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  1. Loose Cannon

    When/Why did you Fall in Love with (Your) Lotus?

    Surprisingly I wasnt as dazzled by TSWLM as most (I thought/think the S1 a little slab sided and looked better as a submarine! Also the Wolfrace wheels were incredibly naff at the time and appeared on every Morris marina Coupe that was tring to look like Starsky and Hutch). My moment came when I bought a copy of Autocar with the S2 in 1978, and the gold press car (the famous one with the pic of ACBCs plane behind), that was THE moment the ownership goal was set.
  2. Loose Cannon

    Mini TSWLM Pilgrimage

    White S1 owner in Sardinia....doesn't visit locations...🤔...should be a pilgramage surely?
  3. Loose Cannon

    "burglar protected" stickers

    Thanks Mike, I'm starting to run out now just sent a few to Norway! I recall taking a few to work to show someone, I'll have to dig in my desk drawer for whats left.
  4. Loose Cannon

    "burglar protected" stickers

    Excuse my lethargy, but I've set up an Ebay ad to dispose of the spare stickers at last. As mentioned they are not as concours-accurate as some would like but they were only meant as a cheap giggle in the first place and no-one else was doing them at the time.
  5. Loose Cannon

    People's reaction to the Esprit - what's yours?

    My daughter's 20 year old boyfriend is in absolute awe of the Esprit despite him having a nearly new performance car of his own. There seems to be a small but significant band of younger enthusiasts who still prefer a more analogue approach to sports cars.
  6. This is the third car I have heard of lately with telephone number prices for window regulators. One was an Aston Martin at about £800. Why so pricey? People used to crap themselves at the potential costs for catalytic converters and the like, now what used to be simple components appear to be able to economically disable a lesser car.
  7. Loose Cannon

    Bond Esprit video 1977

    Thanks, don't know what happened there it was working yesterday? That news bulletin is priceless! 🤣 if the current day media insist on just hoovering up online twitter trash and flinging it back at us as "news" they deserve all they get.
  8. Loose Cannon

    Bond Esprit video 1977

    Has this been posted yet? How much more stuff is lurking in archives I wonder? I still want to see the Jim'll Fix It clips but thanks to Jimmy Saville being touted as the antichrist I suppose that will never happen.
  9. Loose Cannon

    Semi-familiar S2 on Autotrader

    Here we go, this was one of the first Esprits I lusted over in the early days of the internet circa 2000. The then owner had a little personal website with pics of his favourite things like his Esprit, Tangerine Dream and Kim Cattrall! At the time he picked it up for about 3 grand, how times change. It looked better back then...
  10. Loose Cannon

    Semi-familiar S2 on Autotrader

    Ah, so it was white added to red rather than vice versa....I might know the car after all and probably have pics at home.
  11. Loose Cannon

    Semi-familiar S2 on Autotrader

    The reg number on this car is oh-so familiar, if not the paint job. Original indeed. Pretty sure it must have started out all white. Looks like something you would see in Japan, not totally convinced. New&onesearchad=New&model=ESPRIT&postcode=dh15pq&page=1
  12. Loose Cannon

    Hazel Chapman

    Loving MJKs Elite Colin must have bought half of Norfolk when he landed in 1967!
  13. Loose Cannon

    Oh no what have I done

    Whats the deal with Lotus colours? Every time I see a brochure or colour chart for a 70s model it has red/black/white/yellow etc, all the predictable "sporty" stuff, then odd ones pop up in colours like Viper green and mint green, an someone reveals they were single digit production numbers. Did Lotus paint their cars anything you wanted, or was there an "under the counter" extended colour swatch for a range of "oh if you must" paintjobs? PS I've never seen a gold S1, do you have any pictures or a description? Presumably it was different to Championship gold which was the signature S2 colour. PPS I'm sure I saw mint green mentioned on a very early S2 build record. Old pictures show S1 cars behind S2s on the production line during the 1978 changeover year, so its conceivable some colours "bled" over.
  14. Loose Cannon

    Hazel Chapman

    Did you live on one of the farm buldings? I think son Clive is in the big one now. An absolutely incredible place for gardens and grounds.
  15. Loose Cannon

    Oh no what have I done

    Mint green? be different; Original is usually better but I've never been a fan of black on anything much, hides all the beautiful details.