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  1. The hks evc solved all my boost related problems. Even tried a 3bar sensor without luck,.., ever since the hks was implemented all running smooth.
  2. Simple solution: Electric bypass valve, just need to make sure the streight pipe is on the cut off side..... It still vents throughthe muffler side when opened...... Cheers
  3. Nice work Karl. I personally liked it better in gray, even better with that niice read-head sprawling all over the winscreen,...., yummy. :-)
  4. I actually like the design. But my first thought was : FERRATTI... then I thought no, MERRARI..... There is something to be said about similarities, Mr CEO. I hate myself for being so pinchy... Ups , sorry meant MASERARI......
  5. ....and where may the "next generation Esprit" page have gone...? :-) to Paris then...I assume... Sneaky.
  6. I shook his hand... What an aura... anyway, it was a super event, I guess it will take place every year now. Some very rare cars, pic online at cheers.
  7. I was reading up on the subject some time ago. The bloke, for got his name, who is reviving the Stratos actually owns no 1, plus has inherited the largest Stratos collection from his father. Also has he managed to get ahold of the ownership of the name Stratos. So to say Lancia has nothing to do with the car anymore. In September there will be a concour d'elegance near my place, lst year No.1 was displayed there, and I hope that the new Stratos will be there for marketing purposes. I sincerely hope that there will be many more than 25. The mechanics of the car are almost 100% Ferrari, so plenty expensive anyway..... In respect to all those retro designs: Nice, but now we need a breathtaking spankin new ESPRIT design, something to whelm about for the next 30 years, without copying the past....... Saving money............
  8. See my thread in the Germany groups/events
  9. ON Sept. 10-12 there will be a Concour d'Elegance at The Schloss Bensberg Cologne. Just 5 KM from where I live.... :-) One of the referees will be Giorgetto Giugiaro! entrance as a spectator will be Euro 7.50 The historic Rally will be Saturday. Any onecoming or interested is welcome to PM me. i can assist in finding accomodation. Would be some sight to catch GG for a group pic with some Esprit....... Cheers Link :
  10. Saw this on youtube, I'd say one sick manufacturer of hyper-quads and so.... Love their Mini as well. ;-)
  11. I use an Optima YellowTop.D35. Works well for me
  12. Wow,..., did not predict that..... Sorry folks! lets see how we will do against Argentina/Mexico?....
  13. Winter is gone... in Europe not so long time ago..... Got a new Gel-Type no acid starter battery, a new Exhaust, which I only drove for 14 KM !!! And a whole lot of Lotus feeling to go for tomorrow..... We will see how all goes, but as always it will be the pleasure of the year to start up the beast....... Loving life.....
  14. I have an old style ECU, . If needed.... Your problem sounds like some thing related to a vacuum disturbance or sensor reading problems....Not sure what though. Good Luck! I am over in Cologne if needed.
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