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  1. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Sad to see this SImon, must be a wrench after all this time. Is it just a case of been there/done that? Must admit to swinging between selling/keeping my GT3 due to lack of use, but can't imagine life without it after 15 years?
  2. Elite/Eclat/Excel picture thread!

    Haha yes it was portrayed as perfectly feasible for Reg Varney/Dick Emery/Ronnie Barker etc to pull hugely endowed young lovelies. Perhaps the photographer made the chap above look deliberately like ACBC to appeal to his ego?
  3. TLF Film Appreciation Society

    Any reviews yet of the following? Hostiles? Three Billboards? Detroit? I'm hopelessley out of date with films, just caught up with some from 2017 and further back; Passengers (very good love story) and Baby Driver (excellent); both these I considerd good enough for second viewings soon after. Also watched both Guardians of the Galaxy movies on Kimbers' recommendation; great fun, again multiple viewings and DVDs bought. Wind River came recommended and was a decent watch, but IMHO the Nicolas cage film "On Frozen Ground" did the same thing better a few years back and was a true story to boot. In the "don't bother" camp Wonder Woman was a disappointment, as was Kingsmen 2. I agree with JayEmms assertion that Ridley Scott is proving less talented/consistent than his late lamented brother Tony, Alien Covenant was as just as terrible as expected. PS I don't read or contribute to this thread enough, so just in case they haven't been mentioned I would recommend anyone to see the following; Manchester by the Sea Hell or High Water Silence Calvary (2014) I also liked Trainspotting 2 which some people find a bit marmite!
  4. IWM Duxford Spring Car Show - Sunday 30th April

    Is this on again in 2018 Martyn?
  5. Prices Soaring

    Take it easy. My comment was in no way meant to be derogatory, I've met him and he's as approachable down to earth as he comes across on screen. Him and Leno are only doing what many of us would do given the moolah. Hence the comment; must be nice.
  6. Prices Soaring

    Nice when you can afford perfection!
  7. Elite Luggage set

    Hi fellow Elite pervs. I spoke to an ex-Lotus director of the time and he says there was a genuine fitted set available as an option for the Elite/Eclat. A bit of a shame, he says he got rid of a part set only last year to a charity shop when moving house! He says the leather was sourced from Brazil, but he can't remember the manufacturer at the moment. He's going to check his records, so hopefully if the maker still exists there may be a chance the original patterns do as well so the average well heeled Elite/Eclat owner of today can get a set made up to suit.
  8. The V8 Esprit left in the Argentina

    Another nice car ruined, bravo.
  9. I don't know how often he visits these pages any more, but I'm pretty sure Dave Walters used to have these vector graphics at one time. You could send him a personal message?
  10. Le Mans Classic 2018

    IS that at the circuit Gavin or just somewhere close? It looks an interesting compromise between a B&B an hour away and a nylon coffin in some mud!
  11. Like bad sushi rolls!
  12. Motability...

    This is also a reminder of how the concept of a "charity" has been abused.
  13. Great info Dave. As you say it is not consistent. On my car the 2 ARB to chassis bushes don't fit the u clamps! There is a couple of mm gap around the circumference on both. An MOT tester pointed this out once so I bought some new bushes (plain rubber, pre-LOTAC) and they were just as slack! I wondered if someone had jacked on the u clamps and put them out of round but they are undamaged, so I just put it down as a "feature"! The back of the car needs bushes and dampers pretty sharpish, in for a penny/pound I should do the front as well, but not looking forward to it!
  14. I've had a high speed shimmy on mine since I got it. New discs take it a way for a couple of thousand miles then its back. According to the service history my car's previous owners had warranty work and several sets of new discs/calipers going back to when it was brand new. I thought mine was either a rogue or that Brembos were crap, then got a ride in a Sport 350 which did exactly the same (on AP brakes as you know). You could spend fortunes chasing this down. I'm thinking its down to the front suspension bushings now, but won't know until that nightmare job crops up. I just call it a "feature" now, but if you ever do find a soltion that lasts more than 6 months please Jesus come back on here and tell us.
  15. yellow turbo for sale

    I saw the Elf Turbo and it was a very particular shade in real life, almost lemon-y which is possibly what the "one and only" quote was all about, probably from advertising blurb. Pretty sure there have been a few lotus Yellow Turbos, still not common though.