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  1. That 74k should probably be 7400 miles, amazing the knock on effect a flick of a finger on a key board leaves
  2. Ha ha Advantage has the most valid point...its about to get tested top gear special style as a young girls first car.
  3. I think judge it on condition, at that age you could get one with half the mileage thats been bounced up every kerb, clutch slipped at every light or wheel spun tound asda car park, it could be a clock change or domething innocent?? Ive had the mot guys key in the wrong mileage back in the day that messed the searches up later on.
  4. Unless Jewson staff are lotus finatics id guess the demolition will go ahead, there doesnt look any refference to its past currently and no one objected to that?
  5. I went on a PH sunday morning meet last week, a new exige in dark blue (no wing)turned up and got lots of attention but didnt stay long, a nice yellow elan turned up too for the lotus fraturnity so hopefully the lotus PH'ers will stand up and give the negative comments some jip back!!
  6. Ive alway had a twitch for these since fast and furious film caught me in my mid twentys, id feel a pillock in it but would like a joy ride one day
  7. Found a couple to get the oz ones up for sale.
  8. Defo get some blue wheels, ill have first bids on your Oz wheels please ha ha On a serious note though i like the plain 5 spoke Khan wheels bibs used to have on an Esprit, ive had those wheels on other cars, nice and easy to clean too (bibs may have a quick photo he could add?)
  9. Peugoet feature was a waste of time and two cars (and an unlucky red mr2 in the garden centre car park) I thought the rest of the show was great, the lack of a race with the porsche, ferrari and mcclaren is probably them all in agreement not to slag each other off, at those sale prices losing a sale is a huge loss, the influence a race could have (that driver and production team dependant any of them could win) could give each of them bad press for there trophy cars, although you'd like to think they all attract there own type of buyer theres only so many people could buy them
  10. Ill be calling in at whrightington next sunday so hopefully see you there (sadly not bringing my lotus unfortunately, ive had to sorn it at a friends hose till my garage is sorted)
  11. Barry, ive got a connnoly kit came with my car from previous owner, i clean it, feed it lanolin (not sure if thats the right spelling?) The next day its nice and soft again. Ive read about re colouring seats but you loose the stitching colour, ill prolong the life of my seats untill i can justify a re covering
  12. I just spotted this? Is it just me thinking there is nothing left of the poor car?
  13. Congratulations, its great, you get to take pictures like this.....
  14. Youve just missed a red SE on ebay that went for 8350 i think? Sold in 24 hours for a quick sale, thats the lowest price obe ive seen in years
  15. Ah !! This one was for sale when i got mine at SWLC, i didnt go see it because of the interior at the time. Looks a bargain at the price its gone for, definately needs the rear lights putting back to standard though.
  16. This has made me feel a little sick, mine was much more expensive two years ago
  17. Well worth the money this, everyone i shown my photos too last year have been impressed, also took some graft in the down pour to get so many photos
  18. Ah right, ive always thought it was the oil temperature? You need to poodle around for half an hour to get the oil warm anyway. Vulcan Grey - i wish you lived on my street id be round every day for info ha ha
  19. Mine boosts at 0.5 all day long then when he's feeling in a good mood (oil temp right) it goes upto 0.8 and really shifts for a 25 year old motor
  20. Groupon did £99 per room per night b&b last year on the weekend we were there. I thought it was a really good venue, brooklands museum was brilliant too
  21. Hows the i3 compare to the tesla on price? Surely the tesla has a better range by the sounds of it? Retract comment....i mistaken an i3 for an i8 (googled it after typing)
  22. Ha ha i take your point, for me with a 70 mile round trip commute to work and 65 mile round trip once a week to take the little un to see his grand parents i would be £80 a week better off just in fuel. Tesla came up with a battery swap at fuel stations, they swapped a battery of some sort for a fully charged one faster than you could fill your fuel tank. Problem obviously is that this would cost money but the idea worked
  23. The beauty of tgat drag race is AMG Merc spent £30 on petrol, tesla £5 electric and still 120 mile left in the tank. If i had 80k in the bank doing nothing and a horendous company car tax bill id be placing an order,opting out of the car scheme and getting pence per mile back to run my tesla, the depriciation is off set by the savings in road tax, fuel and maintenance but boy will it go through tyres.
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