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  1. Just seen a Twinky on TV and it reminded me of this....! Can’t believe I actually received some in the post, thanks so much once again @cjtpb13 Christopher 😍❤️🥰 they were awesome, as were the butter fingers 😊
  2. Just read this again from start to finish, shame so many photos are missing, but it was an epic moment in my life being involved in this. So glad I was able to host everyone and also take on a lot of the work. Some amazing life long friends made. @mdw said recently the CarSOS Programme seems to have been born from this very episode which could very well be the case, especially with Tim being such a big Lotus fan as well as a previous and current owner of an Esprit. Would love to know where this car is now and see what condition it is in. I know it was poorly cared
  3. Parked at University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.... Very pretty and an awesome metallic sparkle in the sun ❤️😍
  4. Sounds awesome! If I can I will. Baby No. 2 due 2 weeks today so depends on dates and if I’m allowed... ☺️
  5. So I’ve just finished watching the new series of Car SOS, episode 1 being a Lotus Elise S1.... What a tear inducing episode, probably the most emotional to date...!
  6. Yeah I checked that out first as well. Would love to know where it is and how it’s doing.... its like a story with no ending as it is... It doesn’t stop at talking with you sexy man....!! 😍😍❤️❤️💦💦
  7. You’d think, I saw the photo of your cherry flapkjacks and thought about YTO 08Y.... That and a post from SWLC with a Y reg red turbo too 😂 not aire ive posted on here since 2009 either 😂 Hello TLF world 👋
  8. Wow 2009! What ever happened to this? I’ve not seen or heard of this car since? A post of Facebook jogged my thoughts on it but can’t find anything more recent While searching around.
  9. This is cool news.... so so gutted I didn't get one when I had the chance #SuperSad Is No.5 the one he reviewed on Men& Motors?
  10. Welcome, I do indeed have an Evo, a Silver 6 UK Ralliart... Good luck with your Exige shopping :thumbsup:
  11. That's the dragons den lady ??
  12. Yup, the owner lives there, right opposite Llandaff Fields. No idea who they are though...?
  13. Wow, thought it was a lot longer Travis.....!! Great to see I'm looking so good still ? Missed it it this year, was cutting my grass and trimming the bush....
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