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    White Evora N/A

    Hi Ryanmt Are you still looking? I have a white launch edition model and have been toying with the idea of a change.
  3. I fitted a 2bular backbox which does away with the 3rd cat. Other than that, the vehicle is standard (not got round to purchasing a radium CAI yet). The transformation is amazing, it no longer sounds like a Toyota but a true performance car with purpose and really comes alive as the revs rise, without being too intrusive. The quality is good, excellent service from 2bular and considerable weight savings as an added bonus. In short - you would not be disappointed with the 2bular See thread
  4. So, here it is. The 2bular twin silencer/de-cat arrived and was promptly fitted. The first thing to notice was the shear difference in size and weight when compared with the standard system. 37lb for the old system against 15lb for the 2bular. There is quite a bit of adjustability on the mounting flange, making it a doddle to fit. However the real joy comes when firing the engine up. The blip is amazing, letting you hear the V6 burst into life before settling down to a nice purposeful burble. On the road there is a slight hum at low revs/part throttle but nothing too intrusive. Once above 2500 and throughout the midrange the V6 is allowed to sing with a throaty rasp before turning into a manic howl as the revs creep towards the redline. In short it sounds amazing and is how the vehicle should of left the factory in my opinion. Needless to say, I am well chuffed with my choice and would recommend the 2bular to anyone. The only downside is that the fuel economy has suffered considerably as I can't help but thrash the Evora at every opportunity just to hear that glorious V6 growl.
  5. Me too. I have been holding off on buying a Radium and following this thread with interest in the hope that a newly developed product will be shortly available. More confusion than enlightenment at the minute though. I'm sure the dyno day be an interesting day for all of you involved. Be sure to post any revelations and your dyno results for us to scrutinise. And don't let the snow put you off, it'll just provide a more interesting drive there and make for a more fun day overall
  6. Hi, the following is taken from evora engine diagnostic manual. Hope it helps. Sounds like this in itself is not a problem however this code has popped up due to an underlying issue. Any other codes up? P2104 Throttle actuator control system – forced idle Description If a problem is detected which could result in faster engine speed than commanded by the pedal, the actuator is switched out, allowing the throttle valve to default to a 6% mechanically sprung setting. This provides a fast idle speed which may be used to effect a 'limp home' mechanism. Monitor: • Continuous Enable Criteria: • Engine running Disable Criteria: • None Potential failure modes: • Electronic throttle fault Note: This code indicates action taken by the ECU, and will always be accompanied by another code which has caused this action.
  7. The standard plugs are Denso FK20Hr11. As far as I know theses plugs are iridium. The only benefit I can see for using iridium plugs would be longer lasting due to the harder material, I can't see any performance benefits.
  8. I've done it. After much consideration, deliberation and um-ing and ah-ing, I have ordered a de-cat twin silencer backbox from 2bular for £700. Jim from 2bular said it is on a par with the Lotus sports backbox and de-cat pipe with regards sound/noise level. For me it seemed to strike the best balance between cost/quality, also with 2ubular having a good reputation and being very helpful with any queries I had it was a done deal. I'd like to thank everyone here for the help provided, I should get the exhaust in about a week and will post my impressions of the system here once it's fitted.
  9. Cheers Jimbo, More options to ponder. There is no doubt the fundamental design of the standard exhaust is already pretty good, so I had considered the drastic approach of cutting the silencer open, removing some of the silencer wadding and re-welding back up. Anyone handy with a TIG set should be able to carry out the operation although it does seem a little brutal.
  10. I wasn't going to stretch to a full system, seems a bit extravagant to me, I am a (tight) yorkshire man. So the 2bular backbox does seem good value as it does away with the 3rd cat, so no need for a de-cat pipe as well. I was intrigued by this system splitting into twin silencers, not sure on the effect this will have on sound, performance, etc, if any? Cheers for your help
  11. Hi, I have recently become the proud owner of a Evora LE and like most owners I find the Toyota soundtrack a little lacking in aural pleasure. I am not after a booming boy racer exhaust and would like to hold a conversation in the vehicle when cruising, but would just like a little more from the exhaust. I know there has been much discussed about the Lotus sports exhaust and Larini, but does anybody have any experience or recommendations on the 2bular system? These seem to be highly regarded in the Lotus community (Elise/Exige systems) yet there doesn't seem to be much documented on the Evora system. Any help on making my decision a little easier would be much appreciated. A Radium CAI is also on the cards however I would like to sort the exhaust before the induction.
  12. Bucko

    Pure joy

    I was in a similar predicament to Jonathan, running over the same 'should I shouldn't I' argument in my head for about 6 months before taking the plunge into Evora ownership. Practicality was always low on my list of priorities yet I still wanted something usable, a certain German marque just didn't seem to cut it for me, too bland and too common a sight on our roads. I had decided quite early on the individuality and driver focused dynamics of a Lotus was what I wanted but was it to be the hardcore Exige or the refined, grown up Evora? Needless to say I opted for the Evora however I did have my reservations. As I could only afford an early model should I have been worried about spending all my hard earned cash on a low volume junior super car, just coming out of its warranty period, with iffy build quality and inter-galactic gearing? One drive was all it took to answer my questions, I had to have one and the enjoyment I get when I slither myself in behind the wheel is priceless. I have to be out driving it at every opportunity (going to have to amend my limited mileage insurance policy I think). I even volunteered my services for an airport run, three full size people and a weeks worth of luggage balancing precariously on their knees. So Jonathan, I can concur. The Evora really is an extraordinary vehicle and yes it is practical, I am truly enjoying lotus ownership. I think you sum it up perfectly 'pure joy'
  13. Hi, I would like to introduce myself as a newbie first time Lotus owner. I have recently become the proud new owner of a white Evora LE. After much deliberation (Exige S or Evora) I am happy with the choice I have made, I like the refinement and just don't think I am hardcore enough to have lived with the Exige on a day to day basis. As a kid I dreamt of being being behind the wheel of an Esprit, I now feel like a dream is realised as I look at the Evora as being the latest incarnation of the Esprit (as we are unlikely to see a new Esprit model now). The Evora amazes every time I jump behind the wheel, I love the steering directness, the supple ride, the looks and the attention it gets. The individuality of the Evora also made it an easy choice over a Porsche. My only criticisms so far are the complete unuseability of the Alpine sat nav head unit and the Toyota sound track (it just doesn't sound like it looks), however both issues are well documented on the forum and easily addressed.
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