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  1. Look forward to a gander at this!
  2. Looks great mate, she's gonna love it in there!
  3. Looks great, love the garage!
  4. I only opened this thread up to read as it was started by you Stimpy, you do make me smile mate, and once again, on this occasion you didn't disappoint! So is there actually anything wrong with your car or was this a completely random sleep post?
  5. Nice! I'll hopefully be trading my expansive lawns for a small patch of AstroTurf some time late this year.... Can't wait!!
  6. Simon350S

    I am 52

    Nice one Michael, fab news!
  7. Looks ace! Love the colour and red interior.
  8. Bloody hell, that's a lucky escape, glad you and the car are ok!
  9. Regreting the fact I'm looking like I'll have to bow out of this. Gutted, but getting the house finished and on the market has taken priority over the car. Next year hopefully... Most likely still be there but in the MR2 Sorry chaps.
  10. Simon350S


    That's looking ace mate, well done
  11. Saw those on facebook, they are very cool
  12. Congrats on the new car purchase!!
  13. Simon350S


    Looking well smart mate! Love the laptop
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