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  1. I was reading up on the subject some time ago. The bloke, for got his name, who is reviving the Stratos actually owns no 1, plus has inherited the largest Stratos collection from his father. Also has he managed to get ahold of the ownership of the name Stratos. So to say Lancia has nothing to do with the car anymore. In September there will be a concour d'elegance near my place, lst year No.1 was displayed there, and I hope that the new Stratos will be there for marketing purposes.

    I sincerely hope that there will be many more than 25. The mechanics of the car are almost 100% Ferrari, so plenty expensive anyway.....

    In respect to all those retro designs: Nice, but now we need a breathtaking spankin new ESPRIT design, something to whelm about for the next 30 years, without copying the past.......

    Saving money............

  2. ON Sept. 10-12 there will be a Concour d'Elegance at The Schloss Bensberg Cologne. Just 5 KM from where I live.... :-)

    One of the referees will be Giorgetto Giugiaro!

    entrance as a spectator will be Euro 7.50

    The historic Rally will be Saturday. Any onecoming or interested is welcome to PM me. i can assist in finding accomodation.

    Would be some sight to catch GG for a group pic with some Esprit.......


    Link :

  3. Winter is gone... in Europe not so long time ago.....

    Got a new Gel-Type no acid starter battery, a new Exhaust, which I only drove for 14 KM !!! And a whole lot of Lotus feeling to go for tomorrow.....

    We will see how all goes, but as always it will be the pleasure of the year to start up the beast.......

    Loving life.....

  4. Unfortunately I did not make it to the Ring. But I had the chance to watch the 24HRS on TV on and off. Honestly I felt deep sadness when I saw the Lotus go up in flames. Thankfully the driver managed to bail out!

    Congratulations for the effort and actual gain in the classification. I am sure the car would have been good for some result.


  5. No problem having 2 different makes. On my S4 rims I have GoodYear Eagle F1 in the front and Vredestein in the Back. I actually have to admit that the compound is pretty good on the Vredesteins. A little on the hard side, has been lasting for a much longer time than the GoodYears, they do loose grip but its absolutely controllable.

    Over all handling was pretty good.

    A tire to look out for, once new sizes are made, is the Dunlop SportMax TT. I use them on my Audi ( 1800 Kilos ) and they stick to the road ( wet and dry ) like superglue...... amazing!

  6. Hi Olaf,

    Are you saying the liner nip wasn't in spec? And if so, is it thought to be that way from the factory or just changed over time for some reason?




    as my engine only had 25 TKM on it Steffen at R&B thought it to be ex factory that way. Could not tell you if it evolved or not...

    Is all fine now.



  7. Artie, one thing I learned the hard way is that the seating of the liners in most of the engines, they are actually glued in, is not what you would call within the tolerances. After plaining the head and two gasket sets, even R&B was to admit that this is a major concern with these engines. Anyone doing headwork, gaskets or studs, have a look at the seating of the liners for tolerances. Saves money..... Now all this plays a role @ 1,3 bar plus.... ;-)


  8. Put the car in the garage:-)

    No actually ran out of time since I mooved. But talking to Steffen at R&B, he thinks its an air bubble sitting somewhere near the cylinder.

    As soon as I get time I will have a go at re-flushing....

    Otherwise :

    as I am a little fed-up.....

    will post!



    Exactly what my car is doing after flushing, did you solve it ?

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