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  1. Simon350S

    Richard Hammond buys a Sport 350

    This is cool news.... so so gutted I didn't get one when I had the chance #SuperSad Is No.5 the one he reviewed on Men& Motors?
  2. Simon350S

    Long-term Evo owner looking for Exige

    Welcome, I do indeed have an Evo, a Silver 6 UK Ralliart... Good luck with your Exige shopping :thumbsup:
  3. Simon350S

    LEF Jokes & Gags thread

    That's the dragons den lady ??
  4. Simon350S

    Silver Evora - Cardiff

    Yup, the owner lives there, right opposite Llandaff Fields. No idea who they are though...?
  5. Simon350S

    No Club Lotus at Castle Combe

    Wow, thought it was a lot longer Travis.....!! Great to see I'm looking so good still ? Missed it it this year, was cutting my grass and trimming the bush....
  6. Awesome work, that's looks and sounds fab!
  7. Not going to help you a great deal on Oz, but blackcircles have the correct size Pirelli P600 in stock right now
  8. Simon350S

    What has happened to the Evora GTE?

    They are stunning, especially in the flesh! ?
  9. Simon350S

    What has happened to the Evora GTE?

    John, they unfortunately lost the engines, gearboxes and centre lock wheels. These all reverted back to standard. Big shame!
  10. Looks fab! engine swap is big work, there's lots of power to be had for the esprit engine, but I guess it depends on what your wanting.
  11. Simon350S

    Not liking this new forum software

    I also find it a little strange, but that's change.... It's us Royal Mail boys, Bibs didn't consult the union!!! Tut tut!! noticed the iPad doesn't start new lines off with capitols automatically like it used to? cant find the forum stats page either saying who's posed how many, err, posts...?
  12. I've budgeted a few £k in the house remodelling fund to deal with the trees, just hope I can get a resolution. Taking a bit of a risk on the house with them staying, but we a agreed if they do have to stay we won't be totally gutted as we are not big sun lovers. I do think the damage risk is high enough to consider it as part of a planning application, just need to find a tree surgeon in the area who is both experienced at working around TPOs and would be happy to take on this job. They look to be really healthy trees from my un-knowledgable eyes, and I don't necessarily need or want them completely gone, just much smaller and manageable....
  13. I know you are right, I'm just being hopeful There's some movement in the corner of the house, my backup plan is to say that the trees are extracting so much moisture from the soil the ground is sinking and causing minor subsibance damage to the house, that and the canopy is touching the roof of the neighbouring property with huge heavy branches very close amd at risk of causing serious damage should they break off in a storm...????