M100 - Archie Buchanan (BBQ) 4. Elan +2S - Mike Clarke (GL Double Room, Sat)(BBQ) CONFIRMED 5. Esprit
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