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    Loved the original colour mate, but also realise there are lots of options. My fave colour of all time is burnt orange, the McLaren F1 colour, if that's any different to the lotus one? Essex blue is stunning, but then I would say that!
  2. Boosh.... And there it is, the harsh blow of reality striking hard.......
  3. The first thing I saw when looking at the head on photo was Audi R8...!!!
  4. can't believe nobody else did anything wacky with their cars!!! #shocked!!!
  5. Look forward to seeing your progress, even if it is slow...
  6. That's awesome mate, nicely done!
  7. I didn't start this thread, for one the perviness didn't cone from me.... Phew! Glad your wife is happy with what she's alrwady for Ian
  8. Nice one Buddsy. Congrats x
  9. They'll find a way to put that right I'm sure Love Tesla, really desire a model S
  10. If a scanner isnt available for some reason, they should be able to use a oscilloscope or even a sensitive multimeter (with an analogue secondary guage) to see if and when the injectors are being held open or pulsed. Agree with Michael that it seems a bizzare thing to have done, but equally the current garage doesn't seem too switched on either or they'd be offering up a clearer and more definitive diagnosis.
  11. Agree Alex, but it is very easy and extremely cheap to purchase and would allow Ian to see if he likes the style enough to take the plunge and go the whole hog and spend the time and money to do it properly or peel the fake carbon back off and re-veneer. Makes a lot of sense. Some of the newer vinyls from 3M are very convincing from a distance.
  12. Some nice drifting in those photos! Even more jealous now!
  13. I'd hit the real carbon, but if you want to check you're preference then the 3M textured carbon vinyl is very good and will give you a taste, without the big tome effort of a real carbon finish
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