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  1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off springs to mind? Have you got any kids? They may have took the esprit for a ride and broke the clock originally to save leaving it jacked up in reverse to try wind it back?
  2. Ill go to this once i get my car out of hibernation, i think ive met the guy with the 2nd car in from the left before.
  3. I would love to get the top gear esprit and give it some TLC, im no expert but would soon learn, it hurt watching them trash it
  4. Barry- were they the same? Theres only peoplevin here buying anything esprit on ebay, there was a set of v8 monoblock alloys in black needing a refurb, seemed cheap at 500, nearly bought them on impulse (already got s4 ones needing tyres) im gonna have a shed full of bits i dont really need ha ha
  5. Mines running lean, got lower emmisions than a honda accord, goes great but thought i better check it out
  6. I ordered this one off ebay last night on impulse, didnt think to check if it would work with my car just bpught it. Im sure it will be good for someone on here if its no good for me? Due to arrive friday
  7. Ouch its making me queezie looking at the photos im getting some new tyres before i go anywhere in winter again
  8. Nice motor, couldnt catch him for a photo in focus ha ha. The more i see the Exige on the road the better it looks!!
  9. Mine havent been done yet, sadly no otiginals but ive got your card marked for when i get round to the job
  10. Looks great - that plate just adds to the wow factor !!
  11. I like it, its just waiting for that right person to find it
  12. Yes i know the previous owner, he was good with the tools and spent alot of time and money on that car, heres a blog he wrote Ive got some photos of my car parked with yours ill dig them out, im glad your going to repair it, mechanically it should be well sorted that car
  13. Heres a front bumper Has this car hust had a new clutch, radiator fans and oil coolers before you bought it?
  14. It was in knutsford town centre close to the mclaren dealer, i used the car park to do a u-turn and couldnt believe my eyes, ill get s picture of the signs on my next visit, no major hospital im aware of so could be private or maybe even a plastic surgery clinic in cheshire ha ha
  15. Heres a sight you dont see every day !! NHS car park too
  16. Im gonna get it on record here that im getting one of these one day (said that about my esprit when i was 12 so not long to wait ha ha)
  17. If this was driving instructors car id have still been taking lessons
  18. Cheers Dave, thinking of getting them and putting them on the shelf as such just in case i fancy the upgrade at a later date
  19. Just to re ignite this theres some S4 front brembos come up for sale, would they fit an SE (ive got S4 wheels ready to go on) obviously the S4 has ABS but im thinking the calipers have no ABS related changes? Or do they?
  20. Mine had lotus badges on, they were weathered so called in oakmere lotus northwich (used to be christopher niels) they had em in stock cheaper than ebay so got a fresh set with lotus badges I had to take each wheel off to put em in too, was gutted they didnt pop off
  21. Fancy revving it like that on start up?? I think it looks amazing this car
  22. Great show tonight, cant figure where lexus have gone withe red car (cant remember what it was already, i was thinking its a beefed up toyota gt86 while the new Supra will hopefully get some LFA DNA
  23. Ive just found that thread on the guy whos had the wheels made, they look good, no photo on the car yet, im really interested in those, ive got some S4 wheels but havent put em on yet
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