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  1. Loose Cannon

    Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Looks amazing, not far now. Are you going to do a Northern tour this summer when its done?
  2. Hello Peter, if Henry is still the owner he lived in Corsham, Wiltshire with his parents at the time where I saw his car, but it may be elsewhere now. I'm sure he would love to hear more about the car (as would we!) you have any pictures from this period in time? IIRC He was effectively given the car for free by his former teacher and I think he had to retrieve it from a large overgrown hedge that that had engulfed it! I'm not really in touch with the 4 seater world any more so don't know how far he got with the restoration but it was rather tasty with the oxblood red seats. It also featured in Lotuses promotional advert for the Riviera version. Was your uncle Don Stevens? I had some corrspondance from him where he called the car "the Pride of Dorset" and he sounded like a fantastic larger than life fellow! A shame it fell into disrepair but that seems to be the fate of most Elites. PM me if Henry doesn't chime in and you want his parents address.
  3. Is that a misprint for the poster? I'll have 10 please!
  4. Loose Cannon

    TLF Film Appreciation Society

    You can't just leave us hanging like that!
  5. Ollie is a riot. I have met him a few times due to my involvement with the 4 seaters, he'll talk to anyone at length, a lovely chap. When I spotted him at the 60th and collared him he couldn't believe anyone remembered who he was. Nice to see in the intervening 10 years he has had his profile lifted again somewhat. Also like Tony Rudd he is a gifted and entertaining writer.
  6. Epic. Does anyone know if Clive Chapman and Ollie Winterbottom's brief interviews made it onto video? I heard them both on the tannoy but the official Lotus coverage on Youtube doesn't include them for some reason. Also did Hazel say a few words, I didn't see or hear her although Clive announced she arrived midday?
  7. Loose Cannon

    NEC Classic Car Show-Birmingham Nov. 9-11

    I displayed my Eclat there a few years ago for Not living nearby, and wanting some freedom whilst there, we ended up taking a second car. Even with free entry and parking it still cost us upwards of £500 in total for the trip inc fuel, accommodation and meals. A lot of money to make someone else a show.
  8. Loose Cannon

    Anyone know a character called Arnoseven on EBay?

    It will be Arno Huberts. He has been around donkeys years. He always seems to have some Lotus parts for sale. He has his own website/web pages but I don't think he is a "specialist" or "dealer" any more than our own dear Bauke Tocus... As far as possible I avoid buying car parts on Ebay these days as there is just too much chance of getting the wrong one from the myriad of variations in part numbers. I've had quite a few companies play hardball over returns even when their listings or photographs are misleading or just completely wrong. If its available somewhere over the counter or by a seller I trust to take returns I go there even if its a few quid more.
  9. Loose Cannon

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    ...and baldy tyre. Must be running slave wheels during assembly. The staff are showing complete faith in that body hoist!
  10. Mine came yesterday, check your spam folders guys. Many thanks to Bibs and all concerned for this opportunity. Do you think interest in Lotus is at an all time high at the moment, or does everyone just like a party? 🎂
  11. At the very least there could be a policy of assisting the aftermarket with reproduction parts if it is no longer economic for the factory to supply them. I understand pattterns and drawings are destroyed rather than being made public realm.
  12. My wishlist; A new genuine 4 seater or generous 2+2 like the Bahar prototypes (not a fan of crossovers) An Esprit replacement in the same veign as the original Gallardo (which I think size and purpose wise made anything Lotus was proposing at that time redundant) Full factory support for Classics (including remanufacture where possible and factory trimshop as it was) Made in Norfolk and a pledge for the future
  13. Loose Cannon

    Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Not really, that's one kit car builder's DIY efforts at building this original which is a lot more concept-car-ish; William Towns ploughed his own furrow for sure but he gave us some unforgettable designs, and who wants to be the same as everyone else anyway?
  14. So how many Lotus owner's cars have actually been allowed on site at Hethel?
  15. My ticket is 4408. Have they really allocated 408 tickets in 3 hours? 😮 Are they small enough to fit in a hamper? If not chuck a tartan blanket over them and tell them to keep still 🤥