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  1. I live in preston and can sort a man and van (me) if anyones got a trailer and some of those trolleys it could go on to get it on a trailer or a flat bed? Be nice to see it rescued
  2. From my experience i rented out my old house then me and the mrs bought one together, since moving out 3 years ago the mortgage on my old house has reduced by 8k, ive spent approx 2k in maintenance so 6k up. We bought a house together with a higher mortgage which the balance has only dropped by 2.5k (larger balance longer term more of the payment is interest effectively renting from the bank) weve got 5.5k worth of jobs need doing so 3.5k loss (plus garage 4k re build but i knocked it down). If i knew the maintenance of our new house was gonna get so high we could have got another terrace, minted it up and rented it out, while the two investment properties pay them selves off we could rent a bigger house with no cost of high maintenance to worry about that a bigger house brings. In short.....move up north its waaaaaaaay cheaper
  3. Nice set of wheels for show boating, i think it looks smart rolling slowly, be wise to keep the old wheels ready to pop on when your going for a big run out though?
  4. Its a shame the car cant be rescued and brought back, have we not got any members over there?
  5. The sun says 205mph top speed!! Fifth Gear trying reach 200 have nothing on top gear obviously. Hopefully the prep work involved removing the futuras and they will be up for sale soon.
  6. Hi all, just browsing on ebay at the poor Turbo SE that got hit in scarborough and noticed the oil pressure running alot higher than mine, mine (once warm) goes between a quarter and three quarters of the dial? Should i be worried?
  7. Oooor i really liked the look of that car when it was for sale, what a shame, hopefully it will come back over here to be saved? I wonder what happened to the wheels?
  8. Oh know !! Maybe they saw value in the oz wheels and sold them? It maybe a cheap v8 when it comes back with a tow bar too
  9. Ah its just a number plate...... im hoping they dont destroy the esprit with bolt on stupid things, cutting holes, stealing parts and being silly... it will be like the morris marina community complaining when the flattened a couple of them, it will be slaughter if they trash it, someone on heres gonna probably know the car too
  10. Ive never seen this till now, loved it, the pause is exactly what i do when i say its the best car i could wish to own....(apart from a V8 or maybe an evora with a pop out roof if they make one ha ha)
  11. I think send a bundle of the most popular gear to bibs in a truck at a discounted price so we can buy from the forum shop the same price as lotus originals? That would keep us happy and bring more lotus fans to the forum (obviously not that easy but sounds good ha ha)
  12. Im surprised this hasn't sold, if you were like me who loves the late v8 look but hasnt got the cash to buy one(or replace an engine when it breaks) this one would be a great buy and less hassle to maintain? like in red though ha ha
  13. How about a terminator inspired add in a matt black evora on US Tv or you tube saying simply Ill be back !!
  14. Targa evora !!! I better get saving if that ever gets signed off. Id be happy clicking two t bar glass panels into the boot, not bothered if they leak, or if there old fashioned ha ha
  15. Just flicking through you tube and this video amazed me!!! Everyone should get a go in this before they die, the fellas having a great time!! LOTUS ELISE HAYABUSA:
  16. I work for a merc dealer and the whole crew from merc uk have been trimmed down dramatically in the last 5 years to do more for less. Same at dealer level, every department is trimmed so thin when soneones off on holiday its caos. All i saw was job roles made redundant to almalgamate roles to do the same with less people, if you were lucky and got made redundant then took back on for a new role you were quids in, but boy would you have to work harder from here on
  17. I agree an mx5 rival would be good and revive the elan title? Huge market ruled by mazda, honda s2000 took the hard core side of the market, bmw z4 took the posers, 3 levels of spec to suit each of these buyers, lighter, faster and a little luxury (recaros etc)
  18. Called in afterwork, got very busy so hopefully some potential buyers. Ive decided i want something between the exige roadster and the evora.......a new esprit roadster it is one day ha ha
  19. Fortunately my good friend is looking after my car, hes got it parked next to his corrolla which might not sound much but, the story is he got the corrolla in 1994, had so much fun in it over the years as a young lad he cant part with it so had a double garage built to home it rather than see it delivering indian food if he sold it, Everytime he gets in it he re lives his youth ha ha
  20. Oh i am soooooooo jealous i cannot describe it in words. Ive changed the plan slightly. I got hold of a bricky (by reccomendation) who said he can throw it up effectively once ive sorted the foundations, he would prefer me to get 'building control' round to ensure its built properly and certificated. I pay 240 pound for a fella to come round who wants to come back on 8 occassions to inspect the build!!! The bricky is now squirming away...... i wish i never made that call to building control. Ive got someone else coming round sunday who may be able to do whole thing for me, ive very little spare time and worried winters coming too, hopefully see some progress soon
  21. Id like to go to this, being in the trade my self i think they will realise im not gonna trade my esprit the minute i rolled up, but really would love a ride round the block in and evora S in the driving seat!!
  22. Great video, i had an mr2 before my esprit, great car with almost no maintenance issues, huge club following too, had a turbo one before this one and think that would have give most esprits a run for there money, crazy fast and good on the road too
  23. Will anyone really make money on an esprit if they keep in longer than a few weeks?theres lots of maintenance to pay for, i suppose it off sets the expenditure rather than turns a profit when you sell. I think anyone ready to buy an esprit will pay over the odds when there face to face with the right car, its the boy in all of us that makes that 'im having it' decision, right buyer for the right motor is a sellers dream, its just a waiting game. I paid over the odds and still thanked the fella ha ha
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