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  1. Hi, I've just been swatting up on exhaust and listened to the Larini before and after videos then hit you tube for some more inspiration. After drooling over the noise the V8's make for most of the evening and annoying the mrs with a video of an orange one roaring the speakers off our ipad, I came across this one, a silver SE with twin pipes, sounds great to me, the exhaust tips look slightly slanted so could this one be a Larini ? It doesn't sound as loud as the Larini videos? Best regards Andy
  2. I read something about waterless coolant, its used in aircraft engines etc etc, it suggested that the water less stuff wasnt as good a at keeping your running temperature down, therefore although it was less corrosive and lasted longer than water it would have most engines run at a higher temperature which is where you have to consider, oil grades, head gaskets or even making your radiator larger ? I'm no expert but with my esprit being pretty hot most of the time anyway I'd be worried about trying it out? I guess the guys over in the warmer parts of the world will be best to try it and advise? I've read a few threads on here advising about corroded radiators, sludge in the header tanks, stuck thermostats etc etc, IM still a newby so haven't had the time to get stuck into my engine bay to check things out but have a huge list of checks to do ( drives great though so loving it for now) IF the Evans stuff did work out well I would use it and sleep tight in winter knowing the car being sat still most of the time won't be gunking up and rotting front the inside.
  3. Thanks for all your comments, I only fire it up once a fortnight so hopefully the damp idea is all it is? I'll still check for sparks in the dark just in case, the garage has a problem roof so it's under cover in there but it does get damp ( it's a job for next summer to be fixed)
  4. Good idea! I'll give it a go in the dark this weekend and hopefully we'll see a flash
  5. Hi Scott, I filmed it on my iPhone and uploaded it straight on to you tube, hopefully it plays ok via the link its the first thing I've uploaded on to you tube so learning as I go along. It's a loudish electrical sounding crack really, only does it 4 or 5 times on the video, I've had a root round underneath and couldn't find anything loose as of yet, it's had a new timing belt recently but did it before then too ?
  6. Hi, Please can you have a look at the following video and let me know if the electrical sounding tink is normal? This example video was on a cold morning just started up, I'm hoping its just the exhaust manifold expanding at it gets warm? It doesn't do it at all once up to temperature, does anyone else's do this?
  7. Just clicked join so please add me to your list. Many thanks Andy
  8. This is interesting for me, I've bought an 89 SE that still has good year tyres on it, there's lots of tread on them but I'm conscious how old they could be? I don't drive daft enough to be too worried about tyre performance but I considered picking up a set of later S4 17 inch wheels for general use and pop the 16's back on if I go to evens where being original is preferred?? I know you have to have the 17's machined in the centres but think they look quite nice. What's everyone else's verdict on the later wheels on the SE?
  9. There's a couple of mix ups, the spare being fitted to repair 4 punctures ? No holes in the body work after a nudge on the side from the nissan, And the spoiler going up then being down then back up again, they should have had it flip back down, would have looked better when on the country road shots. Great film though, I down loaded a copy from kick ass torrents dot net although its not a great copy it was free ha ha
  10. I'm new to esprit ownership so still learning. I saw this advert and first though wouldn't it be in a museum.... Then saw several pictures doing quarter mile runs and thought...... This guy really can't have much experience creating a desire when selling some thing? I'd get those photos off and get more of it gleaming to try to fetch a price tag at half of that !!
  11. These pictures are brilliant, shame about the weather but well done to you all who tackled it, I don't trust the other numpties on the road in weather like that I don't think they see us very well in there mirrors in any little lotus!! I will be up for bringing mine out on a nicer weekend, Silverston would be good, I've never been, or maybe a GT car race ? But we'd have to check the race locations
  12. I bought my esprit because of this film!! I got as close the model as I could being the SE with cream leather instead of tan though, I'm even sad enough that I down loaded the one hot country tune for my first drive when I picked it up, Geek out ...... Ha ha
  13. Cheers, got one from SJ Motorsport in devon posted up to me, and luckily it cured the problem, after checking the old cap it had corroded behind its rubber seal so lucky none of the bits fell in the tank Here's the old cap all tired and corroded, worth checking behind the seal if you've got one that's been on from new
  14. Andy Esprit SE

    Larry the Lotus

    Early days in my esprit ownership, 1st photo is me and Larrys previous owner, after 21 years of looking after the car it's was a sad day for Robert and a great day for me, I've assured Robert I will look after the Esprit for another 20 years so this is just the beginning.
  15. Count me in, I'm preston/manchester area up north.
  16. Car looks amazing, love the 007 reference too, I'm new to esprit ownership too they are by far the best looking car ever in my eyes, every boys drawing of a fast car would have the esprit side on shape so it's no wonder we all love em even if they have there faults.
  17. I've just found SJ sports cars web site via a link on here and ordered a header tank cap so fingers crossed. I got it from guernsey...... Just joking, I ran it back from Bristol then took out again the next day doing the rounds taking family and friends out for a run. Im looking forward to doing all the jobs the lotus is gonna need doing through its life time, I just need a bigger garage ha ha !
  18. Hello everyone, I've got my teen age dream car recently in the form of a red 1989 Esprit SE, 2 owners although the last fella got it when it was 6 months old with just 36,000 mile on it. I love it to bits so far even though there's a couple of issues I just look at it an get a smile on my face thinking back to a film that sold me this car when I was twelve called Teen Agent with the same model as I've got now as the lead car. I've had it 5 weeks and replaced the fuel tank breather hose across the roof and rear quarters to stop the fuel smell, I've got a dodgy hand brake switch which pops a warning light on if you start the engine with the hand brake on, start it with the hand brake off and it's fine? I've booked it in for a cam belt this week but the header tank cap is letting water out, I'm praying its just the cap as I drove it 300 miles or so to get it home with out a missed beat, flicker of a guage ( apart from fuel guage rocking) and a middle if the road temperature and oil pressure. The oils clean, the waters clean, it hadnt used any water, i took the cap off to check the level before getting it out of the garage then its not held pressure since, hopefully all I need to do is source a cap in the manchester / preston area on Monday, if anyone has a recommendation where to get one please let me know. Cheers Andy
  19. Hello everyone, I've got my dream car a few weeks ago, driven 300 mile trouble free then 3 weeks later checked the oil and water levels before starting up ( all fine and dandy) then one the temperature started to rise the header tank cap started to let water out. I put it down to maybe not putting the cap on properly, I cooled it down checked it again, fired it back up and it still leaks. Has anyone any pointers where I can purchase a new one ? Is it the same as one on another car? I'm going to try pnm and a lotus dealer Monday other wise? I'm still learning how the system works, it has the split charge cool and engine cooling system, the charge cool overflow chaffs on the header tank do I will be looking to get a new tank eventually, will the overflow tank in the near side wing with the pressure cap have any effect on the header tank cap if say there was s fault in there? The cars only got 36,000 mile on it, I've service history and mot's to prove it and believe it was started regularly although not used, I've got it booked in for a cam belt on Thursday so I'm hoping the cap is simply the fault? The car is a 1989 esprit se chargecooled
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