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  1. Ive got it on dvd, this movie was the reason i got a red SE once i was old enough to afford one ha ha One hot country theme tune is first on the usb evertime i fire her up (sad but i live the dream every ride)
  2. Ive had one too deleted it with out reading ' rita benson'
  3. Funniest example i eversaw selling a car was one of my friends selling a honda accord. Two nice chaps saying they are in the trade so need it cheap....benefit being he gets a quick easy sale. Walk round test drive...back at the house they chip him....he said if you want it knock on the door ....if you dont then have a nice day, my teas ready..... sat there 40 mins before they gave in, knocked on and paid full price
  4. There approx 200 ukp for the pair, i bet weve all got enough spares between we will never use to do a proper refurb, funny how the only spare set is on the other side of the planet though ha ha
  5. Hi all, im about to fit some S4 wheels to my SE with new rubber (keeping old wheels and good years to go back original one day, newest tyre was manufactured on yr 2000 so dont trust them) Anyone have and adjustable top links on a shelf somewhere before i order them from SJ ? Depending how it looks and drives ill be looking for adjustable shocks and springs too.
  6. This kind of thing worries me too, i only go for mot at 1 of 2 garages as there both friends working there, used the dealer for my esprit cam belt but no issues so ill stick the them for that, the mrs car only goes one place too, its hard these days for anyone to take responsibilty, possibly due to the social media part and the fear of being sued.
  7. I dont know if i hear the same thing, mine sounds exatly like yours, ive noticed noises when cold that relate to the gearbox or clutch natural noises? your throttle blips better than mine, mine tends to drop 100revs for a mili second when you blip the pedal
  8. A freind spotted this, he said the exhaust was popping some on the over run
  9. Jealous of the roof being down on a lovely day
  10. Wow !! If this was a drop off and collect a few month later conversion i wonder what it would cost? The reliability was all that scared me about a v8, i remember seeing 1996 v8s for sale at 16k many moons ago but still worried about relability, this is the solution (other option buy a mustang od course but they dont have pop up head lights)
  11. Thanks for the comments fellas, best run ive had in terms of fun fast driving and the noise the other cars made was ferrocious, the testerossa was making sheep run from fields when ever he gave it some welly, heres a couple of pictures, not the best but i was busy driving and dont fancy filling the esprit picture thread with none esprit pictures
  12. Hi guys, ive just had the best run out in my cars ownership chasing some modern cars round the country lanes, i noted on the annual MOT last week that there is slight play in the steering rack on the kerb side (left uk from drivers seat). Whilst chasing a ferrari testorossa and a ferrari california i was finding left turns perfect but right turns were quite scary, felt like go garting keeping things in line if thats a good explination? Ive been googling for ideas on replacing the rack in the future, is a rebuild straight forward? Ive readonable mechanical ability but would pay for a proffessional lazer alighn when sone. Im going too look for threads on electric power steering as an option to see what peoples thoughts are?
  13. A good coat of autoglym HD Wax ready for a run out 6am tommorrow morning with a super car club, nervous mines gonna be tge old boy but ready to give the modern motors a run for there money
  14. Wow......proud as punch springs to mind
  15. Funnily enough .....i didnt know there was a piston heads forum till i came on here years ago, think i used the same user name
  16. Sharing the love for a Red SE..... I agree with mark, red sports car in the 80's created a lot of em for us to look after
  17. I think i might put mine on at £19995 as a 'cheap' SE for the hell of it............dream on, if someone buys either of those SE's ill kick my self..... im missing out on a deposit for an Evora at those prices........still dreaming
  18. I will do my best to come to this as long as the weather isnt too bad
  19. I saw these pop up on my ebay list and have pondered on a set, my drivers sill is starting to get the odd scratch when getting in in the garage (its a bit tight) Esprit Turbo SE would probably swing me for a set. A lotus logo before it would be the icing on the cake ha ha
  20. I had the old tank dipped at a local car restoration place for £20 (saved risking chemicals at home) it came out looking good but very pitted and the sensor grommets slide in too esily for my liking. Painted up and re fitted my cars back to normal (although ordered new pressure caps after throwing the old ones thinking i wouldnt need them again) Ive bought a single plastic tank from and S4 as plan B wjth plan C long term being to order a new one whem im certain it will fit. Is the S4 conversion worth a look now ive got the tank?
  21. hi Marco, Sadly the new tank dudnt fit after all, greatfully refunded though so im happy. I filed out the welds on the main tank for the main out let but noticed the other outlet pipes were sticking out the wrong way and fouled the rear bulkhead (seephoto)
  22. How long did you get out of the old tank once refurbed? Ill add a comment showing what ive had to do for now.
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