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  1. ^^^ Ooh that looks good! As a fan of Tony Scott I hope they do it justice, and not too much social justice warrioring. I was a bit hesitant about Le Mans 66, as any detail-obsessed car nerd would be, but with only a few tiny flaws I would recommend it to anyone. Catching up on a few other recentish films I can recommend a pair of Mel Gibson items which slipped under the radar; 1. Blood Father; I love nothing better than a good revenge flick, where an old school star like goes all psycho-dad on some unfortunate others who have slighted someone they care about.
  2. I actually went to see it again; a friend with a spinal injury was given tickets and unsurprisingly didn't relish the thought of sitting for circa 3.5 hours inc ads and we gave them a good home.😁 I enjoyed it even more second time around, as I don''t really like surprises, and once you had got QT's little plot quirks out of the way could concentrate even more on the staggering attention to detail and fantastic character performances.
  3. Agree, we saw it last night. I was a bit cautious as QT has made as many stinkers as classics, but his films are always beautifully designed and crafted. As a longtime fan of midcentury design and architecture I was looking forward to his fastidious attention to detail into turning the world back to 1969 and was totally blown away. I usually have an irrational dislike of modern period drama as I'm always spotting double glazing in Dickens plays or block paving in episodes of George Gently. However this was perfect from corner to corner of the widescreen, you can really see where love and
  4. Shazam! The trailer looked fun and the film didn't disappoint. It felt like a cross between Toby McGuire's "Spiderman" and Tom Hank's "Big", which I think is a compliment. As long as you wind yourself back to a child like level of expectation this is a nice feelgood movie for all the family (as long as the kids dont mind a few monster head-chomps).
  5. For a minute I thought she has 3 hands in that picture? Not seen many films lately but surprise quality flicks x2 are Stan and Ollie, and Rocketman. Stan and Ollie; well cast, well acted and some terrific makeup to make the 2 actors look spot on. If you have any background knowledge some of the dialogue between the 2 guys and spouses is spot on. The only shame is the supposed 15 year rift between the two (which has never been mentioned before) is overplayed for dramatic effect, but overall it's a very sweet and affectionate look at these incredibly modest 20th century icons.
  6. Not in the slightest Stuart your positive comment was taken exactly as you meant it. It could not possibly have gone to a better home, I'm delighted. Thankyou Phil that would be amazing. If I'm back down Norfolk way I'll look you up if thats OK? When I first set off on the mission of Esprit ownership a copper'n'cream Bond-esque Turbo was top of the list. Unfortunately at the time such replicas were not really in vogue and genuine similar cars very rare. Plus I didn't have the experience or skill to create one myself. Its thanks to this website and earlier iterations that its so relativ
  7. Hi all, thankyou very much for your kind thoughts and messages. As a nice ending to this tale I can confirm my GT3 has been sold. As you will know it was just as important to me personally who bought it as how much it went for, and it has gone to just about the best person I can ever think of in more ways than one. I don't think he will mind me mentioning his name (as he said the car will probably be even more famous in publicity pics in the future) but it was bought by long-standing Lotus staffer Gavan Kershaw, Director of Lotus Cars (Vehicle Attributes) and all-round Lotus-Nutcase-for-L
  8. Thankyou all. A Lotus-friend came around last night who didn't know, and I had to tell him the story, which in itself is exhausting. That is going to happen a lot in the future. He himself has no children (which when I add up a surprising amount of aquaintances don't) and said as such he couldn't imagine what it was like. I said thet I (now) understand that with other close deaths (parents, grandparents, even friends) eventually you get over it. There is no getting over this, you don't even want to. My stepmother is the only close person who has been through anything similar to
  9. Thankyou for your kind comments. She was 22 and only a few weeks away from completing her degree and starting the rest of her life. The University are awarding her a posthumous degree, which is very kind of them, as she had already done enough to pass. We were going to have fun looking for her favourite car (Jaguar XK8) this summer. Then maybe a trip back to her favourite place, the West Coast and Death Valley. Every holiday, in fact every plan we ever had was built around her. There are now no more plans. Life will be so dull without her. My little car show buddy. Here she is tryin
  10. Hi all. A difficult post this. For a little while now I have felt my time with the Esprit was coming to an end, no matter how much I adored it (and still do). My mileage has dropped to 1000 a year and often much less, and my trips limited to special events like the factory dos and local stuff like the Jim Clark memorial, plus I hardly visit the forum any more from being a daily visitor in the past. I am really after a touring machine now, and the GT3s rather focussed driver delivery is not condusive to this, certainly not for hours on end on the motorway! I also gain great pleasure taking
  11. 😁 Slightly belated happy 92nd to Hazel for today 🎂
  12. I'm only looking at online comments about that Question Time programme because of this thread, but its ironic the same people banging on about ignoring him because he is only an actor don't seem to have a problem if its Emma "air miles" Thompson. He speaks a lot of sense but his Brian Blessed school of delivery will never go down well with the hand-wringers and hell always be condemned as a dinosaur. BIG ISSUE INTERVIEW
  13. Pilkingtons? As well as remanufacturing the glass there would have to be sufficient extra fittings (handles and tongues etc) as there are quite a few bits and bobs involved in those and all out of production too. SJ Sportscars have it all but exactly how many full sets only they could say. Therehas been suggestions in the past of getting them done in tinted polycarbonate (makralon or some similar modern hard wearing stuff) which could also wear a clear film to protect from wash scratching etc. This seems a good idea as using polycarb the thicknesses at the edges and hinge points cou
  14. Skiving off school is hardly activism or suffrage. When the new generation stop buying tons of worthless shit, porking McDonalds or voluntarily clean a public park instead of playing computer games, then I'll take them seriously. There seems to be a backlash of hatred about "the older generation" causing the current generation's massive "suffering". I'm sure the youth of 100 years ago would consider their lifestyle heaven compared with going to hard manual work at 14.
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