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  1. On the Sprinter vs Crafter, same body, same running gear, different engine, gearbox and standard kit level. Sprinter is to be redesigned in 2016 vw are going to build there crafter in poland when the new speinter goes into production. The current thoughts are some of the factory tooling will go to poland as the new sprinter will be brand new. New vito now has a 1.6 front wheel drive option, started life as a renault engine and gearbox but alk engine management is merc in the mer chassis, working good so far and avoids add blue in the vito market for now
  2. Its a good job everyones different, red with magnolia was all i wanted ha ha
  3. Its a buy it now moment if theres funds in the back, take it straight for cam belt and hope for the best when the key turns
  4. Whos gonna buy this and gloat about it afterwards? Im tempted to trade up
  5. My hand brake light sticks on, i wobble it on and off till it goes dim then all is good. If i start up with it still lit the oil light comes on. I read somewhere theres a vw relay that would fix it but have just got used to starting up with the hand brake off
  6. It was just a quick thought about scotland, further north we go the colder it gets, if its cold and wet with out a town centre to terrorise the novelty of coming to the uk would wear off.
  7. Trojan horse has popped open already? I thought the uk decision to take refugees from over there may be linked to talk about isis soilders making there way into europe as refugees. We should pick an island off scotlsnd to house them all, look after them and plan to return them after the dust settles, refugee shoulnt mean resident, even if you pop out twelve kids in a uk hospital
  8. Jensen button woukd drop in well to top gear if he doesnt get re signed at mclaren
  9. Thanks for the comments, Marco. The rust inside was in the airgap on both tanks, fortunatwly the coolant was clean and tank was fine in the water. The rust on the outside could have been cleaned up, im sure a little leak was getting through the grommets too so long term i just opted for a new tank. Im going to file out the main tank pipe and leave the charge cooler one
  10. Hi All, Just after some advice when comparing my old header tank to the new one.(see photos) The chargecooler header feed pipe looks a fair bit smaller in diameter, should i be worried about flow? The cooling system feed pipe has welds inside that will restrict it compared to the old one, should i file these out? Part of the reason im not a mechanic these days is due to over thinking things but id rather do it right than twice.
  11. One Hot Country - theme tune for teen agent lotus chase scene Call me sad but this is the 1st tune i play everytime i go out (re living the boys dream ha ha)
  12. I work for a mercedes van dealer, we get allsorts of clutch issues which being a frictional part which is open to all sorts of driver inflicted pain. All frictional items clutch, pads, discs even wipers arent covered under warranty. Clutch claims at low mileage whilst in warranty never get a full paid claim, maybe a contribution. A sports car could have had 1 hard track day before it was traded in, the dealers in my game dont make thousands or even 1 thousand pound on a sale most of the time so the dealer being a franchise cant just swallow the cost with out a loss somewhere. £500 seems a decent contribution on these grounds but i do feel your pain.
  13. Id go see the silver v8 with red leather on ebay, i had a passenger ride in a v8 and it felt and sounded like a super car. Mine sounds like lumpy escort untill the turbo comes in then everything goes quiet and smooth as you bolt forwards.
  14. Sunday morning selfie taking by little lad out for an hours run fresh back from holiday!! While the mrs gets on with the washing ha ha
  15. Adds value for me (the out takes of her trying to get in wearing that skirt would add more ha ha) I do really like that car, even the mrs says i cant part with my SE so ill keep looking at the photos
  16. I just posted this in the prices soating bit, id really like this car if curcumstances were different
  17. Nice Silver v8 at reasonable money,wish i could have 2 Esprits !!
  18. Seems an enormous amount of effort to sell a car based on a bond film looming? Its narrowed a narrow market of esprit customers further. Looks good though
  19. I saw a good reciew on a n/a, you could drive it flat out round the lanes with out killing your self when the turbo comes in. I was a about to say just about say when they were new the budget and desire equation was most probable reason, one day someone will say the same about a n/a evora now there all supercharged
  20. Poor fella !! All the time he put in wont be forgotten
  21. Im still gutted i was too young to buy a 1997 v8 esprit around 2005 i remeber seeing them at 15 to 16 grand, in one hand 10 years maintenance would add up to todays values and a bit more but by the time i was ready to buy they were out of my range, love my SE though been a gem so far, not fussed about values really they will never equate to cambelt changes and maintenance on an annual cost vs inflation in value
  22. Looks fantastic !! On the S4 wherls have you swapped your front hubs or had the wheels machined out? Im mid decision which way to go?
  23. The recent rebuild makes you think someones had enough and put it up gor sale, possibly being the best priced v8 of the moment its likrly to find a home
  24. Ill be there this week for my first visit
  25. I know this is only minor but the first few jobs are on the go, since ive owned my car its had cam belt done at the dealer and servicing done DIY / at a friends garage on a ramp. Now my garage is done ive alsorts to get on with, managed to get a used rear no plate plinth off an S4S (wanted the lotus badge on the rear). Noticed alot of rust in the header tanks, decided to buy new from esprit engineering, just painted yesterday in matt black, gonna start getting the boot floor out today. Other jobs on the list which ive already got the parts for: BOV valve (recirculating) Front splitter (standard lip on later SE) Replace heater control panel (faded) S4 wheels - need tyres and front ones engineering to take my hubs Once floors out im gonna check the gear linkage and decide wheather to get the modified linkage ive seen on esprit world (if its still available) I also plan to sort: Clutch pipe (still has red one) Oil breather filter/fit catch tank I may post some silly questions for info whilst i get to know the nut and bolts on an esprit that most of you already know and take for granted so ill appologise in advance ha ha
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