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  1. Its already on up here, they started 3 years worth of it 6 months ago on a portion of the m60. The current road work sign says '330 cars recovered in June' ... this indicates to me that opening the hard shoulder is a huge waste of time, the stretch in question has at least 3 broken down vehicles in the space of 4 junctions every morning in rush hour. Theyve now ok'd to do the whole m62 from manchester to leeds and more of the m60. By the time its done itll be raved a success after 3 years of 50mph traffic tail backs, personnally id accepted that in the rush hours you que and woild rather they spent the money on battle ships and soldiers. People will start using A roads again for peace of mind
  2. Oh id like a ready made bolt on kit in the draw for when mine decides to give up, shame its the other side of the world
  3. Great mustaches !! I bet they sold them before cambelts were due
  4. I kept looking at your advert dreaming so im sure the new owner will love it!!
  5. Interesting? Not taxed since 2009 but mot done in April. Must be a private spot to still be there, maybe someone resurecting it soon, it must have had a wash in April whilst away for mot?
  6. Im sure the previous owner of the orange car posted an advert on ebay to try and find it again, i messages him to try the forums, it probably got wrote off for a cracked bumper these days
  7. Cheers Wayne. I was just reading about it to plan a container and where to put it over night. Ill take it off and see how bad the rust is then go from there. Ive got brick acid for cleaning the garage walls before paint, going to get the container out of the shed in the morning and see if its the same stuff? The internet suggests it could be.
  8. Oooh great advice !! Gonna whip it off and give it a whirl thankyou
  9. You must have been lucky, id really like one from him too. Ive hopefully got an alloy one sorted through esprit engineering, got to call back in the morning. I could wait a couple of week just dont fancy running my car now since seeing inside the header.
  10. Hi, Ive got a fair amount of rust on my twin header tanks and noticed yesterday its not so good on the inside either. Currently the cooland is clean but i want it off asap. Im ordering a new stainless one from Axminster specialist panels, only issue is his order book is full till next year so i may not see it till february. Has anyone got a spare or a temporary fix they could recomend? Im tempted to convert to plastic using the SJ kit but is it reversible later so i can maintain originality? Cheers Andy
  11. Hi all, Any recomendayions on the type of company or who i should get hold of to cut out the centres on the front S4 wheels to fit my SE? Cheers Andy
  12. Funny you mention carpet, im gonna get rubber flooring and paint the walls but my nieghbour suggested tough carpet ha ha
  13. Oh my god thats a huge garage!! I think the mrs would make me move in there!! My cars finally home, gonna get some miles done this year ive had nothing but barriers since i bought him (baby turned up then garage collapsed) no excuse now so spanners at the ready and here i go.
  14. Its not the best garage but the most i could get from this house, its 2.3m longer and 600mm wider at the back, therefore room for tools, spare parts, i can open the door with out hassle, theres a steel beam in the rafters just in case and engine needs lifting and doors both ends for anything big needed in the garden. Still got to fit electric motor to from door and finish the back door this week coming, thrn bring my car home and carry on with wiring, paint and all the garden repairs.
  15. Resurecting this thread, almost a year on i made a huge mistake on the foundations and had to knock down and re start, the re start ruined the ground in front of tge garage and the digger ruined our back garden, im now over double my original budget and almost ready to bring my car home. Lesson learned - find a good builder and pay the price, skimping has cost me twice, or simply move house. Im gonna tax my car this week and try get him home next week then carry on sprusing up the garage whilst looking at my car taking him for a swift run out each time i go in.
  16. Ive just been to douglas valley and had the rear no plate plinth off the S4S, i need to get a new twin header tank or a good refurb? Is that for sale in the photo? He seemed a nice bloke at douglas valley, theres alot of stock stacked up there that must take a long time to re coupe the costs. The wheels are on ebay, alot of money but theyll probably go to one of us on here
  17. I read on lotus esprit world there used to be an upgraded box, its a shame time, money and volume stops these engineers keeping these modifications available to us all.
  18. I got out of it years ago in 2008 by writing a letter advising them id just bought my first house, was paid a low salary with mainly commission, the reduced pay would put me at risk of defaulting on the mortgage so i didnt want to take part and they let me off. It was slighyly inflated but in a sales job at the time it would have caused a rift for two months afterwards
  19. Just reading through this lot its still a simple personal prefference, id have the evora because it will stand out in a croud, go well, look well and occasionally squeeze the kids in the back, the porsche would be great but theres so many that look similar you wouldnt get the same wow factor, that just my view as a none track day type who loves a lotus. The germans make good cars for the masses, a lotus is for those who are different (however you look at it)
  20. This looks like a really fun app, my little lad was a pain in tge back side at a car show yesterday so not gonna make it today, will look forward yo seeing the videos
  21. Hey Gav ! I think im more excited theres a GTE gonna live in the northwest !! Have you seen the Norlog meet on a wednesday night thread on hear?, hopefully you can bring it along next month, it looks like the christopher neil GTE was there last night too. Im hoping to get to brooklands with the mrs and little un on sunday, not gonna take my car this time unfortunately, my garage re build turned into a partial driveway refurb and back garden landscape excersise so still not got my car back home.
  22. If its any consolation i got fed up with a leaking garage roof, it lead to demolishing it, parcial rebuild and knock down again ( #@%%*^ building control bloke) and whilst rebuilding ive destroyed the driveway and part of the back garden, im 8 grand in and not looked at my car for 9 months, im hoping when i fire him back up i dont get any bother for a while st least. Its the love of a car thats caused it all (and the mrs is still waiting for us to get married)
  23. I will be there next month, will be getting a date tommorrow for my driveway to be done so the garage is accessible and car can come home
  24. Sorry but im going to have to take mine iff the list, garage still not finished and was hoping to bring my car home and reserect it from its 6 month holiday at my friends house, if i get to come now it will be in my van unfortunately
  25. That would certainly pass as a UFO !!
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