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  1. Mines still completely standard, red clutch pipe, manual chargecooler pump, good year tyres with plenty of tread, original leather (been treated well) even still got a Sony pull out cassette player. All this means I've got a list of problems to keep an eye out for going wrong, but thanks to this forum and esprit world I can budget for in advance. Ideally I want the alunox manifold, a complete stainless exhaust and a set of S4 wheels so I can shelve the good years on the original wheels and drive with more faith in the rubber. I may fit a recirculating dump valve to keep the turbo in shape and reduce the lag. The previous owner spent a fair bit over 22 years servicing, shockers, calipers, charge cooler pump recon, and paint chip touch ups but was keen to keep it absolutely standard which I'm gratefull for. I keep seeing some smart looking newer models priced similarly to what I paid did mine but chasing my dream I've got the red SE after watching teen agent when I was kid thus happy as a pig in s£)"t !!!!
  2. I think the one you have is ace, other than that maybe SPY CAR would look great too
  3. Ill fess up and say I open the garage now and then, peel the cover off and remind 'Larry' (the lotus) that I've not forgot about him and we'll go out soon while stroking the spoiler ha ha
  4. Andy Esprit SE


    An extra lane on the whole M6 would be a better investment, the train line has got big back hander written all over it and no doubt foreign investment with returns on profit from fares. Just like the building of all the academy's to replace perfectly good schools, nothing in it for us as s country in the long term
  5. I'll look forward to hearing the silenced quicksilver exhaust once it comes and has been fitted, the black paint covering my rusty exhaust won't last for ever, ill be joining the next alunox group buy too just in case he stops doing them when I eventually need one.
  6. How cool the noise makes the picture flicker ha ha !! Gives it sum real grunt now well done
  7. I saw this earlier, after reading it I though the poor fella wasted a lot of time and money, may be worth more in spares than as a complete car? the choice of colour is going to turn away most buyers but that may just be my view.
  8. I started on a Suzuki ZR50 at 16, jumped into a car at 17 then back on a bike at 21 as soon as i was old enough for a full licence. 9 months later me and my FZR400 got hit side on by a learner driver, 10 weeks off work and two years arguing who's fault it was put me off bikes ...,.. I did get a Cbr400 a few years after but got fed up of traffic and the defening wind noise in your ear on a long run. I've since found the Ron Haslem racing school, it Was at donning ton but now at Silverston, it was about £250 last time I went, you get 30 laps on there bike, there leathers and helmets, no cars, no caravans and no kerbs if you come off. They encourage you to go fast it's worth every penny so that's my way of still getting the buzz now and then. Loved the colour coded Elise and bike photos!!
  9. I bought mine 89 SE of a 72 year old bloke who had it from new, if it wasn't for his health and strength he wouldn't have sold it, me and the mrs met the family, stayed there all day, then was allowed to back the next week to do a deal after after he decided I'd look after it !! It was like a job interview only being a fair drive from preston to Bristol twice ! Mines my dream car from being 12 (Teen Agent film, I'm 34 now) and hope to keep it for ever and keep it immaculate, it is almost a garage queen but does get out a bit. I'd love a go in a V8 or the new exige S but doubt ill ever be in a position to have one as well as my SE. I send photos when ive took it out somewhere interesting to the previous owner and he always rings back for a chat afterwards its great.
