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  1. I'm only looking at online comments about that Question Time programme because of this thread, but its ironic the same people banging on about ignoring him because he is only an actor don't seem to have a problem if its Emma "air miles" Thompson. He speaks a lot of sense but his Brian Blessed school of delivery will never go down well with the hand-wringers and hell always be condemned as a dinosaur. BIG ISSUE INTERVIEW
  2. Pilkingtons? As well as remanufacturing the glass there would have to be sufficient extra fittings (handles and tongues etc) as there are quite a few bits and bobs involved in those and all out of production too. SJ Sportscars have it all but exactly how many full sets only they could say. Therehas been suggestions in the past of getting them done in tinted polycarbonate (makralon or some similar modern hard wearing stuff) which could also wear a clear film to protect from wash scratching etc. This seems a good idea as using polycarb the thicknesses at the edges and hinge points could then be moulded thicker to re-use the existing fittings from the old solid roof. A lot of work for someone to emgineer a small run, which could end up costing as much as the 2nd hand glass ones?
  3. Skiving off school is hardly activism or suffrage. When the new generation stop buying tons of worthless shit, porking McDonalds or voluntarily clean a public park instead of playing computer games, then I'll take them seriously. There seems to be a backlash of hatred about "the older generation" causing the current generation's massive "suffering". I'm sure the youth of 100 years ago would consider their lifestyle heaven compared with going to hard manual work at 14.
  4. Hi Vanya, I had a DB9 sports pack for a couple of years. It's gone but the Esprit stayed, get the picture? It looked amazing, the general populace seemed to appreciate it more than the Esprit, i.e. cameraphones came out when you went past! it was also very reliable and beautifully put together, but the negatives outweighed the positives. The deliberate noise it makes on startup eventually feels embarrassing, you can't turn it off and it makes you look like an attention seeking saddo when you just want to go to the shops. It handled like a wooden bedstead and was ridiculously stiff and rigid. If there was any suspension at all I never felt it; any Lotus would be all over it. Drank fuel as you would expect a 12 cylinder to do, but the performance never felt much better than my old 07 Jag XJR which gets 30mpg plus on a run and is 1000 times nicer to drive. Passenger and luggage space is ridiculously small for the size car, the passenger side has a foreshortened footwell for some ECU gubbins under the carpet, and eventaully you feel like you are piloting some pontoon with a ridiculously long nose. The push buttons for the auto are annoying, I never got used to them the whole dash is illegible pre-2009 as it was desingned by some woman with an art degree with white legends on a silver background and an illogical switch layout. In fact The DB9 in general is not a good car pre 2010 until the adaptive damping came along and sorted the ride. Second hand prices are in freefall, there is just so much supply vs demand, I foresee the 15 grand DB9 is not far off. Plus as mentioned before they are all afflicted by the British James Bond obsession and so are all dull greys with black and white interiors. Despite all that I still fancy another Aston! I always liked the Rapide which is slighly more practical than the 9 and rides much better, however as mentioned ny old XJR does all it does and more for a tenth of the price. Either that or a DB7 Volante, even foreseeing problems with rust, horrendous AC systems, tight footwells etc. The few I have driven felt like an old classic car which suits me better, the DB9 felt like a poorly equipped soulless modern car. The DB7 feels like a big MGB to go touring around Europe with one arm out the window, which is what I'm after these days. Having said all Evora would pee all over either!
  5. Lots of Lotus history in the band apprently including an overheating (gasp) Esprit S2. Seems like a proper petrol head.
  6. That was a great slot. It saddens me when the trio prove what they are capable of in producing informative enjoyable articles like this (also the Jim Clark one) but mostly just play up the populist X Factor audience.
  7. Nautilus I think its called. Pretty sure that car has been in a classic mag article.
  8. I hope it survives, there is a tailgate at Douglas Valley Breakers that colour and Lotus cant have made many
  9. Totally agree. My theory is the bigger and grander the wedding the shorter the actual marriage. Massive weddings can only make subsequent married life a bit of an anti-climax. The ones I have been to with string quartets in stately homes with honeymoons in the Maldives or Hawaii coincided with the marriages lasting months. Our wedding cost us pesonally a grand which was an achievement even in 1996. It also allowed me to place a deposit on a Calibra Turbo! When spoiled brats and peer pressure today start dictating that parents should be obligated to pay for most of everything its a sad state of society. A bit like first cars when years ago I felt lucky with a 10 year old Capri after saving up a year's pay, now kids fully expect a new hatchback on passing their test. We are doing it wrong.
  10. Looks amazing, not far now. Are you going to do a Northern tour this summer when its done?
  11. Hello Peter, if Henry is still the owner he lived in Corsham, Wiltshire with his parents at the time where I saw his car, but it may be elsewhere now. I'm sure he would love to hear more about the car (as would we!) you have any pictures from this period in time? IIRC He was effectively given the car for free by his former teacher and I think he had to retrieve it from a large overgrown hedge that that had engulfed it! I'm not really in touch with the 4 seater world any more so don't know how far he got with the restoration but it was rather tasty with the oxblood red seats. It also featured in Lotuses promotional advert for the Riviera version. Was your uncle Don Stevens? I had some corrspondance from him where he called the car "the Pride of Dorset" and he sounded like a fantastic larger than life fellow! A shame it fell into disrepair but that seems to be the fate of most Elites. PM me if Henry doesn't chime in and you want his parents address.
  12. You can't just leave us hanging like that!
  13. Ollie is a riot. I have met him a few times due to my involvement with the 4 seaters, he'll talk to anyone at length, a lovely chap. When I spotted him at the 60th and collared him he couldn't believe anyone remembered who he was. Nice to see in the intervening 10 years he has had his profile lifted again somewhat. Also like Tony Rudd he is a gifted and entertaining writer.
  14. Epic. Does anyone know if Clive Chapman and Ollie Winterbottom's brief interviews made it onto video? I heard them both on the tannoy but the official Lotus coverage on Youtube doesn't include them for some reason. Also did Hazel say a few words, I didn't see or hear her although Clive announced she arrived midday?
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