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  1. 8 hours ago, Jacques said:

    I would reinsulate that throttle cable.

    One of my friends who happen to  have an SE like myself, soon after his purchase discovered, that the ebpv and throttle linkage were blocked and didn't Work propperly. Not needed, at should be takes off, cleaned up, wrapped in and put in storage for future originality ;)

    Anyway, drives better without. I removed both on my car as well.

    Kind regards,


    Hi Jacques, I've got some heat insulating sleeve on order that' much prettier to keep the cable safe. Ive a list as long as my arm now of maintenance but enjoying getting stuck in.

  2. I' learning as I go along as such and took the whole pipe off for simpliciy. the small pipe to the none return valve was disintegrating and possibly sprayed a thin mist all over the back of the engine.  ordered new none return valves just in case, plan is to clean the green breather and fit an oil catch tank. The intake pipe to the turbo has in my opinion alot of oil in it so reading up on possible causes and doing everything i can find to help prevent it.

    Whilst you guys are here, what thoughts on the charcoal canister? My car has always had a slight dip in revs between tickover and power, never been a problem but I'm reading the breather system can cause a hesitation? 

    It has 37000 miles on it and I suspect it's original, haven't found a replacement but wondered if anyone else has changed there's?


  3. Hi Fellas,

    My EBPV hasn' been in use for some time (see photo not sure it' fully open either?) Im so far planned to replace exhaust from turbo back de catting it simply due to rust not performance.

    Ive read on here to Remove throttle jack or diss connect it at least when ebpv removed, the car occasionally revved like it was on choke a few times but I put it down to its age and a 'no real problem' every now and then issue, now I don' want to risk it sticking in normal driving.

    Any tips? Looks tricky to get the parts off with out taking the top part of the plenum off? I'I scared of petrol pipes ha ha. If I un-doo the cross over part I'm thinking I could keep the fuel pipes connected and lift it a few inches on a block? Am I being unnecessarily cautious?

    Excuse the throttle cable protection stuff, that' being binned and replaced too.




  4. I've got a new cast one hiding in a cupboard, I told the Mrs only cost £50, I bought it on a whim just in case I need it in future and my garage is full of spare wheels, bushes, header tank, pipes, dash bits, splitter etc etc .....didn't want it to get hot and cold in thd garage till one day it needs to be fitted. If I remember right it was one of a 're run done some time ago so hopefully not a flawed one?

    (Cost a lot more than £50 but she would never need to know)

  5. I've had a few cat d cars back in the day, always checked em out proper first and told none of my pals (they couldn't see how I afforded them). Always had to remember bought it for less have to sell it for less eventually. I'm sure it'll be fine after 20 years 

  6. Thanks for the advice everyone, im think electric  is the way to go after trying to clean up the failed seal for an hour ?

    Looks really pitted maybe from rust or a previous replacement with too much scraping? What do you think?

    I think weve got an ultrasonic cleaner at work, thought about dropping it in there and see how it comes out, ive a feeling ill put new seals in them do it again.




    2017-05-14 19.25.12.jpg

  7. Good evening all.

    Ive finally got to work on my esprit, ive had a leak around the chargecooler pump area for ages, small drip that mounts up over night as such.

    Ive got an overhaul kit ready, ill put a photo of the propeller on next for your thoughts. 

    Its reasonably stiff to turn for one, the propeller looks ok just squashed on one side more than the other? The water appears to have come from a hole in the bottom of the pump? Does this indicate anything?

    There also appears to be a tiny crack at the end of the drive shaft around the small hole? Is this normal?

    Im thinking ill go electric if this pump isnt looking serviceable?

    1st time doing this job so appologies in advance for so many questions.



  8. 30 minutes ago, PhilW said:

    Andy Esprit SE

    what i want to know did the little guy learn the models or is he up for adoption tonight?

    He remembered evora, esprit and errrr concorde ha ha thats it...... he got a nose bleed just before we left and i marched him through mb world looking like he broke his nose, i did think about a photo for the original coment saying 'failed' but didnt have the heart ha ha. Hes a lotus fan for sure but still learning

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  9. I agree, if it causes you that much stress id advertise it for offers and see what brings, new cars do take a loss but the expense of a legal battle might be similar. This forums full of love for a 400, out of my reach for now but plenty here think its a great car

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