  10. Fireman aren't paid for what they do... I.e. Training, gym, watching tv etc etc ..... But they are paid for what they may HAVE TO DO !!!! I've a friend in the fire service the list is endless but here's just a few: Pulled three small kids out of a burning house in one lift whilst a burning a protective layer of his own eyes !! He wore shades for 3 weeks after. 1st week in the job put a car fire out to find a body burnt to a crisp. Worst of all a college of his got crushed in a building and died a few weeks ago in Manchester simply dousing down a fire set going by kids for no reason other than there selfish entertainment. I wouldn't want to do any of that, besides the un social 2days and 2 nights a week 4 on 4 off across 7 days a week. The job pays well but you can earn more in car sales? The main reason he and others joined was the retirement at 55? Now that's gone the jobs lost a huge benefit, after all were all at work for money at the end of the day, the sooner you can put your feet up the better. The whole public sector is cutting back quite rightfully but the pensiond isnt the way to do it, my mrs is a teacher, got a massive student loan to fund the required degree course spent three years afterwards working supply teacher and topping her wage up at Asda, finally got the full time job....... All with a view to that key 55 year old pension.... Now it's 67, her contribution is about to double and we've no idea what pension she could get if we even see our late 60's..... My point is she would have been better off selling cars and wouldn't have had the 5 year slog as well as 12k loan that likely never to be paid off. We're most likely to pull out of her teacher pension and save the money our selves, it's enough to buy a terraced house over 25 years (lancashire) and rent it out to help pay for its self then cash in at the end, that way if we did cark it before retirement age our little lad will see a benefit from it rather than it land back in the government pot. Rant over ha ha
  11. Heres a few photos of mine at Oulton Park with Leeds Supercar Club in June, at one point theres about £660,000 worth of cars in my driverside mirror !!! I also managed to get one of the pit girls to jump in. Sorry if this is photo overkill.
  12. I think this video is ace !!!
  13. Wooooooooow what a great video !! I bet every one who took part is chuffed to bits !! Well done!!
  14. Looking forward to seeing the photos, we've just had a baby so couldn't put my name on the list. Will definitely be coming next year even if the one year old little fella comes as a passenger with me !!
  15. Hi, I grew up in chadderton near that junction and only ever seen a red v8, a yellow v8 on broadway in and a red n/a near Hollingworth lake. My red SE gets a run to the parents house on a sunny day, the sunny day becoming a rarer sight than the grey lotus ha ha. I thought I saw a grey one for sale advertised in the salford area recently so it could be that one?
  16. Looks great in that colour ! I've just converted to wax from polish after getting paint showing on the rags when polishing, got the autoglym HD wax and clay bared it first (didn't need it in the end) looked mint when done, wax on.... Wax off all the way from here on
  17. Loved this video !! I'm gonna join but it's a bit far to travel ha ha
  18. I'm on 5k with classic line, trying to keep the cars mileage low so other than a whiz round the block now and then it'll only go out for special occasions thus only done 1300 miles this insurance year.
  19. I'm in the same boat if like a beige set with red piping and a small lotus badge on the out side corner near the seats, might have to get some trickery done with an old seeing machine ha ha
  20. I've still got nct's all round, fronts have about 7mm and backs about 5mm, I'm conscious they are probably ten years old or more, going to get S4 wheels eventually and shelve the standard wheels with good years for special occasions in years to come.
  21. Pipe back on, both elbows looked ok, odd how on start up it ran at 2000 revs for a couple of minutes like on a choke? its never done that before so dont know if the pipe would be related to that? gonna further investigate the oil mist next week, looks like ill have to whip the charge cooler off to have a proper look, it's done 36,000 miles and likely to have never been cleaned in the engine bay so the mist has had plenty of time to gather so hopefully nothing major. The only issue I found was a huge spider living in the rear arch, after a stand off, he won and can stay there ! I guess I better use the car a little more to blow the cob webs off ha ha. Thanks again for the info, forums like this are a god send to relative newbies like me.
  22. Thank you sooooooooooo much !!! I've been checking for updates on here and googling for info, I've read about the crank case breather mod on lotus esprit world so will get on to that next to prevent any issue building up. Tommorrow night I will be re fitting the pipe and checking the rubber boots as advised. I've got my car on show this Sunday with a car club along with a couple of parade Laps at a racing track in between the British touring car races so wouldn't have wanted it to throw up a problem and me not be able to make it, I'm checking everything I can to get a problem free run out. Thanks again
  23. Hi all, I'm just changing the fuel tank breather hose on an SE turbo, I fitted a chunky one before and since found the proper pipe at SJ sports cars. Anyway as I'm getting the pipe off on the off side this little black pipe popped out from some where? I've traced it back to a point under Neath the charge cooler where it plugs on to something which has a slight oil leak around it? Can anyone identify what this does and where it should go?
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