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  1. Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Anyone seen the yellow Eclat Riviera on Autotrader?
  2. Crankshaft rear oil seal replacement

    So glad I did this now when my engine was out. A stack of old CDs were a perfect fit to press the seal home into the carrier plate using a hydraulic clamp! Impossible to get square otherwise Didn't have any problems sliding the seal onto the shaft with a cone of plastic though some said it was impossible without a special tool? I then used SJ's gasket and wellseal to mount the carrier plate to the block, messy stuff but seems to be OK so far. MOT tester always says its a leak though as its looks like congealed oil!
  3. My Unicorn: LHD S2.2 RoW

    Nice car. The hopsack came in brown and grey and was unique to the S2.2 Elite, Eclat and Esprit. I used to hate it but its hard wearing capabilities convinced me otherwise. Compared to the fragile Connolly leather, you could clean out a horsebox with a swatch of Hopsack and it would still wash and come up like new..
  4. Show us your Garage

    DB11, lucky boy! I'd be keeping some of that cack away from it though, where's the shed?
  5. Bummer, I've been looking for a glass roof for years.
  6. Prices Soaring

    No, just proof that there is no logic to this classic car nuclear arms race bullshit, just bravado and greed. Human nature and capitalism at its finest.
  7. Just bought my first convertible...

    Very nice, grown to appreciate these hugely over the years, not many true family exotica about. At the very least it needs 348 wheels; Saw one with Testarossa wheels on as well once, looked really good but can't find the pics.
  8. Norfolk mustard S4

    Nice work on the seats and overall really. How people let cars like this get into such a state is a mystery. The S4 was the last model that seemed to go through this cycle of abuse, I think after that people realised they were classics in the making and most were generally a bit better looked after from new.
  9. I don't know if the above video is available on Youtube as well, but theres a link to the History Channels "restoration" of the last remaining prop shells. I think this may be the one that was in The Cars Of The Stars museum in Keswick, might be wrong there are so many of these things floating around (no pun intended). Shame really, IMHO at least one of these could have been left as found, and goodness only knows what Elon Musk is doing with the real one.
  10. Pumpkins

    If only I could do something that made money! ooh good link! Bound to find something for next year.
  11. Pumpkins

    Anyone's efforts they would like to post? Pleased with how this years have turned out. Kids are at uni but I still enjoy it!
  12. My First Esprit

    Nice wheels - Fittipaldis
  13. In our cars: Is Dynamat better than OEM? Repost from Lotus Talk.

    Best to speak to a specialist supplier as to what type of sound you are trying to eliminate as one product will not do it all. As far as I know Dynamat and the likes is a sound damper, and is intended for thin sheet steel which resonates. It will be of limited benefit in a fibreglass car (I have tried this with little success). A foam sandwich sheet barrier will be better absorbing airborne sound (used to be lead sandwich now more likely dense vinyl). I've just fitted this to my living room! As for noise vibration and harshness from tyres and transmitted through the body I don't think there is much to be done on such an ancient platform.
  14. ESPRIT S2.2 BOR 626V

    Most, that means there are some left! Get scanning, old period pics are always welcome.
  15. front bumper removal

    From memory I turned my replacements upside down; it was easier (!) blindly getting a fabricated boltplate (as opposed to nutplate) to locate with the bolt protruding down through the hole. This then allowed a nut on the bolt to brace the thing in place whilst pop rivetting from below. I actually cannot fathom how the original nutplate was secured in place short of Lotus employing very strong Leprechauns to climb down into the void. Must remember to ask Brian Angus about this ship in a bottle moment next time I see him.