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  1. Parked at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.... Very pretty and an awesome metallic sparkle in the sun
  2. Sounds awesome! If I can I will. Baby No. 2 due 2 weeks today so depends on dates and if I’m allowed...
  3. So I’ve just finished watching the new series of Car SOS, episode 1 being a Lotus Elise S1.... What a tear inducing episode, probably the most emotional to date...!
  4. Yeah I checked that out first as well. Would love to know where it is and how it’s doing.... its like a story with no ending as it is... It doesn’t stop at talking with you sexy man....!!
  5. You’d think, I saw the photo of your cherry flapkjacks and thought about YTO 08Y.... That and a post from SWLC with a Y reg red turbo too not aire ive posted on here since 2009 either Hello TLF world
  6. Wow 2009! What ever happened to this? I’ve not seen or heard of this car since? A post of Facebook jogged my thoughts on it but can’t find anything more recent While searching around.
  7. This is cool news.... so so gutted I didn't get one when I had the chance #SuperSad Is No.5 the one he reviewed on Men& Motors?
  8. Welcome, I do indeed have an Evo, a Silver 6 UK Ralliart... Good luck with your Exige shopping :thumbsup:
  9. That's the dragons den lady ??
  10. Yup, the owner lives there, right opposite Llandaff Fields. No idea who they are though...?
  11. Wow, thought it was a lot longer Travis.....!! Great to see I'm looking so good still ? Missed it it this year, was cutting my grass and trimming the bush....
  12. Not going to help you a great deal on Oz, but blackcircles have the correct size Pirelli P600 in stock right now
  13. They are stunning, especially in the flesh! ?
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