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  1. front bumper removal

    From memory I turned my replacements upside down; it was easier (!) blindly getting a fabricated boltplate (as opposed to nutplate) to locate with the bolt protruding down through the hole. This then allowed a nut on the bolt to brace the thing in place whilst pop rivetting from below. I actually cannot fathom how the original nutplate was secured in place short of Lotus employing very strong Leprechauns to climb down into the void. Must remember to ask Brian Angus about this ship in a bottle moment next time I see him.
  2. front bumper removal

    Indeed. I went through £80 odd worth of stainless bar and fasteners, not to mention hours of cutting drilling and welding replacing all the cruddy rusted brackets. I'm not in a rush to drill 3mm stainless again. Those captive nuts in the outer corners hidden by the headlamp pods should have carried a jail sentence to the designer. Someone in the future, and hopefully not me, will have a much easier time taking the bumper off to do that concours restoration . In fairness to Lotus the platform engineers regularly tried to convince the beancounters on to use a full stainless pack on the whole car and got as far as a complete schedule with part numbers etc, but were always turned down by the men with calculators and grey complexions. As Ian (Chillidoggy?) says when you get to the manifold you will lie awake at night dreaming of doing another bumper job instead.
  3. "burglar protected" stickers

    Hi gents, sorry for late response but have been very busy at home lately and thus not been on the forums. Yes I have loads of these stickers left, I was going to advertise them on Ebay or Facebook but don't really have time for the aftersales! Seb can you mesage me your details and how many you want? I'm not sure about how to take payments from abroad Bauke mentioned IBAN but I'll have to look up how that works. Cheers Mark
  4. Another set of SD1 Rear Lights

    I think theres only about 2 or 3 left so its an outside chance. Just one of those childhood moments where you say "when I grow up I want one of those" many of us happened with the Esprit! TBH I love the SD1 in any shade, but I always preferred the pre-facelift ones, before the added chrome trim around the front lights and wraparound bumpers.
  5. Another set of SD1 Rear Lights

    A lime green V8-S is still on the bucket list. Jawdropping when new.
  6. Sunroof 'sex' facts

    The deflector is not very effective as I recall. Its such a PITA using the roof I never bother. I'd like a glass roof and would just leave it insitu.
  7. TVR shows new car

    With the last lot of TVRs all you had to do was peel back the fancy bodywork to see the difference, also in factory/spares backup.
  8. M90/X100 Prototype

    John Mountain is a prolific poster on Facebook, find him there for loads of pics of the development days of Lotus' heyday. Ollies email is something dead obvious like [email protected], try a few variations and you'll get him. He'll respond!
  9. Happy birthday Mark Blanchard

    Best wishes as always.
  10. TVR shows new car

    I wonder what happened to the old TVR designers, who could barely put a foot wrong (Tamora aside). Honestly they could put the last Tuscan back in production tomorrow and it would still sell like hotcakes so why change a formula? This car will be a worry for Lotus if it succeeds, just like the last lot of cars. There are plenty of unsophisticated people with loads of cash who just want a weekend blatter and don't fancy a motorbike. Pistonheads must be glowing white hot with this news!
  11. Congrats, this will be lovely car (once the sills are black). Lumpy engine on an old carb'ed Lotus; - fuel is a prime culprit. If the car has been standing or had sporadic attention the fuel lines and carbs will be clogged with lumps of flob and varnish. Odds on a change of fuel lines and carb rebuild will transform the car. Not sure about fuel pumps, they were a source of problem on the 4 seaters but i've never had a G car. Speaking of fuel, carb'ed Lotuses are notious for going up in flames, another reason to replace every fuel pipe, banjo union, and carb diaphragm unless you have evidence of recent work. Don't forget the cambelt too before you enjoy yourself too much..
  12. evora so comfy

    I thought it was because Lotus weren't paying their bills again and pissing off a bunch of suppliers, including Recaro?
  13. A Few Yanks

    Surprised to see a UK replica of "The Car" - the demon posessed thingy that predated Christine by a good few years. Most people have forgotten that film. Whats underneath it? A Lincoln?
  14. A Few Yanks

    Slight Mustang bias there lovely stuff, only the Yanks could make pickups desirable!
  15. Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    I thought it l;ooked a bit lively in that 2nd from bottom pic! The 4 seaters should have had far more power than they were blessed with as standard.